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Happy Tuesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company they will train you they are Hiring immediately and they are looking For you to start working as soon as Today okay so if you would like to Receive more jobs like this then let's Go ahead and tune right into the job now We are talking about the company Activist connect there are currently Seeking basically content Moderator virtual to work remotely and Then when you scroll down the pay is 15.25 per hour this is a W-2 position This is a full-time position part-time Hours are not available training is paid Benefits eligibility after 60 days Medical Vision dental and 401K again This is a fully remote position 100 work From home okay so when we go into Details about this position as a Content Moderator you will moderate user Generating content from AI chat by Curies rating the value of response Received and revering for inappropriate Response or content so you will receive Transcripts of complete curies checking For proper spelling grammar punctuation And reviewing for inappropriate content So when you go into more details about What you're going to be doing you're Going to moderate text image and video Queries in response from an AI chat bot You're going to follow post policy

Proceed processing guidelines in regards To the content this position will Involve reviewing user post content Which may include content of things that Could be offensive nature flagging and Removing that content as necessary you Will come in contact with other content That is again you have to have a tough Scan to be a part of this job and a Strong sense of maturity is a must here So the qualification is ability to Remain neutral on content as Divine by Company policy and procedures while Keeping personal opinion outside of the Decision making process recognize Trends And patterns raising issues in a timely Manner Now these are the skills you need to Implement into your resume strong Written communication skills strong Verbal communication skills strong Knowledge of Internet culture familiar With common acronyms and the ability to Adapt quickly with strong technical Sense to pick up new trends tools and Process easily okay now again this job It only requires a high school diploma Or equivalent that is it and then you Must be willing to work under it in a Media supervisor accept and learn Feedback that they all come together and Growth is guaranteed and then you must In order to get paid you have to Complete an online training you must

Commit to attending 100 percent no Missed time okay so be able to complete And pass a background check now this Talks about the technical requirements What you need to have what type of Computer all of that so you can go go in And look at your own time so you can see What you need to have If this job is Something that you want to do make sure You hop on a bandwagon and go ahead and Apply today all you need to do is scroll Down is to consider a quick Card Application meaning it literally would Take you five minutes or less to Complete and you want to complete it to The best of your ability now it asks you Do you reside in this state but it's not Required okay again is No State time Restriction required long as you're in The 50 States you're eligible to apply For the job okay and then it's ask you Different courses as you can see on the Screen you hit continue it will walk you Through the next step okay so go ahead And apply today don't delay Um stop procrastinating take action now If this video has been helpful thus far And you want to see more work from home Jobs that they would train you hiring Immediately you can start working today And Um these type of jobs consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe

Don't forget to click on that Bell to Turn on your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you'll be Notified and they'll give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go just like this And plus if I go to YouTube live and Speaking of YouTube live don't forget to Join me On Monday March the 7th 2023 at that's On a Tuesday at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I would go YouTube Live this is a work from home q a Whatever questions you have about your Job search or work from home or if you Just want to be around Positive Vibes And getting encouragement words show up On March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I would love To chat with each and every one of you I Will start going live once a month to Answer any questions that you may have And concerns that you may have so again Mark your calendar from March to 7 2023 At seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you because a Lot of people are very disencouraged These days they don't believe in their Self okay some of y'all looking at this Job saying I don't know and this is a Easy job it does require a lot of Experience go out there in a apply for This job keep pushing keep applying

Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but you got to Believe in yourself and surround Yourself around positive people too many Times in life where people are so Negative It doesn't matter if you're trying to Apply for a job it was you know people Can say oh it's only one openings it's Not one openings you know what is meant For you it's meant for you and that's What people don't realize okay stop Being around negative people negative People is not speaking life over you They're speaking death over you and if You stay around them or be in the Atmosphere eventually you're going to Pick that up and you do not want to pick Up negative Vibes you want to pick up Positive vibes so you have to surround Yourself around people that are doing Things people that's going to encourage You and say you got this keep pushing Don't give up I don't care if you've Been rejected as a lot of times Rejection is a part of life I have been Rejected in my life okay And I know it's a hurting thing when you Know that you're doing everything that You can and you keep getting rejection But you got to keep pushing because Through that rejection it's gonna be a Yes no don't mean no right no means next Opportunity and you have to believe that

