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Happy Tuesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this is More of a online typing job and According to Glassdoor you can make Anywhere between 26 to 33 dollars per Hour so that's a thousand forty to a Thousand three hundred twenty per week And it is with the company Community Health Center they're currently seeking EHR analysts to work from home and again This is a full-time position even though It says remote North Carolina I reached Out to hire manager and they said you Can still apply for the position even if You don't live in that state so you'll Be responsible for supporting the Electronic health record practice Management system and other health Application implemented at cahc and the Primary role is supporting daily entry Reporting and coordinated between within The business and I.T to ensure the Quality of data and focus on lab data Entry and requisition and they want you To have knowledge of electronic health Record system as well as you must have Strong analytical skills and daily entry So this is more of a chat job where You'll be dealing with tickets and cues Um so um and but it's mainly daily entry Where you're inputting data into the System and to give you information about Community Health Center it focus on Improving health care and health

Outcomes for special populations so We're going to go more into details About the job and what you're going to Be doing you're going to utilize strong Client Leisure skills and develop Working relationship with clients and Vendors you're going to be responsible For development and our maintenance of Through our systems related Documentations you've got to participate In ongoing quality improvement efforts At CHC and then you're going to update And Report relevance results to Stakeholders and then you're going to Have the ability to understand and Follow instruction and then you're gonna Maybe cross-train to perform job Function as staff and need is dictate And then you're going to go down here a Little bit further may work with a team To schedule and deliver projects And then um when you go here also Um they require a social degree it's Required a bachelor's degree is Preferred even though it states a Socialist degree still apply for the job Even even though you don't have a Socialist degree like I said before There was jobs that I applied for that I Know that I didn't have a bachelor's of Master's degree and I still was able to Get the job Um they do also want you to have process Procedure development inflammation and

Improvement skills and ability to create Data mapping of each of EHR data to Their application and they want you to Be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite remember go to Microsoft 365 Training they do have free Um things that you can learn on Word Excel and PowerPoint to get you to the Next level and then when you go down Here Um it's talking about Regional travel as Necessary again I reached out to hire Manager you're not going to be traveling This position is available for remote Work now if this sounds like something That you're able to do May make for sure You go ahead and apply today by clicking Here remember never ever disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it it starts with Your mind you have to have the mindset You have to believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it what I want to give you pointers Is to make for sure that your resume is Tailored to each job that you're Applying for that is how your resume Pass the Africa tracker system and Another thing is to watch out for your Social media presence okay when a Company is getting ready to hire you and I reach out to hire managers and ask

Them that hey what are some of the Reasons if a person resume is tailored To the job and they um are qualified What are another reason why you would Not hire them and this is the question That came up when people when they're Ready to hire you are interested in Hiring you they would go to social media Platforms and see what type of person You are If you're posting things that are not Lined up with their company value they Don't care if you have the experience You have the degree you have what They're looking for they will not hire You so remember when you're posting Things on social media platform make for Sure that if somebody else look at your Profile you can say to yourself I don't Have nothing to hide so make sure you do That because a lot of times I see on Facebook it's people that post when they Go on vacation there's people that post When they have their get a new house It's people that post things when They're getting their house remodeled And I know you're happy excited but Everybody's not happy for you you have That co-worker that go over there to Show your boss look look what so-and-so Have look what Susie doe have and then a Lot of times the supervisor hire manager Get jealous and they just found a reason To let you go because they feel like

Okay if they're able to go on vacation Or they got a new home or they're able To get things remodeled they don't need This money so be careful what you post On Facebook or any other platforms Because Um you got people out there that are Watching and a lot of times people don't Get job our offers or opportunities is Because they're posting things that are Not lined up with company values but if You are doing everything correctly you Just got to keep pushing either way keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs remember go and Practice your typing skills because this Is one skills that hire managers or Recruiters are not going to train your Own you have to know how to type this is Free 99 go to typertest.com you can Check your typing skills in a minute and If you need to refresher course you can Always go to type of course and you can Get a refresher course where they can Um refresh you on what you need to do as Well as officialtypingtest.com this is Also free where you can practice your Typing test your 10 key tests which is Dating entry you will receive a type and Certificate as well as type of tips so Go ahead and check that out again it is Free 99 this is one skills that they're

