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Foreign It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am back with Another hot work from home opportunity I Actually have two for y'all and these Are both non-phone coordinator positions And I feel like I've just been on a Coordinator position spree because I've Shared at least three or four within Like the last week and a half so I don't Know what's in the water but these Companies need coordinators and I love It okay I love it for y'all so this Company is called U.S foods this is a New to this channel company but chances Are you are familiar with them just like I was I see the trucks go up and down The road all the time and this company Is like a food distributor so they bring Food to our favorite restaurants and Places that we love to eat so we're Gonna get into all the details you'll Know if these are for you or not but First things first please make sure you Hit that subscribe button and tap the Notification Bell if you want to get Hired for a remote job of your very own Because this is the place to be if That's what you want to do all I share Are hot leads and work from home Information and you'll never miss out if You have all notifications turned on so Once you take care of that business We'll be ready to jump in

Okay so jumping on in here you guys this Food is looking real good like after I Make this video I need to find me Something like that to eat for lunch I Have no business but that's what I'm Getting ready to do now just scrolling Through here you can see an example of The truck so this is what the trucks Look like going up and down the road and This is a major company if you head over To their Glassdoor account you can see That they have over 10 000 plus Employees they service over 250 000 restaurants and food service Operators and help them with their Business needs so that's what this Company does they make sure they get the Food to the folks who fix the food now Jumping on in here the two leads can be Found on their careers page I will leave The direct link but they do have some Other remote opportunities and I found That if you just type in remote here you Can see everything they have and they Have this customer operations Coordinator role that's one of the leads I'm gonna share and then they also have An account receivable coordinator role Both of these leads if you open them up They let you know that they are Available us wide with the exception of Hawaii and U.S territories so I've been Telling y'all you know if you are ever Interested in a job even if it says a

Different location sometimes you can Open up that lead and be pleasantly Surprised now if they don't mention Something like this where it's available Us wide or they specify other locations Then you would have to go based off of The location put on the lead so you Don't want to ignore that but sometimes You can find out information about roles That you're interested in and then find Out that they're available in your Location just by being a little curious So that's the tip of the day okay that's Been the tip in like the last couple of Videos but we're making that the tip of The day so let's go ahead and jump in First to the customer operations role And then we'll take a look at the Accounts receivable role as well alright So jumping into this customer operations Role this one has the same location Requirement you can be anywhere in the US with the exception of Hawaii and the US territories now this opportunity According to the lead says that it is Going to pay somewhere between 19 to 20.50 per hour and y'all know me I Always have to just see what this glass Door say about it so I went over to Glassdoor and I typed in coordinator I Also tried to type in this specific role But they didn't have it listed but for a Coordinator position there were six Salaries submitted and people were

Making about fifty thousand dollars per Year and this came out to about like 24 Or 25 dollars per hour which is Different from what they list on this Lead so I just give you guys this Information so that you can have a full Picture and you can do with it what you Want to do with it but I just don't want To give you half of the story and I Would hate for you to be the lowest paid Person in your position because nothing Is worse than finding out that your Co-worker who does the exact same thing As you who got hired at the same time or Even after you is making more than you And I will leave it at that so it says Join our community of food people Customer operations provides contract Consistency adheres to compliance Standards and delivers exceptional Customer experience with an important Level of precision and accuracy the Customer operations coordinator uses Problem solving and interpersonal skills To provide research accurate pricing Maintenance of customer Master database And Technical pricing support for local Multi-market and or national customer Concepts within customer operations this Position has been determined and to be Remote anywhere the work is completed a Hundred percent remote anywhere in the US except Hawaii or United States Territories essential duties and

Responsibilities review and interpret Vendor agreements pricing documentation Incentive documentation and or contract Documentation for Relevant content and Information use critical thinking in In-depth understanding of processes and Best practices to make decisions and Judgment calls on how to accurately load Pricing based upon inputs or information Provided by internal external Stakeholders research provides support And resolve first-tier pricing increase And or audits troubleshoot price Calculations contract linkages and Conduct in-depth analysis of pricing Methodologies and procedures update Systems to accurately reflect internal And or vendor deviated pricing and other Up charges and deductions allowance and Charge codes and minimize risk of U.S Foods margin leakage perform pricing day Extensions customer contract linkages Research and maintain vendor broker Contracts and or vendor agreement Auto Renewals as needed ensure compliance With legal documents in all aspects of Pricing and adhere to company policies And procedures through the monitoring of Internal controls collaborate with sales Customer and or internal stakeholders to Determine sale price and build back Method calculate sell price and or apply Markup to achieve desired sell prices Required notify stakeholders of

Resolution or if desired sell price Cannot be achieved set up and or Terminate contracts within systems Ensure accurate contract hierarchy and Perform customer and or driver slash Passenger linkage categorize shared Inbox or ticketing system by work unit And priority maintain complex digital File record of all inputs achieve Records and files as necessary complete Audit files for internal review process Complete audit files for internal review Process complete any self it related to The audit process utilize standard Operating procedures reference documents And various lists to manage workload and Communication with all applicable Departments to minimize pricing Interruptions partner on delivering Support efforts within customer Operations establish service level Agreements to ensure Department key Performance indicators are met learn U.S Food proprietary applications I.E Prime Pricing rules Information Management Enterprise tandem Master data management Pace tools and established processes and Workflows may include other duties as Assigned so just to kind of run it back Because they gave us a lot of acronyms And a lot of things these are all Proprietary applications so these are Things that you will only find at U.S Foods which they will train you on so

