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Foreign [Music] I hope you guys are having a fabulous Friday it's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I need you guys To stop and drop what you're doing Because I have another hot work from Home opportunity this is a non-phone Roll and it's actually a data entry role Okay so I've just been finding all these Hot non-phone jobs and every time I post One y'all ask for another one so this Could be your job but you gotta make Sure you get your application in ASAP And while you're at it make sure you Take care of business by hitting the Subscribe button and turning on all Notifications for this channel like I Said sharing all these hot leads all These non-phone jobs that y'all love so Much so you gotta have all notifications On in order for YouTube to tell you Every time I post if you don't choose to See all notifications from my channel YouTube decides when they will tell you That I post to the video and if you let YouTube tell it then you're gonna miss Out on like half of my videos so take Care of that business and once you do We'll be ready to jump in Okay so I already know you guys are Going to shut down today's hot lead this Comes from a new to this channel company Called Ambry genetics and they have a

Data entry role available now just Scrolling through their home page this Company does genetic testing on Hereditary cancer cardiovascular Diseases Neurodevelopmental disorders epilepsy Rare diseases and EXO so this is a Biotech company and if we go to their Glassdoor account you can see that they Have anywhere from 500 to a thousand Employees and they are based in California now jumping on into this hot Lead this lead is for the position of a Sessioning verification representative And it's going to pay somewhere between 18 and 20 dollars per hour it is full Time and they mention here that this is A remote role okay but the ideal Candidate is based in California now That means you can apply us wide but if Somebody in California is checking off All the boxes and looking good and you Know it's between you and them they most Likely will go with that person in California but because I know a lot of Y'all have the skills to pay the bills They are open to hiring outside of Cali So make them want to hire you even if You're not in Cali now before we jump Into this lead I went to my husband and I'm like hey you know what does this job Do because I read through the Description but I've told y'all before My husband is a scientist and you know

He's made it to the office so now he's In on the administrative side but he Spent years and years in the lab and he Told me this is basically a data entry Job and typically what you'll do in this Role is you're typing in the information On the label of a I guess you call it Like a vial or a tube or whatever you Know they have a label with information On it and typically the assessioning Verification rep is like the second Person to do that so someone does it First and then when it gets to you You're kind of like double checking that What that person did first is accurate Now that's what he said it typically Looks like in a lab setting now this Role is going to be completely remote And it looks like you might have some Additional duties on top of that but all Of it is just typing so no phone Involved so I like getting you know the Inside scoop if I can for y'all and that Just you know confirmed it even more Like this is non-phone all right so Really jumping in it says benefits at Ambry you will be learning challenging Yourself and having fun while Collaborating with teammates through the Open exchange of ideas our understanding Benefits programs include medical dental Vision 401K with a four percent employer Match FSA paid sick leave and generous Pay time off program amp you can learn

More about the benefits here and I Encourage you all to click here to learn More you're eligible to a short-term Incentive sales incentive plan with the Target at three percent of your annual Earnings terms and conditions apply our Salary ranges are determined by role Level and location the range displayed On each job posting reflects the minimum And maximum Target for new higher Salaries for the position across all U.S Locations within the range individual Pay is determined by work location and Additional factors including job related Skills experience and relevant education Or training this is a remote role with a Preference for the ideal candidate to be Based in California the hours are Monday Through Friday 8 30 a.m to 5 PM Pacific Time and I'm not going to do the Conversion because I did it wrong Earlier this week but just know what Time zone you're in and convert it from There so job overview the representative Is responsible for casework and workless Management the representatives on the Team will be assigned to different Workflows as demand changes at the Direction of their supervisors their Main goal is ensure that accessioning Verification is producing an appropriate Amount of work for Downstream teams Duties and responsibilities process case Work maintain an inventory of Unfinished

Casework pending review by other teams Coordinate with representatives and Specialists from other teams provide Feedback to management about unusual Case work assist in the management of Inbound emails and other requests Education and knowledge high school Diploma or equivalent degree technical Competencies average words per minute 65 Or above basic Microsoft Office Proficiency word excel Outlook browser Navigation Chrome experience some Experience in an office setting some Experience working in a team environment So you guys that is the lead they just Get into who they are as a company we Did an overview already and then they Just mentioned that they're an equal Opportunity employer which means they Don't discriminate against the number of Legally protected reasons they are a Drug-free work environment and you know That's really it so this experience Section opens this up for a lot of folks Because they say some experience in an Office setting how much you know it Doesn't specify and then some experience Working in a team environment again how Much it doesn't specify so this is Little experience friendly and you know If you've ever done anything in an Office setting you know maybe even like You've done an intern or an externship Or something then possibly so I'm just

