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Foreign .com make sure you hit that subscribe Button and also that notification Bell So you don't miss out on any new content Posted on this channel hey guys welcome Today I would like to share with you Some virtual receptionist jobs that you Can be able to find online we are going To go over what a virtual receptionist Does you know some skills that are ideal For you to become a virtual receptionist As well as places that you can go online To find administrative secretarial jobs That you can do from home so you will Want to keep watching to learn more About all of these companies and how you Can apply today What exactly is the role of a virtual Receptionist now you may be answering Phone calls and giving feedback to Customers when the business owner is Unavailable also depending on the Company you may do a variety of Administrative tasks like booking Hotel Arrangements you know scheduling Appointments doing some light data entry Tasks and more the ideal skills that You'll need is great organizational Skills excellent customer support you Must type at least 50 to 60 words per Minute and also good computer skills now Here are some of the companies that are Currently looking for virtual Receptionists the first company

Gabbyville they hire virtual Receptionists to work from home answer And live calls as well as routing them To the appropriate offices you will also Handle appointment scheduling and you Will set up reminders now currently on Their website they are getting it Updated so you may not see a listing Available right now but please bookmark This website for future virtual Receptionist position the next company That I would like to share with you is Smith AI now this company pays you to Answer calls and or web chats you will Also take messages book appointments Transfer calls and much more now the Starting pay is anywhere between 11 to 16 or more per hour you will earn more If you are bilingual now visiting their Official website you will see that they Have more information about You Know Your Role what you will do also things That they are looking for in the ideal Candidate this is a part-time or Full-time position that can be done in The US and it also looks like they hire Outside of the us as well you can pick And choose your own schedule you know This company operates 24 7. and you'll See that the starting pay if outside of The US is 11 per hour if you are based In the US it is fifteen dollars or more So definitely make sure you check out This website

The next website that I would like to Share with you is Guru now this company Is a worldwide freelance website that's Been around for many years you can find Virtual receptionist jobs in the Administrative and secretarial category They actually have a wide variety of Administrative jobs once you apply for Those jobs you will be able to get paid Through this platform now I am sitting On their official website and you will Just click the administrative and Clerical category at the very top you Can scroll down and see that they have You know different categories whether It's data entry word processing typing Virtual assistants working with Spreadsheet sheets customer service Presentations well research and more This company recruits worldwide and you Can actually be able to view some of the Profiles that other people have set up On their website you can charge what you Want for your service so that is the Great thing about this company Um the next one is freelancer.com it is Also a freelance website that has a Variety of receptionist jobs now the Tasks will vary the pay will vary Depending on the work you will also have The option to choose between short and Long term work now I am on their Official website freelancer.com you will Go up to the top and click browse jobs

To explore the different administrative Jobs that they have available I mean you Can simply type in in their search box Virtual assistant you know receptionist Assistant administrative I'm secretarial And you'll see that they have you know Different administrative jobs available Here you can charge what you want as Well you know per job or per hour is Whatever that works best for you so Definitely use this website it is open To many countries around the globe Another option for you guys is upwork And now this is also another worldwide Freelance platform but the difference With this website is that you know a lot Of employers are connected to Freelancers so you'll have actual Employers listing the jobs that they Have available and then you will be able To sign up on their website you know Create your profile and you will get Paid via PayPal so it is very important That you have a PayPal account let's Take a look at upworks official website You can get started by clicking the Green get started now button you can Scroll through and browse through all of The job categories once you hit the Green get started button you can you Will have the option to join as a client Or freelancer you will want to select The freelancer option and just fill out Their quick form to create your profile

You can also go back and browse through The administrative and customer support Section you will be able to find a Variety of jobs you know in that field You know virtual assistant data entry Specialist you know tech support Customer service so yeah definitely go Get familiar with the website you know I'll make sure I leave all links Below In my description box for you guys to Access Some final words you know I would advise You to go ahead and apply today if you Have marketable virtual receptionist Skills already whether or not you have Used them in a professional setting I hope you guys really enjoy all of the Information that I shared in this video Make sure you give it a thumbs up and Also share with your family and friends That may be looking for a receptionist Job administrative job anything in the Secretarial field that they can be able To do from home I wish you guys nothing But the best take care If you are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guide 20 Beginner friendly ways to make money Online with 150 companies I made sure That I did all the research for you guys I researched over 150 companies that you Guys can be able to sign up with apply With also you'll be able to learn

Different ways to avoid scams how to Identify if a company is legitimate or Not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a teen stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you're just wanting to Transition to working from home so make Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys Hey welcome back everyone I hope you Guys are having a wonderful day so far I Am back this week with another hot work From home job alert today I will be Sharing a company that has a position That does not require you talking on the Phone you will simply get paid to just Listen to calls so keep watching to Learn more and how you can apply online

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