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Foreign [Music] S welcome back to another video I hope You guys had a great weekend hopefully This week brings you new opportunities And you excel in landing a remote-based Position so if you're not subscribed Make sure you subscribe to this channel As well as hit that notification Bell so That you do not miss out on any of these Remote-based jobs so we're going to jump Into some awesome amazing opportunities That is being offered on a site called Study.com and study.com is that provides Services in tutoring subjects such as Math science business Humanities they Also offer teaching resources test preps Courses and other subjects as an Arts Business Computer Science Education and Teaching English Etc etc so this site caters to the Educational Fields And they also cater To students as well as teachers and best Of all they offer some amazing Opportunities okay so we're going to go Over some of those opportunities they Have so many different jobs available if You're someone who's living outside of The US you may be able to find an Opportunity on study.com ready.com Reaches students worldwide with one of These great flexible work from home Contractor positions in writing Reviewing editing and so much more so in

Terms of Contracting Contracting is Totally different from working as an Employee for a company Contracting Offers you a lot more flexibility you Get to choose when you want to work and You get to work for multiple companies At the same time that offer contract Positions so technically it's almost Similar to being a freelancer and Working for yourself and offering your Expertise and service to a company okay So with contract jobs you have to keep In mind that you would have to do your Own taxes so you have to take care of Your own taxes okay and in most Situations you would have to provide Your own equipment keep that in mind There's a difference between being a Contractor and being an employee for a Company a study.com contractor is again Work wherever and whenever you want Completely online work and the best part About it for those who are not Interested in being on the phone they Offer nothing but non-phone-based Opportunities so it's strictly online Reliable payments they pay timely so you Will get your payments on time reliable Payments twice a month so this company Pays so this company pays two times per Month okay maybe every other week Supportive staff is offered in-house Team is available to help you to succeed So let's jump into the various

Opportunities that I want to share with You in this video you can always feel Feel free to scroll through the Opportunities that they have listed here And apply for any positions that you see So as you scroll down you will land on Where it says apply now and you can see The positions that they have available You can see the positions that they have Currently available and you can also see That location for most of these jobs is Multiple countries now they did not list Specific countries that just said Multiple countries so you'd have to Click on any of these opportunities and Go through their application process to Find out if the position is available in Your country now it's beneficial for Those in the US because majority of the Jobs are us-based and U.S is included in Those countries so if you're someone Who's looking to review articles they Have a position for article reviewer it Is a contract position They have basically one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten eleven Twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen Seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty Twenty one over 20 contract positions And other jobs some regular jobs that Are listed on here but majority of them Are contract based but if you're looking For full-time remote position they do Have a few available such as in content

Operations manager content operations Specialist of course those are the Highest paying positions and their Full-time remote-based jobs so they're Not contract based okay and as you can See the country in which majority of Their full-time remote-based position is Less offered is in Philippines so you Will see a lot of Philippine uh Positions here positions that are Non-contract based all right so let's Check out their article review contract Position just to show you guys an Example of the just to show you guys an Example of what to expect in these jobs Okay so as their article reviewer They're looking for someone so as their Article reviewer you will independently Choose work from a pool of available Articles proofread completed articles For factual accuracy writing quality and Adherence to their guidelines write and Send detailed helpful feedback project Expectations collaborate with writers to Create robust useful information Contents as an article reviewer you Receive the following reliable payments Independence flexibility and again Supportive staff so what are they Looking for they're looking for someone Who has experience in copy editing Content and providing helpful actionable Feedback you have excellent Communication skills and are responsive

And collaborative you have strong online Research in English language skills you Are detail-oriented and committed to Providing high quality accurate Information now if you're someone who's International applying for this job any Job on study.com keep in mind that they Will require you to have English skills That you speak English okay and it's Even better if that's your first Language so if you think you can be an Article reviewer for study.com you can Go to where it says apply now and click That button which is this button right Here just click it and this is basically What majority of their application look Very similar to this so you just enter Your first and last name your email Address your location your phone number So they can reach you and of course they Do ask you for a resume now a majority Of their contract positions do not Require you to do interviewing the Standard interview but there may be some Assessments or tests just to make sure That you qualify for the position that You're applying to okay and they may ask You some questions but definitely be Prepared for taking some sort of Assessment to test your skill and to Make sure that you meet the Qualifications that they're asking for Okay so it's not just for anyone to just Jump on and just start reading articles

