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Foreign And I'm back with another work from home Job leads videos so in this video we are Going to be discussing a company that is Well known and I just want to say Welcome to ATT So ATT is a well-known company they are A telecommunications holding company They are considered the world's largest Telecommunications company by revenue And the third largest provider of mobile Telephone services in the US so I'm sure You have heard of atnt you can visit Att.com and shop for plans internet Service and Direct TV stream you can Also shop for some work from home jobs At ATT and currently they have plenty of Work from home positions that are Available in different states in the US That we're going to look at a majority Of the jobs that they currently have Posted do offer you some sign on bonuses Okay so if you would like to search for Work from home jobs on att's website you Can go to their career section or you Can follow this link and type in so I Typed in bonus work from home so that I Can find jobs that do include their Sign-on bonuses and I was able to pull Up some remote-based positions again Work from home jobs that are available Throughout the US So if you would like to narrow down your Search even more you can go to their

Sidebar enter keyword search for any Type of jobs enter keyword search you Can enter customer service jobs remote Jobs work from home if you're looking For jobs that have sign on bonus like I Did for this video you can enter sign on Bonus work from home okay and you can Select your country and state you can Narrow down your state to jump to a Position that is available in your Specific state that you reside in the US Or if you are in another country you Just select where it says country to see If your country is listed or any remote Based positions available so currently There are over 400 work from home jobs On ATT and all of these jobs these 400 Jobs have bonuses attached to them and As you can see majority of the jobs are All of the jobs listed here are for Customer service representative so it Will be a mixture of customer service Providing customers Service as well as Selling att's products okay now once you Click on any of those customer service Representatives title for your specific State it will take you to this page all Right and this is where you'll read more About the position now you'll see that They have various roles available for Their positions so they have roles in Sales where you can be a representative In a sales call center and with that you Will provide excellent service for

Millions of their customers They also have Technology support role Where you will deliver best-in-class Service while helping customers get the Most out of the technology that they Love okay and so on so they have credit And collections role customer service Role loyalty retention and sales all Right so let's scroll down to get more Information about these jobs who are They looking for they are looking for Someone who's calm under pressure for These positions have a solution oriented Mindset that you are tech savvy and open To learning about new technology a clear And effective Communicator able to Maintain a positive mindset so if you Are tech savvy that's great if you're Not so tech savvy but you are familiar With using technology such as computers Then they do offer you training so you Must be willing to learn about new Technology so that's the main thing that They're looking for and you can notice That they want you to pay attention to Those characteristics that they're Looking for in their representative Because again it is the first thing Mentioned on their job listing so if you Meet those main requirements then you're Already qualified for this position okay Now let's jump down to the job overview To get full details now this position Offers three thousand dollars

Progressive sign-on bonus of that three Thousand dollar sign-on bonus you Receive 750 after 30 days 750 after 60 days 750 after 90 days and 750 after 120 days Now companies usually break it down this Way to make sure that you are going to Be sticking around with them for a long Period of time so they break it up in This way all right so after 30 days of Working you receive 750 if you want to Collect a full total of three thousand Dollars in the sign on bonus then you Have to stick around with them for 120 Days okay this company has good reviews From their employees so I don't see any Reason why you would not want to stick With this company you must reside in one Of the following states to be eligible For consideration for this particular Position and they have the states listed Here for this particular job okay now Keep in mind there are over 400 Positions available in different states In the US so you can scroll through Their job search section and narrow down Your state to see if there's positions Available so for this particular Position which is majority of their jobs You will be trained to address a broad Range of customer service call types Including collections retention sales Channel coordination billing and Adjustments Advanced technical support