If you going on today and apply for These jobs and you're getting denied you Got to say tomorrow could be a good day Where I get that job offer but again it Starts with you Starts with you you have to have that Mindset you got to say I can do all Things through Christ Jesus that Strengthen me you have to believe in Yourself when other people don't believe In yourself I get it it's a lot of People around negative people every Single day I experienced that in the Past but sometimes you got to learn at The end of the day what is more Important being around negative people Or your peace and my peace is very Important and like Pastor RC Blake say Go check him out is that if you don't Have peace you ain't got nothing that's How he said it you don't have nothing You have to have peace surround yourself Around people that are doing things okay So go out there and apply for these jobs Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made for you okay But you got to believe if you don't Believe nobody else will okay You know that I always talk about having Multiple strains of income not seven but Eight multiple strains of income it is Very important people get so complacent With their job they they got a job They stop looking for a job even though

You have a job you still need to be Looking and applying for a job because You never know what can happen plus use That job that you have as a crush to Invest in your business that is a part Of a leaving a legacy for your children And children and that is what bookboat For those who don't know what book boat Is it is creating low content books and Low content books or journals Diaries Coloring books coloring pages puzzle Books activity books these goes on and On and if you do your research people Are making passive income people are Making anywhere between a thousand to Ten thousand a month creating low Content books and you can do the same Thing okay you just have to put your Mind to it you have to push yourself you Got to tell yourself and I'm not just Talking to talk I am also doing Book Boat too to make passive income and the Great thing about bookboat as you can See on the screen you can always Research the book and see if it's Selling before you actually make it so You can decide if I want to really make This book or if I'm not you can also spy On your competitors and see what kind of Keywords that they're using and Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not to copy but to be Expired okay now book has upgraded they Do have a new book studio with cover

Creators interior designs drag and drop Editors complete customization over 1 200 plus free fonts more than one Million raw cheese free image pattern Scalables designs and filters and much More And again you're able to make puzzle Books activity books coloring books 100 Of low content Interiors where you can Mix and match Interiors to create unique Books for your audience and yes people Buy these books every single day now Anytime you're talking about a business There are pricing and I believe it's Very affordable you cannot complain About the situation if you don't invest In yourself people that are moving up They're Risk Takers and you got to be a Risk taker and the price is you have Newbies 9.99 per month and for pro it's 19.99 Per month the only difference is with The pro is you're getting the puzzle Creation software included you could try This out for three days for free and see If you like it and I guarantee you're Gonna like it if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of sweat all in lower Case no worries that information is in The YouTube description bar you will get 20 off the 9.99 per month or if you Choose the 1999 per month you would get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime that Is forever okay so make sure you go

Ahead and try this this is something That's easy for you to do anybody can do It no experience is required you can Work anywhere in the world you could be In the United States out of the country And do this and make passive income People are doing this every single day I Say use Google as your friend to Research this and see on your own how People are making a passive income doing This and this can happen to you so go Ahead today and sign up today so you can Go ahead and start creating these low Content books and upload them on Amazon Kdb or Etsy Arsenal or pay hip or Different websites that you have are Also different free social media media Platforms that you can promote this so Go ahead and sign up today information Is in my YouTube description bar and Remember My channel is all about non-phone work At home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button and Also don't forget to click on the Bell To turn on your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go like this Remember on March the 7th 2023 that's on A Tuesday at 7 o'clock P.M Central

Standard Time join me as I go YouTube Live where I'm going to be talking about Whatever work from home courses that you Have let's discuss that as well as let's Come and get encouragement words and be Able to Um lift everyone up and then chat you Know so I cannot wait to connect with You and get a chance to know you a Little bit better so again mark your Calendar for March the 7th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time I will Be YouTube live okay and I'm gonna start Going YouTube live at least once a month To connect with you and if you would Like to support the channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the Channel I appreciate everyone that have Support the channel and already members Of the channel don't forget to check out Your community tab that is where I Engage with you when I upload new videos I post in there when I go YouTube live That information is going to be in there As well when I do polls or when I do Quotes Um I put in there as well so remember to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with the mind you have To believe if you don't believe in

Yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs and remember to Check out the next video that is listed At the top or at the bottom that is more Work from home job leads in there to Increase your chance of getting hired Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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