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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With yet another non-phone work from Home job lead for you this seems to be The most popular so that's what I'm Trying to find and share but of course As always if this job lead is not for You please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for feel free to leave any Education and experience that you have Even if I'm not always responding I am Always reading those and keeping that in Mind when I am searching for job leads To share and the links to everything I Share are always in the YouTube Description box below the video so if You're interested in putting those Applications in you can get straight to The page from there today's job lead is From the company backbone now backbone Is a company that tries to unify a Gaming experience much in the way of the Future for mobile gaming they are Specifically looking for candidates in The United States to do customer support Specialist now this is remote work from Home it does say it's full time and You're going to be hired as a W-2 Employee not a 1099 contractor but of Course customer service does not always Have to mean being on the phone in Today's world of all the electronic Communications that we have and that is

What this is they are looking for Someone to own email responses to Customer inquiries from a variety of Channels such as support tickets their Social media comments and online product Reviews so email tickets social media And then the online product reviews that They leave through different websites so All of those are completely non-phone Online you'll track and Report issues And Trends from the voice of the Customer regarding any hardware software And logistical issues that they have you Get the feedback and correct any Internal stakeholders you'll engage with Multiple one-off projects that maybe Support specific you also so write and Share a weekly report of accomplishments And insights that you get from working With the customers you'll partner with Their documentation team to create and Maintain content including authoring Help center articles in Zen desk macros So of course if you learn from working With customers that a lot of people are Having a certain issue you can write up A help article and have it posted on the Website that way when you they go to the Little help button they can read without Having to reach out through other Channels now they are not requiring any Kind of college degree just a high School diploma or GED of course you have To be fluent in English they want

Somebody who has some kind of experience With ease Commerce software as a Solution tool Shopify stripe something Like that someone who has two years Experience in some kind of customer Support role someone who can be have Great attention to detail and is Comfortable switching between working Independently and part of the team you Also need to have exceptional Communication skills and know how to use The occasional well-placed Emoji now That that sounds like something for you This company is paying very very well For this they are paying anywhere from Sixty five thousand dollars a year all The way up to 75 000 a year all right if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me if this job Leader any job leads that I share was Helpful please give this video a thumbs Up like button that does get me direct Feedback that I am being helpful to Someone and I'll be back really really Soon with more work from home job leads Just for you

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