Giving you guys this good old info if You like this hot lead then the apply Now button is at the top right now I do Encourage you guys always make sure you Are customizing your resume don't just Submit the same old resume that you've Been submitting for all jobs because That's going to make it take longer for You to get hired that's why wide right Now you can get a one dollar seven day Trial for my remote Resume Builder Software now I've been talking about This for the past week I can show you Guys just a peek inside the way the Software works is you're going to be Creating a resume with this Wizard and So you'll just type in the name of the Resume you'll put in all your Information and then boom it spits you Out a really beautiful well crafted Resume and part of what makes it Frustrating to customize your resume is You have to fiddle with the formatting Not with the remote resume software and Something else that I really love about The software is it makes customization Even more easy because not only does it Handle all the formatting and putting The information in the correct places For you you can easily duplicate and Edit resumes so what I mean by that is You know I'll jump into my software here Okay so when you're in the software I After you've created a resume you always

Have the option to take a look at it and Edit it so let's say you have your main Resume for you know a job because you Always want to have like the template And then you can customize it from there So if you're like okay you know this Resume is the one that fits with me Being able to quickly customize it you Can just duplicate it in the software And then from there you can go into the Resume and you can customize it from There to make it tailored to the job You're applying to and you can just hit Finish to save it once you've made your Edits and you know you're good to go you Just customized your resume and you can Download it and it'll download in a word Doc form and now you are ready to upload Your resume to this hot lead and apply So that's the power of the remote Resume Builder and we can do the same thing for Cover letters boom you got you a Beautiful well-crafted cover letter from The remote resume software and you can Do the exact same thing so this is a one Dollar trial if you decide to keep it It's only thirty seven dollars per month And you can make unlimited resumes and Cover letters so once you get the trial You'll get two emails a login for the Tutorials in my teachable school and Then a login for the remote Resume Builder and you might want to just check Your spam folder in case it goes there

By accident but one dollar you guys you Cannot beat this okay everybody needs to Get this trial so that they can see how Easy it is to create and customize Resumes and then you're gonna be like I Can apply to all the jobs I want to Apply to that's when you're going to Want to go to the mega list of jobs on My website remoteworklife.com because There are 485 companies on this list That will hire you to work from home all Of these companies have been verified to Offer remote positions not every company Offers remote positions and a lot of Companies are trying to take back their Remote positions but not these companies And we have the direct link to their Careers pages so you can go and see the Latest hot work from home opportunities For you to apply to and this is how you Can land interviews and land the job Because not all jobs are advertised on The job boards where it's super crowded Not every company takes all their leads To the job boards so you can find leads That a lot of people haven't applied to And that's how you get your foot in the Door okay but don't believe me y'all It's just folks are getting hired left And right from the mega list of jobs it Could be you too and then lastly if you Need office equipment check out my Amazon storefront everything you see Here is sold through Amazon they just

Allow me to make it convenient for y'all To show you what are some of my top Picks now I always go on and on about The computers you can't work from home If you don't have a computer and if you Are on a budget budget like I don't have Money to spend Delilah you can pick you Up a computer for under 200 bucks you'll Get everything you see depicted in the Photo and this package just keeps going More and more on sale it's a hundred and Twenty one dollars and fifty cents this Is the most economical pricing I have Seen ever anywhere like this is what you Want to go and get if you want a work From home computer now keep in mind These are for you to work now if you Have a larger budget okay and you say Well I want to get me a fancier computer I have some other options here too and You know with these computers the more Expensive ones you can do a lot more on Them you know you can stream this is a Gaming computer so you can pretty much Do anything on those but if you're like Well I just need something to clock in And clock out and collect a check then My recommendation is the ones under 200. So come to my Amazon storefront and get You a computer and all your other office Essentials and then of course check out The mega list of jobs and grab the one Dollar software trial for my remote Resume Builder software and you got to

Get your application in for this hot Data entry work from home opportunity From Ambry genetics so make sure you get That application in and thank you so Much for watching I hope you guys have a Blessed weekend and you know I plan on Seeing y'all on Monday with my next hot Work from home opportunity thank you bye Foreign Foreign

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