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Foreign [Music] Types of jobs that I get on my YouTube Channel are data entry work from home Jobs these jobs are probably some of the Most requested types of jobs that I get Asked about on my channel and y'all are Not shy about asking you know where are The data entry jobs when are you going To post another one and I share as many As I see but I do realize that a lot of People don't have a lot of information About data entry and what the scope of That work is what you could expect to Earn in that type of role so I have a Couple of videos that I will link up Here I have a part one and a part two Where I share different data entry Companies and today's part three I'm Gonna share 10 more companies that hire You to do data entry but I'm also going To give you all some really fast facts To help you understand what you need to Know about data entry so that when you Start your job search you have the right Information to help you make good Decisions so we're going to get into all Those details but first please make sure You hit that subscribe button why Because my name is Delilah and I'm a Work from home Enthusiast and I share Hot leads every single weekday on my YouTube channel so if you're looking for A remote job chances are I'm gonna share

A lead that you love and you'll only be Able to hear about it and get your Application in if you have your Notifications on so go ahead and take Care of that business and once you do We'll be ready to jump in Now before I jump into the 10 job leads I do think it's important to share some Key details about data entry because I Found that a lot of people want this Type of work but they don't really know What to expect when it comes to it now I've been sharing these roles like I Said for years now and these are just Some of the things that I have gathered Along the way and I felt like you know What let me share them with you just so That you know now one of the first Things that you may have encountered Already or you will encounter are fake Job post claiming to be for data entry Now scammers know that everybody and Their mom wants a data entry job and That's why they will often make fake Jobs saying that they're a data entry Job they'll even pretend to be a part of A known reputable company but you are in Fact applying to a fake job lead and Talking to a scammer so it's important To do your due diligence to just verify That you're actually applying to a Legitimate job lead and that it is Coming from the company and not someone Pretending to be the company now another

Thing to know about data entry is you Want to be an excellent typist Microsoft Office Google Suite those are like key Especially Excel okay you really want to Be in Excel with and if you don't really Know Excel too well it'll be hard to be Competitive because everyone in data Entry is going to have to touch excel in Some capacity you know that's the main Thing that they're doing you also want To make sure you know how to do 10 key That will make you competitive and then Also your typing speed you want to be You know quick with your fingers okay so Make sure you practice those things so That you can be competitive now another Thing to know about data entry jobs is These roles are often outsourced to Foreign countries to give you an example They could Outsource a data entry job in Another country for two bucks per hour And they'd have really competitive Candidates wanting to to take on that Job so a lot of times data entry roles For that reason you know companies are Always watching their bottom line are Outsourced that's why whenever you do See a data entry job just know it's very Competitive like no matter what type of Pay it is because these jobs aren't very Plentiful now just to give you an idea Of well what should I expect for pay or You know what should my expectations be Anything about twelve dollars and up is

Considered really good pay you might Even see some companies offer ten Dollars per hour and you really can't Complain because like I said you know They could have just outsourced the job So don't really expect to earn a lot in Data entry however there are data entry Roles that do pay well and I have shared Those but again because data entry is so Sought after and the pay isn't usually Something to you know shout from the Rooftop so about you really can't expect To see those High pay opportunities that Often so just keep that in mind now Another helpful thing about data entry Is you will find that there are data Entry roles that aren't called data Entry a lot of times I'll find jobs that Are purely data entry but they have a Different title for example I've seen Several claims assisted roles that are Purely data entry but the title of the Job is claims assistant so don't get too Hung up on the title data entry when You're looking for a data entry role Because sometimes they go by other names Now giving you guys some major major Major Clues as to where you can find a Lot of data entry roles pretty Consistently to Industries Healthcare And insurance those two industries buy And far have the most data entry jobs That I see on a consistent basis and out Of those two it's Healthcare all the way

I see so many data entry roles in Healthcare and that's because there's a Lot of data and information involved in The healthcare industry so if you're Ever in doubt and you've been looking High and low go to a healthcare Company's careers page and see if they Have something there and remember the Tip that I just gave you don't just look For data entry look for roles that would Often require a lot of typing and data And there you will most likely find Something that fits with what you're Looking for so now that I've gotten that Out the way I've given you guys a lot of Details and I could keep going on I'm Going to go ahead and get into these 10 Rules but you have that information as Well Now jumping on in here to this list of 10 data entry jobs I'm going to give you Guys the pay the company the scope of The position and I will put the links to These companies careers pages in the Description box below but just keep in Mind that they may not currently be Hiring for these jobs at the time you're Watching them but that's okay because Remember not every company hires for Data entry and you want to have a Working knowledge of who hires for these Types of roles so that you can check Their careers Pages often and you know Be the first to scoop up whatever they

Have available in data entry so let's Start with company number one So first up is a company called Vivid You may be familiar with Vivint smart Home that's the same company I shared in The past a data entry role that was a Three-week temp position working on an Accounts receivable project in that role You would review PDFs and you'd pull Data off them and move them to an Excel Spreadsheet this role paid 19 to 24 Dollars per hour it was available us Wide and this was a great opportunity For those who wanted to get data entry Experience on their resume without Having to commit long term and temp jobs Are great for that so if you do see a Data entry role that is temp don't feel Discouraged the more data entry Experience that you have on your resume The easier it is to get your next data Entry job so I'm looking out for when This job becomes available again because This was an awesome lead Company number two is one eight hundred Flowers I've seen this dated entry roll Available on multiple occasions so There's a good chance that it might be Available right now now they have a data Entry role that is available in a Limited number of states which I'll make Up here here this job pays about 710 Bucks per week and in this role you'd be Assisting with General customer service