That's what they're saying here and then It's a supervision non-wireless Reimbursement not eligible for Reimbursement unless required by state Of residence segmentation remote and Then relationships internal sales market Pricing team Finance Revenue management Category management acquisition vendor Operations supplier income and billing Product information management Business Development electronic data and voicing Team robotic process automation Market Bid team legal credit team and other Internal stakeholders external vendors Brokers customers and then education Training high school diploma or Equivalent required associate degree Preferred and then related experience Qualifications two years experience in One of the following required accounting Finance pricing auditing or related Field one-year experience utilizing Microsoft Office including Outlook Experience in a shared or collaborative Inbox environment preferred and strong Excel skills for data manipulation Ability to utilize filters on large data Sets and create pivot tables vlookups Some subtotal count if Constantine text Required experience creating and or Utilizing macros is preferred experience With PeopleSoft customer and supplier Incentive system prism Prime MDM tandem Discover invoice storage retrieval

Preferred experience with loading Exceptionally detailed entries into a Database system preferred experience and Process or continuous Improvement and Identification of waste preferred so a Lot of these things are preferred but Based off of how specific they are about Some of these things it would be really Nice if you guys showed up with them and Then knowledge skills abilities Demonstrate strong and proficient Computer skills with the ability to work Within multiple screens using various Applications concurrently required Demonstrate effective verbal and written Communication skills with the ability to Adapt communication style to suit Different audiences or various levels of The organization required show algebraic Analytical and problem solving skills Business maturity independent thinking And the ability to work collaboratively Required demonstrate strong attention to Detail and reliability to follow through On commitments required ability to flex Between multiple tasks without Compromising accuracy required ability To navigate through an ever-changing Work environment required ability to Make independent decisions based on Research required ability and Willingness to learn new systems and Processes with basic training required Ability to learn and perform all job

Functions in a remote or virtual Environment with minimal supervision Required ability to prioritize workload Meet critical deadlines and work calmly Under Pressure required ability to give And receive feedback Embrace a culture Of continuous Improvement and work Towards individual and Department goals Professionally ability to work extended Or outside of standard business hours Including holidays to support business Needs or requirements and sometimes with Short notice may be required and it says Travel may be required occasionally less Than five percent and this is where they Get into the pay and they're an equal Opportunity in player so yes that was a Very lengthy lead I read it pretty much Word for word and I will also put my two Cents on this this is for someone who's Looking for more of a career something That's more long-standing and based off Of all of these things you would need to Have all the stuff that coordinators Typically show up with being highly Organized like a type a sort of Personality and you have to have like The bandwidth to look at spreadsheets And data and all of that on a computer Screen all day and I will tell you that That can become tiring so it's not a job For everybody and that's okay because I Share a little bit of something for Everyone this is more for the folks who

Are like yeah I'm trying to do that and I'm trying to have a career from home so You might really like this lead if you Do the apply button is at the top left Now one more lead okay I told y'all that I would share with you the accounts Receivable coordinator one position this Opportunity pays a little bit less it Pays between 18 and 19 dollars per hour Of course I ran the glass door they did Have this role specifically listed only One salary submitted and 48 214 breaks down to about twenty four Dollars per hour but again they told us How much it pays and you know you can do With the information on Glassdoor you Know what you want to do with it but This opportunity is also a remote Anywhere role with the exception of Hawaii and the US territories and this Is for an account receivable coordinator Role so if you've ever done anything in This sort of role then you might be Interested they don't get into the Requirements like they did with that Previous lead so if you've ever done AR Adjusting work if you've ever done Anything with payments remittances Invoicing statements Bank processing Write-offs or ar account adjustments Then you would definitely want to apply To this one as well so both leads will Be in the description box below and Lastly I have to point you guys to

Something tomorrow is the day okay if You are watching this the day I posted This then tomorrow March 29th is the Live ready to work from home Workshop You need to be there okay it's time to Get hired okay we're getting hired in 2023. I love remote work because it Changed my life and I know it could Change a lot of other folks lives which Is why I even started a YouTube channel And I know there's a lot of folks who've Been having trouble getting hired there Are some things that we have to talk About to help you get past those hurdles So we're going to talk about the Critical first steps to getting started With remote work like there's stuff you Gotta do before you can even go get you A remote job okay we're going to talk About what those things are we're also Going to talk about how you can be set Up for success in your home office well What equipment you need we're going to Talk about how you can create the best Remote resume so that you can land these Jobs and then we're going to talk about How you can identify and avoid online Job scams so this is really the ready to Work from home starter kit and we're Going to be going over those things on This free live Workshop it's at 7 30 March 29th and all you have to do to Make sure you have a seat is put in your First name and your email and hit

Register there is still plenty of space Okay we've got almost like a thousand People registered but there's still Plenty of space I made sure that folks Can join if you want to join so the link Is in the description box below and I Truly hope to see you there and of Course the links for these two hot leads The accounts receivable coordinator and The customer operations coordinator Position will be in the description box Below thank you so much for watching I Truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye

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