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Foreign [Music] And welcome back to another video this Is Melissa from melissia at home and I Am back once again to share another Amazing work from home opportunity so I'd love to share these awesome Remote-based jobs from companies that Are familiar to you that you are Familiar with for one it shows you that There are so many different Opportunities available from brand name Companies because these companies Sometimes fly under the radar when we Think about finding remote based Positions many people who don't even Realize that the companies that they Associate with do offer remote-based Jobs so this is basically exciting for Me to expose you to many opportunities So today we're going to look at a Company called Target and Target I'm Sure you have a Target in your Neighborhood and you love to shop at Target I definitely love to visit Target Every now and then for my shopping Purposes so everyone knows about Target Or Tarjay whatever you want to call it Okay so they do have remote-based jobs I'm going to share some of those jobs With you so we're gonna go over a few of Those jobs so you can get an idea of What they look like and keep in mind if You do not find any position that fits

Your criteria or your experience level Does not mean that's all the jobs that They will have available you're going to Go directly to target.com this is Target's official website so in order to Find remote-based position you have to Scroll all the way down to the very Bottom of their home page once you Scroll down you're going to look for Where it says about us okay and that Will be on your left side Then you're going to look for careers Under that section and you want to click On where it says careers once you click On that it will take you to Target's Career page and this is where you'll Find multiple positions that they have Available whether it's hybrid remotes or On-site jobs that they have available Now hybrid remote-based positions are Jobs that allow you to work on location Where you reside in your States or you Can choose to work remotely from your State in which the job is available okay So that's basically what hybrid means That you have the option to work on Location directly in an office or you Can work remotely from home we're going To look for some remote based positions On target so you're going to look for This section right here where it says Work somewhere you love and you're going To see where it says keyword and you're Going to enter remotes in that keyword

Section that's basically it you just Click where it says browse jobs listings And it will be directed to this page and This is where you will search for Remote-based opportunities that are Currently available for Target so they Have 46 results found for remote based Keyword for that keyword so these are The jobs that they have listed in this 46. sometimes they will add additional Jobs to this section so again you Definitely want to keep checking the Section their career section for New Opportunities they had a position Recently I think it was a few weeks ago Unfortunately I missed it but it was for Remote customer service success agents And it did not require you to have much Experience so we're going to keep Looking out for that position okay now This is a list of the current Remote-based positions that they have Available as you can see they are titled Principal senior sourcing lead product Designer so these are positions that are Going to be high paying and I like to Call these jobs High demands low Competition they are high demand because Not a lot of people may qualify for These position based on the experience Level and educational level and a Knowledge and the skills level that is Required for these jobs and majority of My audience are looking for entry-level

No experience or minimal experience Positions so those videos will get tons Of views versus you know jobs such as These because again because many of the Qualifications can scare some people off Especially when you have senior Communications manager majority of us Will look at that title and say oh that Sounds like it's a lot I may not qualify For that okay but the competition for This job is very low by default so these Are the jobs that they currently have Available on their websites for four Pages of opportunities that you can go Through and as you can see some of them May mention remotes or hybrid meaning That you can work on sites or work Remotely from home now based off the Title of some of these jobs by default You will know that the pay is going to Be out of this world okay so some of These positions can pay up to a hundred Thousand dollars per year or more we're Going to check out their senior Customs Entry specialist position just so for Their senior Customs entry specialist Position this is a remotes or hybrid Meaning that remotes could be anywhere In the U.S hybrid is if you are located In Brooklyn Park Minnesota then you can Work from Brooklyn Park Minnesota On-site or you can work remotely from Brooklyn Park Minnesota so that's what Hybrid means again remote means that

They will consider those who are outside Of this location to work remotely from Home for this particular position as a Senior custom entry specialist you will Manage Daily Business operations for Entry filing for team Q meeting their Proficiency goals Insurance shipments Are cleared on time to move into Target's domestic supply chain Network So you'll basically identify implements And share across the team process Improvements and best practices as Needed to manage workload you will have The opportunity to work with internal Partners as a subject matter expert to Drive continuous improvements in Operations your decisions in this role Balance speed and accuracy to minimize Risk and ensure compliance with targets Ethical and business guidelines the General requirements includes Thrive Working independently towards a common Team goal for work queue understand Microsoft tools needed to do the job Understand impact or work within total Supply chain create and update Documentation for key processes This position is great for those who Have the ability to problem solve and Research daily operation issues ability To partner across the team for system And process issues collaborate on Solutions ability to review ability to Understand and apply regulatory changes

So the job itself don't seem too much to Handle right in spite of the title of The job so this is why you don't want to Get intimidated by a title and allow it To you know chase you away or shy away From a job opportunity based on just a Title if you you know give it an Opportunity and read exactly what it is That they're looking for then you can Determine if you do have related skills Or experience and you might be able to Take on these requirements and the role Okay so never count yourself out now for This job they do have a required they do Have desired requirements and these are Just desirable things that they look for But if you don't have them you still can Apply for this job but if you do have These then these are desired okay Business expertise of global trade Requirements and just simply have a U.S Customs broker's license desire AKA Preference but it doesn't necessarily Need but it doesn't necessarily mean you Have to have this in order to be Considered for this position okay so That's basically it that's all that they Have listed here in the requirements Notice you don't have to have advanced Degree degree and they did not mention Anything in regards to experience like Having previous experience or having This or that amount of years of Experience so notice that as well so if

You have related skills and the Knowledge then I would definitely go Ahead and shoot for this position okay Now in terms of the pay it states here That the salary range let me highlight That for you is between 19.23 to 34 dollars and 62 cents and the Pay is based on several factors which May include but not limited to education Work experience certifications labor Markets etc etc now if you meet their Desired requirements where you have a U.S customs broker's license and Business expertise of global trade Requirements specifically into the us Then you may get the highest pay okay so It's based on again your previous Experience skills knowledge all of that Will determine your pay as well as Possibly your location all right so That's basically it again there's no Mention of previous work experience here Listed just needing to have the skills And the knowledge if you have worked in A prior uh work if you've worked in a Prior position that may relate to what They're looking for then again I highly Encourage you to give it a shot you Never know confidence is basically what You need with these types of roles also Excellence crafted resume as Professionally polished and just look Amazing would definitely give you a Boost so check out my resume for vamping

Service as well as my resume templates That are available for you alright so Check that all out in the description Section below this video and thank you So much for watching I wish you all the Best of luck happy work from home bye Bye

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