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Foreign [Music] I hope you're having a fabulous Friday And it is a fabulous Friday indeed it's Your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I have something that I know Is going to be just amazing for y'all Okay because I have two things that I Know is gonna make y'all run to these Leads I have two leads from a new to This channel company called CU medicine And this is from the University of Colorado they have a medicine division Now they have two leads that I'm gonna Get into right now and if you are Someone interested in payment posting Like you know cash applications or if You are someone interested in scheduling Appointments I have two leads that are Gonna pay you well and that's what That's about so first things first make Sure you hit the Subscribe button and Tap the notification Bell because I Share the hottest work from home jobs on My channel okay that's all I've ever Talked about I shared these hot jobs and Info about remote work and a lot of Folks have gotten hired so that could be You too but you got to make sure you Have it locked in and on that note let's Go ahead and jump in Okay you guys you know I don't want to Sound like I'm in a rush to get this out To you but kind of because I tried to

Share a lead from this company earlier This month I'm talking about I have the Thumbnail the video uploaded the title The description I'm getting ready to hit Post but I always refresh the job lead To make sure it's still there before I Post it and you guys I was hurt they had Closed the lead on me and I could not Post that video I don't yank y'all's Chains like that so I said you know what I'ma watch you I'ma watch this careers Page and I was so glad that I did and Checked because they have a non-phone Role and they have a scheduling role and Those are two of y'all's favorite things Ever so let's get into it now the first Lead okay this is for the surgery Scheduler position I'm gonna hit the Highlights here it says this position is A hundred percent remote and out of State candidates will be considered so If if you are not in Colorado you will Be considered for this role and this is A scheduling role so you're going to be Supporting the cardiothoracic surgery Team and you're going to be scheduling Those appointments now down here they Give us a range for the pay minimum Starting pay is 23.43 per hour and on The max end they say it's 25 And 60 cents per hour to qualify for This role you will need a minimum of two Years experience in a health care Setting including exposure to complex

Patient scheduling in an electronic Medical record system bachelor's degree And or epic experience is highly Preferred so as long as you meet this Requirement okay you have met you know The minimum that they want you to have These things are a cherry on top so you Know read through the rest of this I Don't want this video to be really long Because I have a special announcement That I'm going to be making in this Video but I wanted to give you guys Information about this lead okay pays Well not a whole lot of requirements and I know y'all love a scheduling job the Apply Now button is at the bottom left Now jumping on into the main lead for Today is the cash application Coordinator position again it says that This job can be performed a hundred Percent remotely and out-of-state Candidates will be considered okay so if You have ever worked in payment posting Anything with money anything having to Do with billing especially medical Billing then that would qualify for what They say which is you need to have a Minimum of three years related Experience now just a moment here okay Because when companies are kind of vague Like that like related experience but Then they don't really get into like What that related experience is you Don't want to do the analysis paralysis

Thing trying to figure out well I did Handle money and I did do blah blah blah Worst case scenario when you apply to The job you just don't get hired there's Nothing that goes against your record For applying to a job that you don't get Hired for now on the opposite end Because it's a tightrope you have to Walk you don't want to waste your time In other people's time by applying to Jobs that in no way shape or form you Have any qualifications for so you Always just want to do an analysis and Connect the dots between you and the job And you want to have as many of those Attributes that they're looking for but Even if it's not quite the perfect fit I Would still apply alright so that's my Advice okay but I gotta get back to this Hot lead now the pay for this position Is 20.50 to 21.75 per hour that's the max pay that They list and you can also check out Their Glassdoor account you can check Out both the UC medicine Glassdoor Account and then you can also see if Maybe they have these positions listed Under the General University of Colorado Account on Glassdoor so there's two of Them that you may want to take a look at And I looked at both because I always Run the glass door but back to this lead Jumping on in here it says University of Colorado medicine is the Region's

