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Foreign [Music] It’s your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah I hope you guys are Thriving on this Thursday and I’m back With another hotword from home Opportunity and I know y’all are gonna Love this because this lead is available Nationwide it doesn’t require much Experience at all and this is the type Of role that I think a lot of folks Would really like it’s an administrative Assistant position and I’m gonna get Into all the details but if you are Someone who’s like I don’t want to be on A phone give this one just a little Thought okay I’m gonna go over the lead If you like it get your application in If you don’t pass it along but I think a Lot of y’all will enjoy this and it’s From a new to this channel company Called Infinity rehab and you can see This is a physical rehab facility and They help people with their mobility and You know all these great things so we’ll Get into the details but first please Make sure you hit that subscribe button And you tap the notification Bell this Is the place to be if you want to work From home I’ve been sharing hot leads For years now a lot of folks have gotten Hired and that could be you too but you Gotta lock it in okay and be one of the First people to get your application in

So make sure you take care of that Business and on that note we are ready To jump in Okay so like I was saying this is a new To this channel company and this is a Company called Infinity rehab now it’s Checking out their glass door and this Is quite a large company it says that Infinity rehab provides occupational Physical and speech therapy wherever Patients call home through the Leadership of Industry recognized Therapists Infinity rehab serves nearly 200 skilled nursing assisted living and Independent living communities across 19 States and they have been voted a great Place to work for two years in a row so That’s awesome and we want to work for Companies that people like working at And that’s what it sounds like now Jumping on into this lead this is for Infinity rehabs outpatient Administrative assistant position and According to Glassdoor which they have The salary listed it’s gonna start you Off at about 41 307 Dollars per year and that’s about twenty Dollars and 65 cents per hour so not bad At all considering you only need one Year in the health care industry so I Know y’all are some healthcare lovers Y’all have been working in healthcare For years and years and if you have Medical Administrative Assistant

Experience which is preferred that would Be a great thing to have but as long as You’ve been in health care in some way Then you’re good to go now Jumping On in It says that this is a Monday through Friday position and the candidate can Live anywhere Nationwide so whether you Are in California New York or my great State of Georgia you are eligible to Apply as long as everything else sounds Good now I was saying if you’re someone Who’s like oh I don’t really like a Phone I think you would still appreciate This because what I have found when People talk to me about why they don’t Like a phone it’s really the back to Back calls it’s the stress of just never Really being able to hang up and catch Your breath and then you got the metrics And people breathing down your throat And all that stuff what people are Saying when they talk about you know I Don’t want to be on a phone and I’m not Saying all the time is that sort of Situation so when you are an Administrative assistant yes you have to Communicate and you’re really like the Glue for a company okay think about the Lady who works at the front desk okay Think about the person who is the office Secretary you know that person is making Sure the wheels keep turning so they Might have to pick up a phone call you Know the insurance company to verify

Something you know maybe they might be Putting together a meeting and they Gotta order food you gotta pick up the Phone for that that’s not a problem you Know when people understand it in that Way which is what an administrative Assistant would be responsible for doing It’s not that you know back to back Slammed with calls thing okay so just Giving you guys some perspective because You might be missing out on your job if You’re you know just holding tight to no Phone at all okay you might be okay if It’s just a little bit of phone so Anyway continuing on it says Infinity Rehab is looking for an administrative Assistant full-time remote position to Provide clerical support for our Outpatient clinics duties will include Assisting multiple clinics with Obtaining physician orders managing Records and reports scheduling patient Appointments faxing and photocopying Responsibilities contact physician Offices for outpatient therapy orders Schedule patients for therapy Appointments and provide reminder phone Calls Insurance authorization tracking Support manage reports for weekly and Monthly therapy documentation Requirements proficiently communicate With patients Physicians and staff via Email telephone and in person answer Telephone deliver messages to staff send

Faxes as necessary attend in services And staff meetings as directed and I Mean this is remote so you’d probably be Attending that virtually what can we Offer you infinity rehab offers Competitive hourly rates time and a half For holidays ooh that’s good money a Generous pay time off program medical Dental vision life insurance flexible Spending accounts 401k plan liability Insurance continuing education annual Symposium and an annual Employee Appreciation event benefits vary between Full-time part-time and on-call Employment Affinity rehab provides equal Employment opportunities to all Qualified individuals any Personnel Actions taken are without regard to race Color religion sex national origin age Disability protected veteran size Marital status pregnancy sexual Orientation or gender identity in Addition to federal law requirements Infinity rehab complies with Optical State and local laws governing Non-discrimination and employment in Every low location in which the company Operates and so they have the contact Information Miss Jennifer Cockrell Talent acquisition specialist and she Has her email and number and then as far As qualifications and education goes High school diploma or equivalent or Better is required so you need at least

