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If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad or Anyone who's looking for a work from Home job that doesn't require you to Talk on the phone and that pay great Today I have three jobs that either Require no interview or no talking on The phone that may work for you Hey guys it's Suzanne and I have three No phone remote positions the first one Is with the company Telus International Now they offer full-time positions as Well as AI community positions the job I'm going to tell you about today is Actually a part-time position now when You go to their page it's going to say Find your next career and you're going To drop down on the country that you're From so I'm from the US I would select The U.S but if you're from another Country they have many countries that They are also hiring in so you're going To want to check all those out if you Are from another country hit that c jobs Button and then it's going to take you To a page with all of the open positions Now the job I'm going to tell you about Today is a US Raider this is a permanent Part-time hourly up to 20 hours per week This job does pay between 30 and 41 Dollars an hour according to Glassdoor Estimates as always you'll want to check With the hiring manager to confirm what The pay is but that is what the Estimates are saying now in this

Position they're looking for dynamic and Creative people who who have strong Communication skills and use the Internet daily this job involves Analyzing and providing feedback on text Web pages images and other types of Information for leading search engines Using an online tool Raiders log on to The online tool to select tasks to do on A self-directed schedule a Raider Reviews the results returned in a Specific search query and rates them in Terms of relevance the majority of task Types will require both a desktop laptop And a smartphone you'll need both you Should have a minimum of 12 months Experience using Gmail as primary email So if you have a Gmail account you Already qualify daily access to and use Of broadband internet connection to Perform the work and an Android Smartphone 4.2 or higher or an iPhone IOS version 3. 13.0 or higher so you Need either an Android or an iPhone Doesn't matter so the basic requirements High school diploma or GED you don't Need a degree cultural awareness Purposes you should be living in the U.S For the last five years so you have to Live in the US for the last five years Preferred skills active daily user of Gmail Google Plus or other forms of Social media including Twitter and Facebook familiarity with current and

Historical Business Media sport news Social media and cultural Affairs in the U.S and experiencing use of web browsers To navigate and interact with a variety Of content so I want to clarify on this Job something I said earlier this job is A U.S Raider which means in this job you Do have to be in the United States but They do have other positions when you Hit that c jobs that will show you what Jobs are open in your country so this Job in particular is for U.S candidates And again here you can see from reviews Thirty dollars to forty one dollars per Hour is the hourly estimated pay for a U.S Raider job number two is it apple And these are Apple at home advisors There you'll share your love for Technology with others basically you're Going to help you're going to be Customer support for people who are Having trouble with their Apple products And you're going to do that online Through chat there are two positions Available that Apple support advisor and The Apple support team manager if you Want to learn a little bit more about Those roles you can go ahead and click On those two links when you're ready to Find what they're hiring for you will Put in the role you're looking for and Hit search and it's going to come up With jobs that are open right now However with apple the at-home advisor

Positions are hard to get so the best Way to apply for these Apple at home Advisors is to basically share your Information and submit your resume first And when there's a role available that Might be a good match and Applebee Recruiter will be in touch you're going To hit that start now you're going to Enter all the information that they Asked for or you can sign in to jobs at Apple using your Apple ID but remember An at-home advisor position is going to Be rare for you to see it on the website Open instead the best way is to get your Foot in the door here and then when that Position comes open then you can apply For it an Apple at home advisor salary The range says between 19 and 140 000 I Think that's probably all jobs at Apple But the national average is around 32 Dollars per hour or twelve hundred Dollars plus per week the third job is With Omni interactions Omni is always Hiring remote full-time gig jobs in this Job you will be an independent Contractor not an employee so you'll be Able to select the jobs that you want You'll be able to work when you want and They offer both part-time and full-time Opportunities you're going to select That view opportunities link right there If you need more information you can hit The find resources button a little bit About Omni they're passionate about the

Gig Community meaning gig work side work Side hustles they're building Omni to be Your One-Stop platform to find work from Home gigs supporting brands that are Shaping the next iteration of how work Works these leading Brands need Ambassadors that would be you people who Can represent their brands across email Text phone chat and social so they do Have no phone and phone jobs available So if you're looking for no phone jobs Of course you're going to search Particularly for those known phone jobs The main reasons that you would want to Choose Omni no more commute no Subscriptions they're not going to Charge you to get access to their Platform and you can work whenever you Want so when you're ready to apply You're going to hit that view wfh work From home gigs link and then it's going To take you to the application page Which is going to look like this you're Going to hit this apply now and then You're going to start your application With Omni just to give you an idea of What happens when you apply you're going To provide your con contact info resume Screenshots verify your home office will Meet the internet and the computer Property requirements you're going to Answer some questions about your Background skills and experience Complete a 30-minute assessment

Including typing speed computer Proficiency customer service aptitude And work habits once you complete your Assessment the team will review your Application if the information you Provide meets the requirements they'll Invite you to complete a Voice audition You're going to complete your voice Audition and then your application is Done how long will it take for you to Apply about 15 to 45 minutes to complete The application you'll need to use the Computer that you plan to use working With Omni so whatever computer you're Going to use when you're working they Want you to use that computer when you Apply that's because they're going to be Testing those internet connections and Properties and making sure they meet Their requirements and according to Glassdoor Omni interactions pays between 15 per hour and 62 dollars per hour Which is an average of 30 dollars per Hour depending on the role so if you Need to get a job where you're earning Around 30 dollars per hour you're just Going to look for those specific jobs That pay at that rate if you don't know How to do that you can search online and Look up estimated salaries for Particular positions that are open at Omni and you can kind of get an idea From there of course you can always ask The hiring manager when you're applying

As well All right guys I'll put the instructions To apply Down Below in the description For you I wish you all the best of luck And I'll see you all in the next video Bye guys

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