Largest and most comprehensive Multi-specialty Physician Group practice Our 3500 University of Colorado School Of Medicine Physicians and advanced Practice providers bring their Unparalleled expertise at the Forefront Of medicine to deliver trusted Compassionate Health Care Services CU Medicine also delivers business Operations and administrative services To support patients and providers our Primary and Specialty Care Clinics along With our Partnerships with the top Hospitals and facilities in Colorado Provide patients with personalized care In their communities we are seeking a Highly motivated payment posting Coordinator to join our cash Applications team this job will be Performed 100 remotely and out-of-state Candidates will will be considered the Payment posting coordinator is Responsible for accurately posting Patient payments third party payments And rejections denials to patient Accounts both manually and Electronically in addition this position Is responsible for the accurate and Timely processing of refund requests Resulting in credit balances to cash Suspense accounts post Daily Mail to Patient accounts and process refund Requests for affiliate hospitals Children's Hospital University of

Colorado Hospital balance log record Deposits batches and track completion on A daily basis must respect the Confidential nature of data and use Discretion when releasing information to Patients insurance companies or any Other person inquiring about a patient's Account this position requires Exceptional analytical abilities and Expert level 10 Key by touch and typing Skills requires a high school diploma or Equivalent and must have a minimum of Three years related experience basic Accounting skills are highly preferred The ability to meet weekly Benchmark Standards for both quantity and quality Is required solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office Excel word and the Ability to operate basic office Equipment is essential experience with Online billing systems and PC Applications is required must be detail Organized and have the ability to meet Deadlines and manage stressful Situations the ideal candidate will Demonstrate strong verbal and written Communication skills and have the Ability to promote a team atmosphere to Apply for this position please visit our Website and we're already there Reference job number 583 all Applications must be submitted via our Website and then it says CU medicine is Dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure

Environment for our staff and visitors To assist in achieving that goal we Conduct background investigations for All prospective employees prior to their Employment additionally drug and health Screens may be required for some Positions we are an equal opportunity Employer and it says the list pay range Or hiring rate represents CU medicine's Good faith and reasonable estimate of The range of possible compensation at The time of posting and is based on Evaluation of competitive market data a Variety of factors including but not Limited to internal Equity experience And education will be considered when Determining the final offer CU medicine Provides generous leave health plans and Retirement contributions which take your Total compensation beyond the number on Your paycheck find information about our Benefits here and then they are Tobacco-free workplace so that's the Lead you guys okay and I want y'all to Stop what you're doing and get your Application in ASAP because like I said This lead has closed on me because like I said this company's lead has closed on Me and you will be you know saying okay Give me about 5-10 minutes and I'll get My application in and you'll refresh the Page and it's gone so the apply Now Button is right here this is the direct Link from their careers page I always

Leave the direct link because you know You want to always apply through the Company okay another major tips and then For the announcement The special announcement is I am hosting A live Workshop next Wednesday March 29th from 7 30 to 8 30 p.m eastern time This is a free workshop and we're gonna Go over some things in this one y'all Okay we're gonna go over the critical First Steps it takes for you to get Hired to work from home we're also going To talk about how you can set up your Home office for Success because there Are some key things that you need to Know I talk about it all the time but We're really going to talk about it on The workshop I'm also going to get into How you can instantly improve your Remote resume and then we're going to Talk about how you can avoid these Online job scams when you are looking For online jobs in your own time so yes We're covering it okay that's why it's Called the ready to work from home Workshop because these are the four Areas that you absolutely positively Need to know before you really get going And get hired work from home so all you Need to do is put in your first name Your email hit register and you will Have your seat for the virtual Workshop I'm so excited because I haven't done a Live workshop training like this in

Probably about a year and a half and I Told y'all I've been working I'm making Sure that folks are getting hired okay So if you want to get hired then you Will be there for the workshop the link For registering will be in the Description box below along with the Link for these two hot work from home Opportunities from CU medicine and I Hope you guys have a blessed weekend and I will talk to you soon bye

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