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Hey guys it's Suzanne happy Wednesday Today I'm going to give you two no Talking jobs that means you're not going To have to talk on the phone in these Jobs and they are both fully remote the First position is a quality assurance Specialist with the company Hancock Claims Consultants they do have 91 Reviews on indeed so you can check them Out but they are paying between 18 and 20 dollars per hour now the position Purpose is to report directly to and Work under the supervision of a quality Assurance supervisor The Specialist Should have a keen eye for detail and Accuracy with a strong understanding of The company's service processes the Position is responsible for Gathering Quality metrics to ensure compliance When in with internal and external Customer requirements the incumbent has Intermediate skills to formulate Spreadsheets and may provide statistical Reporting for management the QA Specialist will also review customer Service agent calls to audit processes And standardized Service delivery this Position may also perform and support Admin tasks as needed okay so some of The essential duties and Responsibilities you're going to support The goals of the QA Department you're Going to review file audits to identify If proper procedure was applied ensure

Compliance with internal and external Customer requirements you're going to Listen to customer servant agent calls To ensure proper procedure was applied That's the main one correctly chart all Findings in Microsoft forms calibrate With internal and external teams to Ensure objectivity and data Gathering to Maintain process Integrity May produce Reports documenting service level Deficiencies as well as statistic Reporting for management all right You're going to formulate some Spreadsheets they're looking for three Plus years of admin assistant experience Or similar role strong understanding of Service delivery and quality assurance Processes high school graduate some College preferred Excel proficient in Outlook and word excellent customer Service skills now the format in this Job posting is a little wonky I will Admit however I did go to their website and I just Made sure that they actually have this Position located on their website so I Just think there's something funky with The format in the indeed posting but if You go to their website which is the Link I'm going to give you you'll see That it's actually a legitimate posting So don't don't get worried at first I Was thinking maybe this isn't legitimate But when I found it on the site I'm

Pretty convinced it's it's fine so it's A full-time position Monday through Friday 7 30 to 4 pm here's some extra Things that you may need to know but This is a fully remote position so You'll be doing all of this from home All right on to the second job so this Second job is one that I posted this Week as well it is I'm re-sharing it It's a part-time data entry because it's Actually still open it's with the Company English rabbit and they are Paying 16 to 18 dollars per hour another No phone job they're looking for a Part-time data entry person for their Growing company uh chief goal in this Position will be to enter purchase Orders into their point of sale which is Currently light speed they'd like you to Have experience with it but it's not Required data entry associate is Trustworthy professional with Outstanding attention to detail main Responsibilities Inventory management Data entry Lightspeed software is a plus And they would like you to have two Years of experience in a similar role in E-commerce solid knowledge of data Analysis and inventory management Analytical organizational Problem-solving communication leadership Interpersonal and project manager skills And again this is a remote position so Guys if you're interested in either of

These two positions I'm going to go Ahead and put the instructions to apply Down in the description for you and I Wish you guys the best of luck and I'll See you in the next video

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