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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this is Going to be a part-time job with the Company Hamilton Ray and they're Currently looking for a support admin They are based in Cleveland I don't see Anything saying that you need to be in Cleveland to work this job you just do Need to be in the U.S okay this job pays Between 20 to 23 an hour this is a Flexible work from home position it's a 1099 roll and you will have the Opportunity to move into a W-2 Opportunity so let's get into the Details this is 100 remote you will be Supporting dedicated admin with client Work throughout the day and week data Entry work is needed create and organize Documents and reports and you're going To also be responsible for PowerPoint Presentation preparation you'll also be Responsible for project managed tasks in Business projects and other Miscellaneous worker projects as needed On a client by client basis they do want You to have a minimum experience of two Years in an administrative project Management or operations role and the Availability to work a minimum of 10 Hours a week strong written and verbal

Communication and the ability to work in A high intensity fast-paced environment Excellent time management skills be Proactive and also be a critical thinker And also have the ability to work a Flexible schedule throughout the day They would prefer someone that has Remote work experience and they also Want you to be highly organized so let's Take a look at the application it Doesn't look to be too long at all they Are asking if you work in any of the Following states there so I'm not sure If you have to be in those States but You will have to undergo a background Check and also they will have a skills Assessment as well so yeah if you're Interested in applying for this job you Can check out the link in the Description bar you guys know that I Wish you the best of luck make sure to Leave any questions or comments below And as usual I'll see you guys in my Next video and I thank you guys so much For watching

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