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Foreign [Music] On this Thursday it's your favorite Remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I am Back with a hot high pay work from home Lead for all of my Healthcare lovers I Look at y'all's comments and you're like Hey these non-phone jobs these night Jobs you know all the stuff that I've Been posting over the last couple of Weeks those are great but you gotta help Us Healthcare lovers out so I'm like Okay here I go okay so I have a great Hot work from home opportunity for y'all From a new to this channel company Called Rady Children's Hospital San Diego and when I was looking into this Company I was thinking like wow this is A great company and I love the fact that They are helping out the babies when They need to get care and assistance so This one is a good one and this is a Company that I think we all can agree is Much needed because if our children need Some doctoring and some help it's good To know that they they have their own Hospitals for us to take them to so We're going to get into all the details But first things first please make sure You hit that subscribe button and tap The notification Bell you don't want to Miss out on any of these hot work from Home opportunities that I share every Single weekday and if you are looking to

Get hired for your very own remote Opportunity then you gotta lock it in And make sure all notifications are on That's the only way YouTube will let you Know every time I post I talked to YouTube they said well if you have the Notifications on but it's not set to all Notifications will only alert you Sometimes and that's why you gotta have All notifications on and on that note we Are ready to jump in All right so jumping on in here we're on The home page of Rady Children's Hospital and I wanted you to see like What it looks like and you can see they Help with all different aspects of Children's Healthcare now if we head Over to their Glassdoor account we can See this is a big company anywhere from 5001 to 10 000 employees and this is a Hospital located in San Diego now the Lead that I'm going to share is Available Usy so don't worry if you're not in California you will be able to do this As long as you meet the requirements and Because I know y'all have backgrounds in Healthcare this is probably going to be Perfect for a lot of y'all now I also Wanted to mention that they have great Benefits and it says that your coverage Is effective on the first day of the Month following your start of active Employment and you can get medical

Dental vision life insurance and even Pet insurance a retirement plan with Company matching that's where you know You put up money and the company puts up Money for free so always take advantage Of that and then of course tuition Assistance this is a great benefit that Does not get taken advantage of enough This is how you can go from what you're Making right now to what you want to Make because when you get more education You have more leverage so you know Always look into the companies that You're working for and see if they offer Some type of Assistance or tuition Reimbursement so jumping on into this Lead and y'all are gonna love it because It is short and sweet this is for Rady's Healthcare authorization specialist one Position npf central authorizations they Posted this last week but it's still Available and this is a full-time role Now as far as the pay goes they let us Know down here that the expected range Is going to be between 20.96 to 28.81 per hour so if you've ever done Authorizations then you know what you Should be expecting to earn and the more Experience you have in that you might Want to ask for the top end now to Qualify for this role you do need to Have at least one year of healthcare Authorization experience or two years of

Experience in healthcare revenue cycle And I know that that's a lot of y'all Because y'all have shared that with me So reading this short and sweet lead it Says job summary under General Supervision the healthcare authorization Specialist is responsible for ensuring That insurance benefits are verified Patient responsibility estimates are Calculated and communicated to the Patient and or family and authorization Is secured timely for all assigned Service types performs other duties as Assigned so minimum qualifications You'll need your high school diploma or GED one year of healthcare authorization Experience or two years of experience in Healthcare revenue cycle and then Preferred which are nice to have have But you don't have to have them a Bachelor's degree experience with epic Or other EMR systems and be bilingual English Spanish and or other languages That meet business needs of the Department so if you don't have these Things it's okay because those things Are preferred nice to have and then Right here it just said Rady Children's Hospital is committed to compensation That is equally competitive and Internally Equitable we demonstrate this Commitment by conducting regular market Reviews to remain competitive with Organizations of similar sites in the

Non-profit Health Care sector the range List above does not represent the full Salary range for the position but is the Expected hiring range for qualified Candidates compensation decisions Consider a variety of factors including Experience education licensure unique Skill sets organizational need and Internal Equity so that is the lead Y'all okay and if you like this lead the Apply button is here and I gotta tell Y'all don't play with the kids okay the Kids need support from the folks in the Off office you the administrators all The way to the people on the floor Helping them the doctors the nurses Everybody in between so we gotta show up For the kids all right if you're not Gonna show up to work and you're gonna Play games don't bother these babies Need us okay now before we go I have a Couple of resources that I want to point Y'all's attention to now the First Resource that I'm going to point you Guys to is my one dollar software trial For my remote Resume Builder software Now I know that when you're applying to These leads you have to customize your Resume and cover letter every time and That can be tricky and that's why me and My team developed this software from Scratch when you get your one week trial For just a dollar you'll get access to The remote Resume Builder and as you can

See there's going to be a wizard here That you go through you'll name your Resume and then you'll go through steps One two three four four and five and When you finish you're going to have This beautiful resume it's formatted Everything is done by the software now What makes this software so great is you Can go into where your resumes are open Them up duplicate them and customize Them so anytime we're applying to jobs We want to have like our base resume From that resume customize it Specifically for the job we are applying To well you can do that simply and Easily in this software and you can do The same thing for cover letters so you Right here and you can do the exact same Thing by going in there duplicating it And then customizing from there and you Can download these in Microsoft Word and A couple of other formats so anyway make Sure you get your one dollar trial it's A seven day trial if you like it and you Want to continue using it it's only Thirty seven dollars per month and once You opt in for the one dollar trial You'll get two emails one to my Teachable school where you'll see the Tutorials for how to use the software And then one with your login to the Remote Resume Builder software check Your spam folder just in case they end Up there and then the other resource

That I want to point you guys to is Totally free okay one dollar is Practically free but my mega list of Jobs is totally free there are 485 Companies on this list that are known to Hire you from home these are all Companies that have either been shared On my Channel or companies that me and My team have found through research and We will put you know some quick notes For you to make it easy to find what You're looking for about some of the Jobs that they commonly have and we have The direct link to their careers pages So you can just put this into your Browser go directly to their careers Pages and see what the latest and Greatest opportunities they have for you To apply to and this is a really great Resource because not every job gets Advertised on the job boards so the job Boards are crowded with people looking Only there and applying to the jobs Posted there but there are so many Companies that have other jobs that Aren't on the job boards so that's how You can find them apply to them and get Hired and people get hired all the time From the mega list of jobs so that can Be you too last but certainly not least In my Amazon storefront I have all sorts Of equipment for your home office so if You need a headset which is like one of The things that you gotta have to work

From home I have different headsets that You can choose from if you're on a Budget you can get a headset for just 14 Bucks and it lights up now if you're a Logitech person like me okay my favorite Headset is this one from Logitech but You know I'm actually thinking about Maybe getting this pink one just to kind Of go with my little theme that I got But anyway if you need a computer guess What I have computers in here that meet Companies Tech requirements if you are On a budget you only want to get the Bare minimum then there are a couple of Options for you you can choose this Computer package which is a hundred and Twenty one dollars for everything you See it runs Windows 10 Pro and it has a Wired keyboard and mouse in a 19-inch Monitor a lot of companies specify you Have to have a wired keyboard and mouse No Wireless and then companies will say You need to have at least Windows 10 Well all of these at least run Windows 10 Pro and if you have more room in your Budget then I have something for you too But you don't have to break the bank to Get work from home ready so the link to My Amazon storefront is in the Description box along with the mega list Of jobs okay and then of course the link To get the one dollar remote Resume Builder trial and this hot lead from Rady Children's Hospital San Diego so

Thank you so much for watching I truly Hope this has been helpful and I will Talk to you soon bye

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