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Foreign Everybody welcome back to my channel I Hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm happy to be bringing You guys this job right here because These type of jobs are near and dear to My heart we're going to be talking about A job with the company cognia and They're currently hiring assessment Scores okay so if you're new to the Channel you will have to go back and Watch some of my older videos but I've Talked about scoring assessments online Scoring many many times on this channel I've done online scoring since 2015. It's a great way to make extra money During you know specific times a year This company right here cognia they are Hiring assessment scores for ELA Mathematics and science this is a no Phone job you won't be talking to Anybody at all you'll be in the comfort Of your own home scoring assessments Okay so let's go ahead and get into the Details of the Science assessment score Again this is remote it is in the US and This job pays 18 an hour so normally With scoring is between 12 and 15 an Hour but they're paying 18 so that's Pretty good this job right here you will Be reading evaluating and assigning Scores to computer image student Responses to standardized test questions And science Fields you're going to

Attend and complete training sessions Related to the content area being scored That is conducted by scoring leadership You're going to also demonstrate Comprehension of training by passing Qualifying tests containing pre-scored Student responses via computer for each Item trained and you will accept and Apply performance feedback regarding Scoring accuracy and production and Maintain established accuracy and Productivity standards you do need to Possess basic computer skills and Successfully use scoring and other Software and learn and apply established Scoring guidelines and scoring Instructions you will need a bachelor's Degree so although this job does not pay Much it is in the education field and They do require that you have a Bachelor's degree if you don't have a Bachelor's degree unfortunately you will Not be able to apply for this one and I Will put another company that does Accept an associate's degree I'll put Them in the description bar for you and Also a bachelor's degree in another Field and successfully completed a Minimum of two college courses in Scientific Fields so again it's going to Be 18 an hour and this is going to be a Per project basis this is not going to Be a year-round job it's going to be Seasonal and you will be able to qualify

To work multiple projects throughout the Season so like I said I've talked about This many times I will link my scoring Playlist for you guys but you know once You get on with the scoring company you Can pretty much stay on with that Company as long as you score Successfully I've been working with Pearson and Measurement Incorporated Like I said since 2015 and I've been Invited to come back nearly every season Since then so that's guaranteed extra Money that you can make if you have the Availability to be able to make it okay So looking at this application super Quick application right here interested Definitely check out the link in the Description bar also check out the link To right score like I said they accepted She's degree and if you guys have any Questions or comments feel free to leave Those below as well and as usual I Appreciate you guys so much for watching I'll see you in my next video and good Luck to everyone who applies for the job

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