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Hey there what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Hello what is up and welcome for the First time my name is CeCe I post videos Daily on this channel of work from home Job leads that will help you switch out Of an office job to being able to work Remote side hustles to help you make Money fast different ways you can make Money on your own terms so you can have That Financial Freedom and you don't Really have to depend on a lot of other People so if that is your Vibe click That red subscribe button below it's 100 Free and let me help you build life of Your dreams so Hunter Douglas has posted A customer support training and quality Assurance manager position this is going To be a little more executive of a role It's definitely not entry level but the Rate of pay for this was phenomenal and I knew that it would totally help so Many of you guys because I do have Viewers of all ranges looking for work On my Channel with different skills and Qualifications so I thought why not Share it so the customer support and Training quality assurance manager is a Strategic leader who was naturally Excited about developing and operating a High performing support organization I'm Going to skim through because they Really repeat themselves a lot here and As you can see it's just paragraphs and

I'm not going to monologue I don't waste Your time so let's just get to the good Stuff and anything I miss that you want To know more about you can go back and Read on your own time so the key Responsibilities are split up into Different categories we have training Quality assurance and Leadership so Under training establish design and Conduct new hire training for the Customer support organization design the Curriculum and identify and develop Ongoing training programs collaborate With leadership to develop ongoing Certification programs and partner with A more extensive Learning and Development team to develop that new Content the quality assurance aspect you Will be establishing formal QA programs Administer calibration sessions to Ensure the evaluations and Grading Process goes smoothly document Trends And gaps that can be reported in use Data collection methods oversee the Monitoring of customer contacts Interactions work closely with the CX Knowledge and content team and pay Special attention to reporting on Emerging Trends now the leadership you Will be developing a customer support Training team provide recommendations on The Staffing and Tech tools Appropriately push to introduce new and Innovative Concepts and you will be

Managing multiple projects Simultaneously so the basic Qualifications like I said more Executive levels so you need a Bachelor's degree with five plus years Of experience in developing building and Managing two years of experience Supporting or directly managing a Quality assurance team and two plus Years of experience in customer service So then we have the preferred Qualifications here a strong and Demonstrated verbal and written Communication set of skills proactive Mindset and your curious adult learning Skills you can think outside of the box Problem solve exceptional analytical Skills prior experience working in a Cross functional environment comfortable Establishing and monitoring standard Work you must have tech knowledge basic Windows and Mac web skills Google Apps Salesforce CRM LMS Etc And the rate of pay for this as you can See is 131 000 to 155 000 per year so Great rate of pay and the benefits Accrued PTO medical dental vision you Also get flexible spending accounts pet Insurance dependent life STD LTD and a DND a 401K with six percent match Employee development including education Tuition assistance a wellness wellness Program with access to monthly virtual Classes and a generous discount on

Window coverings charitable contribution Match employee assistance program Independent scholarships and more so a Lot here I feel like I talked so much so If you would like the link to apply for This job you can find that on my website Work from homelesscc.com job leads that Will be in the description box below if This one wasn't for you don't worry Videos go up all the time and on your Screen are two other videos I've posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face To some subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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