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Hi everyone it's Suzanne back with your Second work from home job lead this is a Customer chat specialist with the Company Haley Adrian Fitness I believe This is a hundred percent chat they're Going to pay 18 per hour and it is Part-time fully remote position let's Take a look here so they want you to Have the ability to meet kpis and Performance-based metrics high-end sales To years and personal training one year So very high bars very specific people That they're looking for a little bit How to apply for this job Haley Adrian Fitness is a worldwide Fitness and Nutrition Company helping women and moms Achieve their fitness goals through Their remote personal training and Nutritional counseling they're on a Mission to help other women feel Confident and love their bodies so the Chat specialist will provide an Exceptional first impression on behalf Of the customers by quickly answering Online chat requests from customers you Will provide extensive knowledge about Specific products and services and Identify customer wants and needs all Community communication with consumers Takes place via our social media Platforms Instagram and Facebook so this Is a no phone job each chat specialist Is responsible for having Dynamic Conversations that drive the customer to

Want to do business with the company all Right so hours are going to be Monday Through Thursday 9 A.M to 3 P.M Eastern Standard Time so make sure you keep Track of that time zone there if you're In a different one you must be able to Type 45 words per minute have social Media experience experience meeting kpis Experiencing the fitness industry is a Plus now this is saying it is a plus Before they were saying that it was Required so if you're interested in it Or you have an interest in Fitness I'd Apply anyway even if you don't Necessarily have that experience at the Beginning must have effective written in Oral communication multitask Detail-oriented critical thinking Adaptive adaptable career oriented and Professional experience as a sales and Or customer service associate is a plus So again 18 an hour plus commission if You're interested I'll put that link Down Below in the description otherwise If you're new here welcome my name is Suzanne I post two to three word from Home job leads every day so if you're Looking for a work from home job make Sure you subscribe hit that notification Bell so you can get those notifications Right away alright guys I'll see you Tomorrow

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