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Foreign [Music] Delilah I hope you guys are having a Marvelous Monday and y'all I did it Again I found another hot high pay Non-phone work from home opportunity and Then as I was looking through their Other careers I believe I found a second Non-phone work from home opportunity and I just said well let me go and look some More and I found some scheduling Positions for the folks who don't mind Being on a phone with a patient and Scheduling an appointment for them and There's some other things that if you Are in like medical coding or medical Billing you will like so this company Has like 20 plus opportunities that are Amazing and you're going to want to stay Tuned to hear about all of it but first Make sure you lock it in by hitting the Subscribe button and tapping the Notification Bell because I share Nothing but hot work from home Opportunities here I'm always finding Different companies to show share with Y'all so there's variety and I really do Try to give y'all the leads that I know Y'all will like but you can't apply to Them if you don't know about them so That's why you have to lock it in by Hitting the Subscribe button and then Tapping that notification Bell and Selecting all notifications that way

YouTube tells you every time I post Versus when they want to tell you so go Ahead and take care of that business and Once you do we'll be ready to jump in Alright so jumping on in here I have a New to this channel company and that Just makes me smile from ear to ear okay That's what I'm doing right now now this Company is called Community Health Systems so I ran the glass store and It's a major company there are 10 000 Plus employees and this is a health care Services and Hospital company it says That they operate in small towns and They have a hundred and thirty house Hospitals that are mostly in rural areas In small cities and they're in about 30 States so that's awesome because Personally I live in a town where like I Have to drive like 20 25 minutes to get To stuff like we do have a hospital out Here like we have a Publix but I have to Drive like 15 minutes to get to the Nearest Walmart so I have to go into Town to get to places so I appreciate Companies like that who are looking out For us who live in nowhersville now Jumping on in here this company has Multiple remote positions and like I Said they have a couple of non-phone Roles and then they also have stuff if You're okay with being on the phone or If medical coding and medical billing is Something that you have experienced

Doing now the leads that really jumped Out to me this denial coordinator Position looked to be mostly non-phone Now we already know we've got to Communicate in our work so that doesn't Mean you don't talk to anybody but it Did not mention anything about taking Calls or placing calls back to back to Customers which is great I'll open it up Here it is full time and they list out The states that they're hiring in so I Know it's not every single state but It's a good number of states so you know I will have the link to this one in the Description box along with the link to This careers page so that you can see Some of the other ones now just to point Out a couple more before we get into Today's main lead okay this company is Also hiring for scheduling positions and They don't mention any states Specifically they just say it's a remote Position and usually if a company Doesn't hire anywhere else they will Word it differently but I don't know so I just wanted to pass this information On to y'all because I couldn't tell if They meant it's okay to apply in other Locations besides Naples or Florida so You know just putting it out there and Then they also have the same role but It's based out of their Fort Smith Center so again it does say remote but I Don't know any restrictions or where

They're mainly looking it's just you're Gonna be scheduling appointments for This Fort Worth Center in this role so Just putting it out there I will leave The links to all three of these that I Highlighted in addition to the main one Which I'm getting into right now Now today's hot lead that I'm sharing is Community Health Systems service desk Rep position this is another tech Support role and I posted one last week Now I know not everybody's super tech Savvy and it might not be your cup of Tea which is why it's awesome that this Company has all those other roles that I Mentioned now this is a full-time Position and according to their glass Door it's gonna pay about fifty three Thousand dollars per year and that's Based off of seven salaries so that Works out to be about a thousand sixty One dollars per week that's good money Y'all and it's email only as they Mention it right here you're going to be Responding to customers via an email Portal and ticketing system so there's No phone involved in this at all and They do list the states that they are Hiring in so I know it's not every state But it's a lot of them and y'all have Been asking for the no phone so here you Go and just briefly showing you guys They do want you to have at least an Associate's degree in a relevant field

And or appropriate technical Certifications required so if you don't Have your Associates then you could use Your technical certifications to suffice And what do they mean by a relevant Field will they leave that vague too so If you have experience doing tech Support then that's a major plus and I Would get my application in now they Also mention a minimum of one year Service desk experience so again you Know them saying like we want you to Have experience doing something like This so jumping on in here it says job Description the alc help desk technician Provides support for basic incident Resolution and request reports to the Supervisor of advanced Learning Center Responsibilities include initial Assessment triage research and Resolution of basic incidents and Requests regarding the use of the LMS Software products and components they Are responsible for collecting Information through a customer email Portal and servicenow ticketing system Problems beyond the scope of their Ability or responsibility are resolved By engaging in a timely manner other Service resources from the alc team this Position requires knowledge of Ip Networking active directory security Client server networking email and web Services and database Concepts identity

Management servicenow and G Suite Candidates must live within one of the Following states to be eligible for this Position and you want to just pause the Screen you know come to this page make Sure you identify that your state is There and then you know you have the Green light to apply if this is a job For you essential duties and Responsibilities addresses and resolves Basic incidents and requests logs all Incidents and requests engages Appropriate Advanced Learning Center Resources is to resolve incidents that Are beyond the scope of their ability or Responsibility uses the appropriate Servicenow categories for logging Incidents and requests creates a Positive customer support experience and Build strong relationships through deep Problem understanding and sharing timely Resolution or escalation communicating Promptly on progress and handling Customers with a consummately Professional attitude analyzes and Resolves incidents and requests Regarding use of advanced Learning Center documents resolutions and Provides updates to ALC supervisor grows General knowledge of current corporate Region and facility specific products Increasing ability to resolve requests On First Contact adheres to and support CHS standards policies and procedures