Not going to train you on now I am going To be talking about my free job planner For job Seekers again this is a free job Planner that will help you plan out your Job search by giving you a tracker to Track everything where you're applying For a remote job now when you hit that Download button this is the PDF file That is going to appear at this time you Have a choice to download it or you can Save it on a file or you could print it Out where you can have it in front of You but when you're looking for a work From home job you need to be applying Every single day for a work from home Job whether it's a full or part-time job Or a side hustle again this job planner Is good forever okay so when you go down Here this is a job tracker so when You're applying for a job you want to Always put the date the company's name The job title the salary and the job Type whether it's a 1099 or a W-2 job Then when you scroll down a little bit Further you want to put down whether It's a full or part-time job if the Company offer paid training that you Apply for the job you could put yes or You could put a check mark and then put Some of the skills requirement there and Then you can put whether if you were Offer a job then when you scroll down Here this is a resume comparison right You want to compare what's in your job

Post to your resume so you can either Print out the job post or you can look At the job post and go in there and Highlight you with the keywords that you Think that is very important into the Job post and then go on your resume and Look at keywords and you just want to Match Apples to Apples because in order For your resume to make it to um in the Hands of hire managers our recruiters Your resume has to go through a system Called applicator tracking system and it Looks for keywords from the job posts That you have in the resume once you Take the keywords from the job post and Implement those into your resume where It looks natural then that is how your Resume passed the Africa tracking system I'm not saying to lie if you don't have The experience I don't suggest you to do It when you if you're applying for a job And you don't have the experience only Do that if you have done the job before Because you never know when they're Going to have you to take a test but if You've done the job before everything That they're asking on the job post Implement those keywords from the job Post into your resume and that is how Your resume pass the African tracker System once your resume pass the Applicant tracking system Congratulations it is time for your Interview so this is a interview tracker

You want to put the date that you're Going to have your interview you're Going to put the company's name and Virtual interviews are conducted on the Platform similar to zoom so you need That Zoom link and you want to put down Out who you're going to interview what Time what if it's one o'clock P.M Um 2 o'clock P.M 12 o'clock noon 11 O'clock AM and also what's very Important is whether it's Central Standard time Mountain Standard Time of Pacific Standard time you need to put That information there when you scroll Down this is some of the things to do List before your interview did you Research the company it is great to know As much about the company because when You go into interview and you know Everything from the company that makes You look good and that tells the company That hey if they research took out the Time to research all this information About the company if we hire them They're going to be doing the same thing On their job always prepared to answer It as courses never let the hiring Manager recruiter ask all the courses And when it comes down to you they ask You do you have courses no I don't have Any courses that make you look like You're not interested in the job and if You're not interested in a job they're Not going to call you in or offer you

Another interview or offer you the job So always have courses to ask okay Another thing is plan and prepare your Attire when you have an interview you Want to dress just like if you were Going on site from top to bottom you Don't want to just have a top on a nice Top and then you have shorts on you Never know when they're going to tell You to get up and turn Um they can't see you they need uh you Need to turn um open your blinds or you Need an extra ring light or LED light so They can see you clearly and or they may Say hey I want to take a tour of your Office and see if that you equipped and Able to work in that room so always Dress just like if you're going to a Interview on site test your Tech in Advance make sure your mouse is working Your microphone your lighting LD light Ring light everything is working and be Mindful of your facial expression and Body Language why because they can see You and you can see them speak clearly And slowly be confident they can tell if You're not confident or not and listen Before you answer that is very very Important because all I want you to do Is get the job be confident be prepared And be yourself so make sure you go Ahead and share this job free job Planner to everyone that you know that Can seek the job and remember go

Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of time to go And apply to these jobs keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe go out there today Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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