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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and I'm back with another video So in today's video I will be sharing Another word from home opportunity this Is an amazing job coming from Wayfair Wayfair is an online furniture store so You might be familiar with Wayfair if You have ever used their site to shop For Furnitures or home decors or other Things related to your home so they Currently have a position that they are Hiring for at this time at the time of This video this can always change these Jobs can go pretty fast okay so at the Time of this video they're currently Looking for a customer service Consultants now this is a hot work from Home job lead and I want you guys to Check out my remote-based resume Templates that I put together especially For those who are interested in work From home opportunities with companies Such as Wayfair Fortune 500 work from Home opportunities it is extremely Important for any candidate that is Seeking online remote virtual work from Home job to have a remote-based friendly ATS resume template if you are not Familiar with what ATS is check out the Link in my description section below This video I have a video posted on this Channel where I explain five important

Key things that your resume should have And one of those five things is ATS Keywords okay so make sure you check out That video for food detail information So that you can Implement those Important key things that is needed on Your resume in order for you to get the Best opportunity at Landing or Remote-based position and make sure you Check out my resume templates they are Available here so back to this remote Base position from Wayfair the location For this job is from remote and it's Only in the US so they are currently Hiring all over the US for this position Which is a plus because I've seen remote Base position from this company before And they are usually hiring in specific States leaving out so many candidates That are in the U.S and desire to work From home so Wayfair have this Opportunity is remote based all over the U.S it is a customer service position so That means that you may be on the phone Helping customers okay so this is a Virtual customer service associate Position where you will work from your Personal residence in a distraction free Space so make sure that you have a space To work that is distraction free now Wayfair believe in a phenomenal customer Experience combined with a supportive Employee structure That has resulted in their award-winning

Customer service team So this isn't just about you know taking Another phone call this is about Empowering their customers to create Spaces reflecting who they are what they Need and what they value So it exactly does a service associate Do or customer service in this position This job you will demonstrate Reliability tenants and commitments to Being present for your full shift each Day is extremely crucial this helps Ensure that they're ready and available To help their customers especially for Unexpected events or issues so they Require that you be proactive in their Communication and planning whenever Possible you'll also be required to Handle a high volume of contacts so be Prepared to handle 50 to 60 calls per Shift so this is a fast-based Environment and it is highly structured There's little downtime typically on Back-to-back calls so you will typically Be on back-to-back calls during your Shifts okay so if you're someone who's Not comfortable being on a phone with so Many customers back to the back then you Know this may not be for you if you Don't mind you know getting started and Working for companies such as Wayfair And you are someone who don't mind this At all then this is a great opportunity For you so the list goes on to meeting

Their high performance bar engaging Customers listen actively and shows Empathy de-escalates customer concerns Problem solving multitasking escalate Systematic issues What are the pay and the benefits for This position now as you can see they Didn't list any prior experience for This job so you don't need to have power Experience to get started so this can be Great for entry-level beginner who are Just getting started and working from Home and what better than to work for a Company such as Wayfair right it'd be Great addition to your resume to add to Your resume so again this is great for Those who are just getting started or Those who are entry-level beginners etc Etc to add this to your resume so the Pay is 15 an hour with tenor based Increases as early as six months so They'll start you off at 15 an hour they Also offer quarterly performance bonus Of up to two thousand dollars So you will receive quarterly bonus of Up to two thousand dollars based on your Performance also offer referral bonus of 500 per eligible referral so that's Awesome you can add all this to your Hourly pay and it can definitely add up To a lot of money right so if you are Someone who's into promotion then this Would be a great opportunity for you to Promote to promote Wayfair in their work

From home position and if those who you Referred get on board and get started Working you earn five hundred dollars And that's per eligible referral so That's definitely amazing okay even Though the pay rate is a little low they Still try to make it up in other ways Okay make up your income in other ways Now in regards to their benefits they Offer Health vision and dental insurance From day one okay 401K with company Match paid time off seven paid federal Holiday days paid unpaid parental leave Options you will also be eligible for Tuition reimbursement of up to five Thousand dollars you also get company Discount on their products volunteer day For community service pay day off so What exactly are the requirements for This particular position well all they Require is that you are 18 years of age Or older you must be you must hold a High school diploma GED or equivalence So if you hold a high school diploma Currently in your 18 years of age then You can go ahead and apply for this Position you will also be required to Hardwire your computer to Modem with With minimum internet speed and they Have the minimum internet speed number Here you can always check your internet Speed using sites such as speedtest.net I believe the knowledge of working Within Windows operating system a

Private and dedicated workspace Wayfair Wants to ensure your success so this is Why their training is 100 mandatory okay So they offer training so that's why They don't necessarily need you to have Prior experience Now qualified applicants now qualified Applicants will be required to pass the Candidate's assessment to proceed with Interview process So be aware that there will be some sort Of assessment to work for Wayfair So that's basically the position in a Nutshell the important things that you Need to know as an applicant now it's Always good to read the additional Information that they have posted on Their website because you know it's Great to mention it in an interviewing Or even on your application so if you Are interested in this position you just Click where it says apply on your rights And it will take you directly to this Page okay so let me look very familiar To you but you scroll down and you will See the application form Application has a LinkedIn and I always Mention how important it is to have a LinkedIn accounts I mentioned this in my Video in the description section below This video a video I created where I Talked about five important things that You must have on your resume and Linkedin was one of the things that I

Mentioned so check out that video all Right now as you can see this is their Application form you will need a resume You will need to upload a resume as well As a cover letter and answer these Questions this questionnaires And then once you are complete and then Once you completed that then you submit Your application again at the time of This video this position was available It can close at any time all right so That's basically it this is coming from Wayfair they're currently hiring for Their customer service consultant you Don't need to have any experience you Just need a high school diploma okay and You know good working distraction free Space As well as good computer internet speed All right and love to you know and love To be on the phone so if you would love To work for Wayfair definitely check out The link in the description section for Full details about this job posted on my Website and you can go ahead and scroll Down hit the apply here and get started An application talk to you soon bye

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