It's not like that at all you still need To have some skills and some knowledge Even if you don't have prior experience Meaning prior experience meaning you Have worked in a similar role for pay For a different company but if you have The knowledge let's say you're a student And you're studying a specific field Um you have You are studying a specific feeling Content writing or editing or Proofreading or being an article Reviewer you have the skill and Knowledge but you may not have the Working experience and that's fine okay So you can still apply so don't get Confused don't confuse working Experience with having skills and Knowledge there are people who have Skills and knowledge but may not have Worked for pay for a particular position That they qualify for because they have The knowledge and the skills so again Prior work experience meaning that you Have never worked okay for a position For pay for company but you may have the Knowledge and the skills so back to this Application you would need a resume Attached and just fill out all this Basic information about yourself answer Some questions and then of course you're Going to indicate you know your Knowledge and your skill and your Expertise as well as your background

Education you're done you can submit Your application okay so this is how out They assessed your knowledge base in a Particular field for you to qualify for A certain contract position so this is Just an example of their application and This is for their article reviewer Contract position again they have Multiple position in article writing Contract biology content reviewer Biology content writer they have Business lesson Specialists freelance Writing positions are available and so On now in terms for the average salary For their positions again you can always Use Glassdoor which is the site that I Used to find salary for most of these Remote base positions because some of Them don't post their salary on their Website and so you'd have to do a little Bit of research very simple research and Find out the average for you can get Some ideas by using Glassdoor that's the Site that I use most often to find the Salary range for positions because They're the most reliable sites and and The salary range are usually reported by Employees or contractors on Glassdoor Employees and contractors that have Worked for a company so on Glassdoor They have them as twenty four dollars Per hour for a lesson Rider so forty Dollars per hour for a reviewer not to Get a good salary breakdown for each of

The positions you can always go directly To glassdoorga.com and I believe you Would need an account sign up for Glassdoor and of course answer some Questions and participate in posting Reviews in order to view salary for Certain companies so you can go ahead And sign up for glassdoor.com also Indeed is another website that I use to Get an idea of how much on average a Company pays indeed they have study.com And of course they have reviews four Star five star ratings of course you're Gonna have high ratings and low ratings Of people who are happy with the company And how happy with their pay and you'll Have others who have complaints about Whether the pay was not good enough for Them or you know Etc et cetera which is What you'll find with majority of the Companies but all in all they are a Legit company and they will definitely Pay you So you can go to where State's salary The salary section just to see if you Can get an idea keep in mind that pay Varies again based on your expertise Based on how many hours you work and Other factors so it will not stay the Same it can change it could be high it Could be low I would just keep that in Mind okay so here you can get an idea of The different positions and the salary Range for their jobs

How much does study.com in the United States pay so if you are in the US which Majority of my audience seem to be us Residents then this will definitely be Helpful to you from approximately 21 000 Per year which is the lowest To two hundred thousand dollars per year For their higher positions okay Averagestudy.com hourly pay ranges from Approximately fourteen dollars per hour For their customer service Representative to 27 per hour for their Teacher salary information come from 69 Data points collected directly from Employees so again it can depend so Again salary depends on so many Different things and it can vary so we Have 24 to 40 dollars per hour on Glassdoor and then on indeed as you can See 14 to 27 per hour but that's more For their customer service and teaching Positions which may be full-time Positions the contractor positions Because you have a little bit more Control so it depends on how many hours You work and the exact project that You're doing that can earn you up to Forty dollars per hour okay so keep that In mind all right so that's basically it Hopefully this helped you guys out to Get you a good idea to give you guys an Idea of how much to expect In terms of pay that's basically it for This video I just wanted to share this

Opportunity from study.com they always Have positions available not phone based Jobs majority of the contract positions Do not require you to do any Interviewing you win you will need a Resume and you may be required to take Assessments all right so just be Prepared for that and these types of Positions will get you started working Online earning money faster than the Average remote based positions full-time Jobs okay so that's it for this video Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video Happy work from Home bye

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