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If you're looking from a work from home Job that doesn't require you to talk on The phone to customers one that you can Do from the comfort of your home even in Your pajamas then today I'm going to Give you three remote jobs that are Always hiring some of these require no Interview none of them require you to Talk on the phone they are available Both part and full time so great for Stay-at-home moms and one of them is Open internationally to countries all Over the world and the best part is they Pay great Hi everyone it's Suzanne and today I Have three remote no phone jobs for you The first job is a chat agent and this Company the chat shop is always hiring Off and on chat agents to work with them Now let us be the first to say it Welcome home and here you can see There's a connect button and a job Openings button so when you go to their Site you're going to click on that job Openings and you're going to take a look At all of their open positions who are We the chat shop is about people people Who believe in what they do we're about Conversations that Inspire not scripted Platitudes we're powered by people and Driven by data we get the job done we're The live chat experts from live chat Consulting to Skilled us and UK live Chat Outsourcing our live chat agents

Increase leads by 50 and Achieve 99 Customer satisfaction in short they Create conversations that matter working For chat shop you'll be chatting online 100 of the time so no talking on the Phone to customers and how much does the Chat shop pay will an average of forty Thousand dollars per year or nineteen Dollars per hour the second company That's always hiring work from home is Legal proofs now legal proofs hires Transcriptionists turn transcription Into a real career so if you've tried to Do transcription before you've probably Been a little disappointed I've seen not So good reviews about transcription the Pay is not that great but working for Legal proofs you can become an expert Member of their Professional Network With minimal experience and enjoy the Flexibility of earning while working From the comfort of your own couch You'll click that sign up now button and I'm going to give you the links to all Of these jobs at the end of this video So a little bit about the company they Are redefining transcription for the Digital age their philosophy is to Provide a truly comprehensive work Experience to empower those who want More freedom in their life and their Career under the job description become An expert member of the Professional Network with minimal experience and

Enjoy the flexibility of earning while Working from the comfort of of your own Couch you'll feel right at home with the Team of passionate people who help each Other build practical industry knowledge And Proficiency in terms of the rule Itself you'll be listening to an audio File and then you're going to type it Out what you hear in a specific format It's as simple as that so how it works Getting started is easy begin earning in Three easy steps submit your application You're going to take a quick assessment And complete a questionnaire which is Why there's going to be no interview in This job you just have to prove through This assessment that you can do this job You're going to work online once you get The job you're going to get new Transcription jobs to complete daily and Then you're going to get paid weekly via PayPal for all of the work that you've Completed candidate requirements include Attention to detail ability to meet Deadlines excellent U.S English grammar Ability to file follow different style Guides and use templates legal Experience is helpful but not necessary So you can see here it says minimal Experience needed they're always looking To fill their open freelance trans Transcription jobs so they can grow Their team and keep Pace with client Orders if you're a transcriptionist who

Takes pride in your work and wants to Make a difference they want you so maybe If you have a little bit of a Transcription experience then they would Probably be open to hiring you but again It depends on how well you do on that Assessment if you can Ace that Assessment and you've had no experience At all then you're probably going to Have a good chance of getting this job So what they offer no interview or Talking on the phone paid weekly through PayPal long-term projects you're going To be an independent contractor not an Employee which means you're going to Have the ability to have flexible hours You get to work when you want to work Full-time part-time whatever you choose And a friendly and helpful remote Working environment very important you Only need a high school diploma no Degree required they'd like you to have One year of experience however did say It's not required and they're going to Pay you up to thirty dollars per hour After the probationary period All right job number three is with the Company study pool now this is a popular One this is a great work from home job Because you're going to earn money just Simply answering homework questions some People have even gone on record to say That they've earned over 7 500 per month Working from home tutoring students and

They are accepting tutors from all over The world why tutor and study pool there Are many reasons to make study pool your Go-to source for online tutoring work One lowest service fee starting at 20 Percent study pool charges the lowest Service fees in the market we like to Give our tutors what they earn so of the Fee that they charge the client you're Going to make 80 percent of that fee Reliable income you're going to make Good money using nothing more than Knowledge on your keyboard and full Freedom and flexibility choose when you Work and where you want to work from There's no boss no office no quotas you Create your own schedule so what is Q And A tutoring students ask specific Questions tutors answer via text Providing full X explanations and Answers students and tutors communicate Over chat messenger and tutoring Sessions are one time one question based Here's a list of some of the highest Earners and some of the popular Tudor Countries include Canada us and more so Check this list to see if your country Is on this list and if so then go ahead And apply All right guys I'm going to go ahead and Put the instructions to apply for these Three jobs down in the description let Me know down in the comments if you Apply for these let me know if you

Actually work for any of these and how It went I really want to know and I'll See you guys in the next video

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