Maintains and protects confidentiality With regard to all aspects of patient Care and employee information adheres to Code of conduct and Mission and value Statements ability to adapt and Prioritize in an environment that is Subject to Rapid fluctuation must be Able to effectively manage multiple Tasks with the ability to prioritize and Manage tight deadlines qualifications Associate degree in relevant field and Or appropriate technical certifications Required bachelor's degree preferred and Related field minimum one-year service Desk experience previous experience with Google Suite email calendar drives and Then physical demands in order to Successfully perform this job with or Without a reasonable accommodation the Following are outlined below the Employee is required to read review Prepare and analyze written data and Figures using a PC or similar and should Possess visual Acuity the employee may Be required to occasionally climb push Stand walk reach graft meal stoop and or Perform repetitive motions the employee Is not substantially exposed to adverse Environmental conditions and therefore Job functions are typically performed Under conditions such as those found Within general office or administrative Work so that is just leave y'all and Down here they just have their Equal

Opportunity Employment statement which Means that they can't discriminate based On the number of Legally protected Reasons and so the apply Now button is Right here now y'all I showed you four Different positions and that doesn't Even go over all of the other roles that They have available right now currently There are 27 positions open this is a Company that I'm definitely going to Keep on my radar because I love the fact That they have a little bit of something For everyone I know y'all are some Health Care lovers I know y'all are some Non-phone lovers I know y'all are some Schedule and appointment lovers so they Do all of those things and I will have The link to this careers page along with The links to the lead that I shared plus The other three that I highlighted now Last but certainly not least I have to Point you guys to some resources because This video wouldn't be complete without Them now the First Resource that I I am Going to point you guys attention to is My remote Resume Builder software right Now you can get a seven day trial for Just one dollar and you can make Unlimited resumes and cover letters in This cloud-based software that me and my Team developed from scratch now here's The great thing about this software the Reason why I even created this in the First place we know we have to customize

In customization is simple when you know What to do but it can be a little bit Daunting because you're always having to Play with the formatting and you're Trying to make sure that like everything Looks good and you know you got to go Into your resume you got to change stuff And you know that part can be a little Bit like I said daunting well you don't Have to go through all of that Frustration when you have the remote Resume Builder software so I'm just Going to show you guys how simple it is Okay I'm just gonna fast forward on the Screen here you're gonna go to the Resume section you're going to type the Name of the resume in and that's going To take you to the first step of the Wizard where you can then go through Steps two three four and five until it Spits you out this beautiful resume and It does all the formatting for you you Don't have to worry about that you just Need to put in your information now Where things get even better is let's Say you're applying to this you know Service desk role you can go into your Resumes and you can pick a resume that You've created that is a general resume For like you know technical things if You've got that experience that resume Sort of highlights technical stuff in Your career well you can easily just Duplicate that resume and customize that

Resume from there so you always want to Have your basic resumes for the Different areas of your career that You've done and you want to focus on but Then you want to go into those and Further cuss customize and that's what's Great about this software because you Can do that easily okay same thing with Cover letters you can easily create Cover letters that are in the format That you need them to be in boom here You go and if you want to customize your Cover letter you can do the exact same Thing as you did with the resume so when I tell you guys this is a game changer And you can try it out for just one Dollar take me up on that okay you want To customize your resume for all of the Jobs that you decide to apply to from Today's company and if you decide to Keep it after the trial it is only 37 Dollars per month you can make unlimited Resumes and cover letters this is Unbelievable y'all it's unbelievable but I had to give you all the best deal ever And then since you're gonna get the you Know software you can put in all the Resumes and cover letters you want Because you know you've got the tools to Help you do that well on my website Remoteworklife.com I have 485 companies that are known to hire you To work from home this is called the Mega list of jobs this is where people

Are landing interviews and getting hired Because they're going directly to these Companies careers pages and applying for The leads that aren't advertised on the Job boards not all jobs are on the job Board in fact most the jobs that I just Showed y'all today from this company are Nowhere to be found on the job board you Gotta go to their careers page and see What all they have this is the key this Is the secret y'all and I'm sharing it With you openly for how you can get more Interviews and more job offers so this Is a completely free resource my mega List of jobs that I offer to you guys The link is in the description box below And then finally okay last thing I know I've thrown a lot at you if you need Equipment for your home office check out My Amazon storefront I have all sorts of Equipment that you would need or want to Outfit your home office one of the most Important things is your computer now if You need guess what you need to get Hired and to meet these companies Requirements because you know you don't Have a huge budget been there before There are some really economical Computer packages everything you see Pictured is included in that package and For the price listed so this one just Keeps going on sale okay this one is the Cheapest I've ever seen it right now This is a hundred and twenty one dollars

Okay CPU tower that runs Windows 10 Pro A wired keyboard and mouse a 19 inch Monitor if you want dual monitors guess What you can get a package for 188 bucks Same tech specs in this one and they Also have another package for 130 bucks If HP is your thing they also have Another dual monitor system for 300 110 Bucks so depending on your budget Depending on how much you get up and go You're looking for one of these packages Is going to work for you and all of These will meet these companies minimum Requirements so check out my Amazon Storefront you see 58 people have Hearted it that means folks are buying It and it's working for them and of Course these are sold through Amazon and If you need to you know fix something or Change something you send it back to Amazon and we know how to deal with Amazon so check out my Amazon storefront The mega list of jobs pick up your one Dollar remote Resume Builder software Trial and of course get your application In for this hot service desk rep Position from Community Health Systems And thank you so much for watching I Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye Thank you

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