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Foreign Basework.com make sure you hit that Subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel today I found an easy part-time Remote job that you can do from home by Just simply scheduling content we will Go over the job details take a look at Some of the reviews on glassdoor.com and I'll even share some resume tips on how To land the job so keep watching to Learn more This video is sponsored by Telus International they are currently hiring Personalized internet assessors better Known as us Raiders to basically just Rate search engine results you will Basically search the internet rate text Images ads and much more this is a very Easy part-time non-phone job that you Can do completely from home as long as You have a desktop or laptop a Smartphone must be a U.S resident and Also you must have an active Gmail Account you will be able to earn 14 per Hour just simply completing basic Internet search tasks so if you are Interested in applying I'll make sure I Leave the link below for you to apply Today The company that I would like to share With you today is liftable this company Is hiring a part-time social media

Content coordinator to basically Schedule content online now this is an Entry level position that starts at 14.50 per hour this is a Monday through Friday schedule where you will start 5 30 to 11 A.M Mountain Standard Time now This company is not hiring in California And Ohio so please keep that in mind if You are applying from the U.S it is not A worldwide job it is only us-based now For this role you will simply coordinate With multiple parties to schedule and Publish content on primary and secondary Social Media pages and then you will Enter that data into spreadsheets now as Far as qualifications you know no Vaccination is required you must be Extremely organized You must be willing to adapt to new and Frequent changes social media experience Is required so you must be familiar with Certain apps like Facebook Instagram Twitter and so forth now you must have The ability to spot errors as well as Correct mistakes double check your work Great communication skills And also you must have some great Computer skills as well now when it Comes down to the perks you will have The option to work in a fun relaxed Environment in the comfort of your home So this is something that sounds Interesting to you I do urge you to go Ahead and apply today this is one of

Those popular non-phone jobs well you'll Just be simply working behind the scenes And scheduling content on social media The link that I'll provide below will Take you to this page you will simply Hit that apply for social media Coordinator button and you'll just go Ahead and fill out some quick details It's a very quick application you will Need a resume and it is important that You upload it in the format that they Are requesting in PDF and then they'll Ask you to choose your schedule you know Which what will that schedule work for You before they consider you for this Position Now we're just going to head right back Over to the actual job post and I want To share some really quick tips when it Comes down to your resume you know it is Really important for these jobs that you Highlight some of the key words that They have on the job listing you know This makes it very easy for them to Select Um the right ideal candidate Um you know a strong attention to detail You know different things I'm Coordinating scheduling publishing Content entering data into spreadsheets Those are things that you would want to Incorporate in to your resume also Social media is a key word that you Would definitely want to incorporate in

Your resume they mentioned it several Times in this job posting and it is a Major requirement so I'm just going Through the job posting here Administrative I'm just highlighting Some keywords that you would definitely Want to use in your resume to help you Land this job so definitely go ahead and Submit your application right away the Company is currently hiring I will leave A link in my description box below Really quick I want to go over to Glassstore.com you know this site is a Great site that I like to reference when I'm looking at new companies now they Have a 3.8 rating 67 percent of the People that have worked for the company Recommend and two others I'm also 86 Percent of the people that have worked For the company approve of the CEO so This is a pretty decent rating and it's Not the best but it is a decent rating For this company now some of the pros You know it creates Freedom everyone is Extremely friendly nice people and then For the cons some people seem to have an Issue with decisions being made by Management without consulting with Supervisors or employees one person says Awful pay Um not a great place to to make a career Someone said nice cultural and overall a Great place a good starting point from Someone else a mix of positive thoughts

Perfect for a passionate flexible people Not for inflexible people so it looks Like it is a mixture of good and bad Reviews so this will help you make the Decision if you want to apply for this Company or not if you are ready to apply Go ahead and check below for the link if You are looking for more ways to make Money from home as a beginner online Make sure you pick up my guide 20 Beginner friendly ways to make money Online with 150 companies I made sure That I did all the research for you guys I researched over 150 companies that you Guys can be able to sign up with apply With also you'll be able to learn Different ways to avoid scams how to Identify if a company is legitimate or Not you know different sites that you Can be able to check you'll find a lot Of good nuggets in this video whether You are a teen stay-at-home mom you are Retired and you're just wanting to Transition to working from home so make Sure you pick up that guide I'll leave My Link in the description box below I Appreciate you guys for watching take Care guys I really hope you guys enjoyed This video don't forget to like comment And share this video with your family And friends I will be back tomorrow with Another hot job alert take care Hey today I am back with another hot job Alert today I will be sharing a remote

Job that is part-time it does not Involve a phone and it only requires you To upload images online it is open Worldwide so keep watching to learn Which company is currently hiring the Site that I want to share

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