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Good morning happy Friday it's Suzanne Today I have three no interview work From home jobs through the company A3 on They're actually offering three Different work from home opportunities They are hiring in both the U.S and Canada so these are open internationally If you are in the country of Canada now The three positions are General Transcriptionist medical Transcriptionist and a virtual medical Scribe they all require different types Of experience and different levels of Experience so the first job is a general Transcription slash editor Multi-speaker interview work for us and Canada if you're an experienced Interview transcriptionist we have lots Of opportunities for you we are Currently seeking candidates experienced In transcribing and editing Multi-speaker audio files now a3n is a Dynamic organization that provides Qualified language Specialists with Challenging and rewarding work Opportunities they have numerous remote Job opportunities whether you do police Legal Media or business transcription Transcription has set their own work Schedules and have access to traditional Transcription speech recognition editing And QA work All right so this position is a Independent contractor this is this is

Not one where you're an employee which Is kind of nice because you get to set Your own hours now to qualify for their Transcription jobs you do have to have a Minimum of two years of relevant work Experience in this role if you're Currently enrolled in a transcription Training program you can wait until you Can furnish proof of graduation before Applying all their transcription jobs or Independent contractor status Compensation is based on production and A3n pays weekly all right so the typical Salary at A3 on listed on any estimates Is between 15 and 30 dollars per hour Depending on your experience now if you Don't have experience it's okay because I do have a job for you a little bit Later but let's take a look at the Second position A medical transcriptionist editor if you Have experience transcribing or editing Interviews consider applying to this Position which currently has more Opening a3n is a dynamic organization Again I think this is almost the same They have numerous remote speech to text Job opportunities transcriptionists Editors and qas which is quality Analysts who set their own work Schedules and access to traditional Transcription speech recognition editing And QA work very similar to the last one But I think the last one they wanted you

To have a little bit more experience so This one you have to show proof of Graduation from a formal medical Transcription training program and they Want you to have two years of work Experience so maybe that is what they Had on the last one not sure what the Difference is between the last one and This one maybe this is a hundred percent Medical transcription and the last one Seemed to be a little bit different and Open to other kinds of vocations All right so let's take a look at the Third one virtual medical scribe this is The one that requires the least amount Of experience as a virtual medical Scribe you can work part-time and Full-time they offer challenging and Rewarding scribing work from home they Are a thriving Healthcare documentation Business with clients across North America doctors and other Healthcare Professionals who use their technology And services to chart more efficiently Their Solutions Empower caregivers to Deliver better patient care with less Stress okay a little bit about the Company there if you want to read that The position they're looking for Part-time full-time employees that are Passionate about supporting Health Care Professionals by entering clinical notes In real time in ER EHR electronic health Record systems while listening to

Patient encounters so this is going to Be more live they offer incentives and Benefits paid leave and all the work can Be done from home now this one I believe Is not an independent contractor this is Where you are an employee they're going To pay you a certain wage so if you like That instead of being independent and Have to pay all your own taxes but you Want them to like take care of all that For you then this will be a good job for You plus it's also the most beginner Friendly of all the positions so you Need to have a stable employment history Remained in previous rules for a minimum Of a year so you need to have at least One job where you were in it for a year Can commit to a minimum of three eight Hour shifts per week for one year and Your responsibilities will be to Document accurately in the EHR systems For doctors maintain regular attendance And punctuality and here too HIPAA and Other confidentiality requirements Alright guys if you're interested I'm Going to go ahead and put the link Down Below in the description if you're new Here welcome my name is Suzanne I post Two to three work from home job leads Just about every day Fridays are an Exception I do one no interview job Saturdays I do three or four no Interview jobs so if you like those make Sure you come back on those days and

Make sure you subscribe hit that Notification Bell so that you get Notified every time I post a work from Home job lead and I will see you guys Tomorrow have a great Friday

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