You will use creative problem solving Skills to address complex customers Customer questions and concerns while Navigating between multiple tools and System to update customer accounts and Maintain records so your goal will be to Provide effective And Timely resolutions For customers and deliver personalized Recommendations for their services what You will do during the day what will Your day look like you'll instill Confidence and loyalty in their Customers you will be an expert at Simplifying the explanation of customer Bills rate plans and features of att's Products and services you support Customers or credit inbound and outbound Collections you also engage tier 3 Support with your vital knowledge you'll Handle Wireless local number portability You'll use your problem solving skills And troubleshoots and resolve various Customer impacting issues get customers Up and running in this full-time work From home position it is 40 hours a week You'll work a set schedule so this is a Full-time position 40 hours a week Including breaks lunches and scheduled Open time to ensure our availability to Answer the customer's call and provide Exceptional service so this is what your Average date will look like their Customer service representative who work From home earn between

19.15 to 21.65 hourly so that is the pay Range now the pay depends on various Factors again I always mention is this In my videos but it's based on Experience level skill set level Location sometimes also plays a factor In how much you can expect to get paid So it's up to twenty one dollars and 65 Cents per hour and I'm reading this Directly on their job listing that's What they stated it's not just coming From me and I'm not making up crazy Numbers all right now as you can see They have some amazing benefits that They offer they offer medical dental and Vision coverage 401K tuition Reimbursement program paid time off and Holidays sick leave paid parental leave Etc cetera Etc so their benefits Basically give away the type of position That you will be occupying and that is An employee position this is not a Independent contract or freelance job This is an employee so you be considered An employee working for a t in their Roles okay what exactly they're looking For in their candidate they're looking For someone who has call center or Customer service experience they did not List how many years of experience that You need so if you have one month of Experience or six months to a year of Experience then I would definitely hop On this position and also looking for

Someone who's flexible to work any Schedule during hours of operation which Is essential specific job assignments May require Day evening weekend or Holiday hours occasional overtime may be Required so those are the hours that may Be available and they're asking that you Are flexible to work those times so if You're available in the evenings they May so if you can make yourself Available in the evenings weekends or During the holidays you will earn more Money so they offer overtime hours as Well now I also recommend that you go Through their work from home Requirements because this is where they List all the things that you must have In order to get started in working from Home your workspace will need to be in Alignment with work from home standards And it lists what the standards are you Will also need to be available Accessible and accountable to work During established work schedules and Shifts so basically show up on time and Do the job now you may notice in their Work from home requirements that they Have listed here that they did not state That you need to have a specific type of Computer but make sure that you have a Standard computer it is possible that They will provide you with an equipment A computer equipment as well they don't Mention it sometimes but they may offer

To provide you with an with a computer Equipment that they have for their Company for you to use for their Particular jobs only can always ask if They do provide you with equipment okay And also you can always ask if they will Provide you with equipment if you don't Have equipment if you meet all the Qualifications and experience Etc et Cetera and your great candidate they may Some companies may go ahead and provide You with equipment if they are offering An employee position if you are a Contractor that may not be the case you Will definitely need to supply your own Equipment so keep that in mind now the Hiring process is listed here what you Can expect so once you apply for this Position you want to check your email Check your email regularly for any Follow-ups If you do get a follow-up email inviting You on board then you just simply have To pass their assessments you may have To pass an assessment before moving on To the next steps if you don't pass on Your first attempt you will be eligible To retake your assessments after six Months so if you don't pass the Assessment you may have to wait six Months to retake the assessments then After you pass your assessment your Interview may be done online so Interviews will be done online make sure

You have a strong connection and Trust Professionally now is stay stressed Professionally how will they know how You're dressing if you're doing it Online remotely while some companies May Conduct Zoom interviewing or video Interviewing so they can see your face So I do offer Zoom interviewing perhaps So you want to check out my services Which includes Zoom video interviewing To get you ready for these types of Interviewing for remote-based business Okay so check out my services if you Have questions regarding my services Then email me at melissia at home Gmail.com so that's basically it for This position I want to share these Amazing opportunities that are currently Available with ATT make sure you hop on Them and I wish you all the best of luck Speak to you soon happy work from home Bye-bye

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