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Foreign [Music] And I'm back again with another video on Today if you are not able to catch the Last video I posted with another work From home company that offered Remote-based positions the companies Call into it and they are associated With Turbo Tax they're looking for Tax Associates to work from home helping to Prepare taxes so if that is an area You're interested in and you have some Experience with tax preparation then Definitely check out that video they are Currently hiring all right so in this Video I want to highlight a company that Is well known this is coming from Marriott Marriott is in the hotels and Resorts industry they are international Brand of full-service hotels and resorts They have over 500 hotels and resorts With over 200 000 rooms operating under The brand of Marriotts in addition to 160 hotels with 47 000 rooms plan and For development so they are a company That is consistently growing and they Have you know jobs available on the Website of course we are all about Remote-based opportunities so we're Going to talk about one particular Position that they currently have Available and it is an iphone-based Opportunity it is only available in the US okay and that is for the data entry

Clerk this position is full-time job and It is strictly remote based now this Position is brought to you by the Marriott that is located in Nebraska United States so it doesn't mean that You have to live in Nebraska to work Remotely for this particular position it Is available remotely now of course they Don't have any state restrictions listed On their job posts for this position so It does not mean that you will be able To apply from any state that you reside In the US but in order to know this you Would have to actually take the step in Apply for the position to see if it is Available in your state if you're able To move through the application process And submit your application your resume Your cover letter et cetera Etc then you Should be good to go okay they'll have Your application within their system so Let's go over the job in detail so You'll enter and locate work related Information using computers and or Points of Sales Systems transmit Information or documents using a Computer read and Visually verify Information in a variety of formats Enter and retrieve information contained In computer databases using a keyboard Mouse or trackball to update records Files reservations and answer inquiries From guests verify information in Documents or on computer screens

Including text printed forms and lists For accuracy and completeness operate Standard office equipment other than Computers such as telephone typewriter Fax photocopier calculator and Electronic peripherals stand sit or walk For extended period of time or for an Entire work shift now of course you're Not going to be standing and walking on Location because it states that this is A remote base position so you'll be Working remotely from home maybe you'll Be doing that from the comfort of your Home so that is the job duties that they Have listed for this position they also Mentioned policies and procedures you Definitely want to read this information In regards to their policies and their Procedures now in terms of their salary They highlight in certain States so if You live in these particular States you Can expect to get the pay range that They have listed here if you don't live In any of these states listed here That's okay again it says it's remote Base and you can go with the salary Range and assume that that is the salary Range for all states maybe these Particular states that they have listed Here they have to be transparent with The the salary so that's why they have To highlight these potatoes so Colorado Applicants only the pay rate for this Position for you guys is 18 per hour if

You are in New York City and Westchester County my former home I used to live in Those areas New York applicants only the Pay range for this position is between 18 and 23 dollars per hour so if you Live in New York City in Westchester County New York in general that's the Pay range okay now if you don't live in Any of these states I would still go With that pay range because it seems to Be the average so all locations offer Health care benefits flexible spending Accounts earn paid time off and or sick Leave life insurance disability coverage And other life and work Wellness Benefits so keep in mind this is a Permanent position working full-time so You will have all these benefits Included once you are brought on board To get started in working remotely for The Marriotts okay so that's basically All they have in regards to the this Particular position if you are Interested again and you are in the US I Highly encourage you to go ahead and Apply for this job again there's no State restrictions listed here the States that they mention are just states That they have may have to be Transparent when it comes to their Salary but you could take the salary That they have listed here no matter Where you are in the U.S and just assume That that also applies to your state

Okay so the average is around 18 And 23 per hour for this data entry Position so I wish you all the best of Luck with this opportunity check out my Resume templates check out my resume Revamping service if you need assistance In getting your resume tailored Specifically for remote-based positions I've been doing this for so long so I Know exactly what remote base recruiters Are looking for and I can definitely Just do with your resumes so check out Links and you can email me in the Description section below this video and I I'll see you guys in my next video Talk to you soon

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