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Hello hello and welcome back we have a High paying work from home remote job Lead if it's your first time here click That subscribe button so you never miss These uploads and let's dive in to Today's work from home job it is a Remote payroll specialist and it is Through physical rehabilitation Network As you can see they are voted 2021's Best places to work we love to see it up To 30 per hour let's dive in here so This position is responsible for Assisting in the process of timely and Accurately doing payroll for 1500 plus Employees while updating and maintaining The employee files they are looking for A motivated team member to join their Team the benefits we're going to get to After the responsibilities so you're Responsible for processing payroll for Exempt and non-exempt staff handling Various adjustments updating hourly Rates process the employee changes Prepare the termination payouts Responsible for researching and Processing retroactive payments maintain Proper and internal controls provide Excellent customer service and insists Assists the employees and the Supervisors Works closely with the HR And other duties as assigned so what do You need to be able to do this you need Education two or more years experience In payroll accounting filing ADP work

From home or wfn I'm sorry not wfh Wfn experience required experience in Organizing and maintaining records and You need to have that effective oral and Written communication skills computer Literacy interpersonal skills and Excel Skills now for Knowledge and Skills Abilities great communication good Judgment mature experience and you have Poised tactfulness diplomacy Etc no College or post-secondary degree needed So we love to see that back up here to The benefits medical dental vision PTO 401K disability employee discount Flexible schedule flexible spending Health savings and an employee Assistance program this is an amazing Role so if you like the link link to Apply for this job you can find that on My website which will be linked in the Description box below check that out if This one was not for you on your screen Are two other videos I've posted check Those out you might find a better match For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss these Uploads and you're the first ones to see Them and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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