A high school diploma or your GED and Then it says required experience One-year Health Care industry in medical Administrative assistance experience is Preferred so that is the lead short Sweet and to the point okay and I know Again some of y’all are like uh I’m Still not feeling it I don’t like a Phone at all and that’s okay Everything’s not for everybody but I Think a lot of y’all will enjoy this and This is a great entry level position That could actually segue you to a Totally non-phone role because you only Need one year of health care experience So let’s say for example maybe you’ve Been taking phone calls while working at A Healthcare company or you know you’ve Done some sort of thing related to Health care this could be your way to Getting off the heavy phone use and then You know your next position could be Something that really doesn’t require One at all so sometimes we can’t make That direct jump from I’m always on the Phone so I’m not on the phone at all you Know sometimes we might need a little Bit of a middle step there where we get Off the phones all the time but not Completely and then the next step is We’re doing something a role that Doesn’t require us to be on one at all So I just give y’all things to think About okay I like to give y’all

Information and do a little bit of Education with it so if this is your job The apply Now button is at the top right But wait there is more If you are actively in the job search Like you’re applying every day you’re Going to the job site you want to go Over to my website remoteworklife.com And check out this resource called the Mega list of jobs there are currently 481 companies on this Mega list and all These companies are known to offer Remote positions so for example let’s Say you are interested in doing Something in the administrative space Just like this lead you want to find More companies that have hired for this Role before well you can just type in Admin and then from there you’ll see Some companies that I’ve shared in the Past that have had these administrative Positions so just about every company Hires for this role but if you want to Know companies that I’ve shared in the Past that for a fact I’ve shared an Administrative assistant role for then You can do that and you can see oh okay You know that’s what this company you Know offers and that’s what I’m looking For so definitely check out the mega List of jobs we’ve got all sorts of Companies on here and this is really Something you want to include in your Daily job search you can just copy the

Direct link to their careers page go Directly there and see what they have Available you know the thing about this Is a lot of companies don’t put every Position that they have available on you Know the in deeds and the simply hireds And wherever you’re going to find jobs Like companies don’t go to those Websites with everything they have so a Lot of times people are actually getting Hired from the mega list of jobs because They’re going directly to the company’s Website and seeing what do they have Available and you’re putting your Application in for something that has Low competition because it’s not being Advertised everywhere else that’s what Makes this Mega list of jobs so great Great so put this in your rotation Bookmark this page all right come here Find you some companies and more Positions to apply to and the link for This is in the description box below and Then lastly You need a money machine to work from Home that’s also known as your computer Every work from home company has Requirements okay they give you Specifications for the technology you Have to show up with and what I have Found is there is a minimum spec Requirement that 99 of companies and I Won’t say a hundred percent just to Leave a little bit of room but pretty

Much every single company has the same Minimum requirements for your technology Well you want to be eligible to work From home and until you meet those Requirements you won’t be able to so What I did was I went to Amazon I looked Through some of their computer packages And I made it simple by putting them in My Amazon storefront and I said here you Guys go if you need you a money machine Then there are different options from The low end all the way to the high end And I’m always pointing out like these Three computers here for a hundred and Forty five dollars everything you see Here Windows 10 Pro that’s what this CPU Tower runs wired keyboard and mouse 19-inch monitor that’s the bare minimum That companies require they actually Require Windows 10 but this one runs Windows 10 Pro so you’re giving them a Little bit more than what they require So make sure you have the right work From home equipment you need to have This in order to get hired you will make This money back within the first week of Working in your remote job so don’t Think about it as money that you’re Spending think about it as money that You’re investing and that money is going To return to you okay because if you Don’t have a computer you will not be Working from home for anybody and yes There are companies who provide you

Equipment but you have so many more Options when you already have that and Then you’re not worried about well does This job provide it when you can say hey It doesn’t matter if they provide it or Not now you have more options for work So just putting that out there okay so Both this link to my Amazon storefront The mega list of jobs and of course this Hot work from home opportunity from Infinity rehab will be located in the Description box below and thank you so Much for watching I truly hope this has Been helpful and I will talk to you soon Bye

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