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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and of course I'm here to bring you guys another Remote job and this one is coming from The company EXL they're currently Looking for a contact center Representative to work remotely of Course so let's go ahead and get Straight into the details with this job Right here of course you're going to be Providing customer service to producers And contract owners by effectively Responding to incoming phone calls Related to variable and fixed annuity Products you will be performing outbound Calls as needed to complete the Fulfillment of requests and follow-up of Inquiries and you're going to Effectively and efficiently communicate With customers by adhering to Established call center protocols and Performance standards you will update Information and administrative and Workflow systems to produce producer in Or policyholder request and claim Requests then establish time and quality Standards you're going to also remain Current on changes and updates for Products processes and operational To ensure compliance with all required Regulations and standards you will be Maintaining strict adherence to

Schedules and you have to have excellent Time management skills and be energized By Frontline customer service delivery In a fast-paced environment so they Would prefer if you had life or annuity Call center experience two-year college Degree or equivalent experience in a Financial institution customer service Or ability product experience Knowledgeable in Life or annuity Products and sharp attention to detail Oral and written communication skills Also be able to work overtime as needed And be able to work between 8 AM to 8 PM From home so you will work a shift Within that range and the minimum pay For this job is 18 an hour maximum pay Is twenty two dollars an hour you will Have to register to apply and then the Application isn't too long at all but of Course if you're interested in applying You can find the link in the description Bar you know I wish you guys the best of Look and leave any questions or comments Below I thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you guys in my Next video

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