Increase remember people are ordering Flowers and having them sent so you'd be Entering data in that scope so check out 1-800 Flowers Company number three is a company called Vail Resorts and this is a ski resort Now they have a data entry role that Paid about thirty two hundred dollars Per month and this opportunity was full Time and in this role you'd be Responsible for performing and Optimizing SKU setup maintenance and Order writing tools for stakeholders Vendors and Merchants to leverage data And they also offered benefits and it Was available us wide now this role Became available during the holiday Winter season so if you don't see it Right now just kind of mark your Calendars for when it gets cold and you Might see this opportunity become Available Number four on this list is a waste Management and recycling company called Republic Services now this was like the Jackpot of data entry roles they offered Both part-time and full-time for their Data entry position that paid about Three thousand dollars per month and Provided free equipment and in that role You would just enter customer contract Information and you'd update existing Customer contract information now this Opportunity went as quickly as you could

Imagine and this is a prime example of a Role that sort of checks off all the Boxes that you want but again you know It went really really fast so if you see Something like this if you see this Specific role drop what you're doing and Get your application in ASAP Number five is a Healthcare company Called share Care Now share care had a Data entry role that paid 740 per week This one was little experience friendly You only needed like a year of customer Service experience and in that full-time Role you would enter patient information Into the company software program and That rule involved accessing various Electronic medical record systems so you Would have to be pretty computer savvy And this role is available us wide so Check out share care and see if they Have this open right now and if you see That they do get your application in ASAP number six on this list is another Healthcare company called uhg and they Have a data entry supervisor role that Paid about 64 000 per year so this is like the big Fish okay this would be the data entry Job job of data entry jobs because it Pays really well now in the supervisor Role it's full time and you would have Over 15 billing and data entry Representatives so that lets us know That this company is known to have data

Entry jobs because you'd be overseeing Folks at least 15 of them who are doing Data entry so if you don't see the Supervisor position I would just see if They have a data entry role that doesn't Have supervisory responsibilities and See if they have that available I'll Also point out that this company had Thousands of jobs available that were Also non-phone but not quite data entry Per se they had full-time part-time and Then they also had no experience jobs And this is a health care company so if You are are open to just seeing you know What else is out there I would still Check them out even if they don't have Anything for this supervisor data entry Role available Coming in at number seven on this list Is a company called help at home they Have a data entry role that pays 814 Dollars per week now you guys loved this Lead okay this was a full-time role Where you'd be responsible for General Data entry and keying tasks for the Revenue cycle management Department's Authorization management functions that Require a high degree of attention to Detail yes that's the job description And you need the ability to analyze and Resolve routine problems this one was Available us wide so if you see this one And I've seen it multiple times make Sure you drop what you're doing and get

Your application in ASI Coming in at number eight on this list Is a company called corval they're in The insurance industry and they help Other companies lower their insurance Costs well they have a full-time data Entry role where you'd be responsible For entering into care MC email facts And written correspondence claim request The schedule for this rule is 9 to 6 P.M Monday through Friday and they do Require rotating weekends every fourth Weekend and this one is available usy Now if you are someone who must have a Specific schedule I will say that this Is one of the few leads that actually Outlines what the hours are so if you do Want something that is Monday through Friday and you're okay with the Occasional weekend then I would Definitely check out corval Coming in at number nine is a company Called zealous this is another Healthcare Company believe it or not and They offer a full-time data entry role Where you'd be responsible for entering Medical claim forms into an in-house Database serve as backup for converting Documents to PDF files and perform other Related responsibilities as assigned and This role is available us wide as well So definitely check out zealous Rounding out this list of 10 data entry Work from home jobs is a transportation

Company called Ryder now Ryder has a Data entry role that's full-time it's Available us wide and it pays about 18.25 per hour and in this full-time Role you'd be responsible for inputting All claims into the claim system now the Job lead was a little bit vague and I Wasn't sure if there was any phone use Involved but if there is just from the Job description it would be very minimal So I do want to disclose that just in Case they do say that you might have to Pick up a phone every now and again but If you're okay with it being 99 data Entry and one percent phone then Definitely check out writer So there you have it that's the list of 10 work from home data entry jobs I did My best to give you all the details that I could and you saw there was a lot of Health Care opportunities and you saw a Lot of insurance opportunities so that's A major tip okay take that tip and use It to find more work from home data Entry jobs now I do have two other Videos that will share with you data Entry companies and opportunities and if You are interested in watching them I Will have them linked somewhere up here Hopefully they pop up right now and you Can check out those two other videos Where I share data entry jobs now I have Even more work from home companies and Jobs on my website remoteworklife.com I

Have something called the mega list of Jobs there are over 480 companies on This list and they will hire you to work From home so all you have to do to go There is click the link in the Description box below you can check out The mega list of jobs and there are also Companies that will hire you to do data The entry that aren't featured in this Video or the other two I just pointed You to and between this video my other Videos and my mega list of jobs you're Bound to find something and last but Certainly not least you will need a Computer to work from home check out my Amazon storefront I've selected some of The most economical pieces of equipment That will meet these companies Specifications every company wants just About the same thing when it comes to Being work from home ready and if you Don't want to break the bank you can get What you need the headset the computer And even pick up a couple of accessories For under 200 bucks so the link to my Amazon storefront is in the description Box as well so check it it's linked Below and thank you so much for watching I truly hope this has been helpful and I Will talk to you soon bye

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