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Crazy so Bear with me Here we go We're gonna see Hey y'all hey hey hey Like and share like and share happy Sunday hello Hey Tiara hello Everybody in the chat happy Sunday like And we'll share thank you ma'am hey Tyree Iris says hey hey hey hey two Chicks happy Sunday I have liked and Shared thank you for all that you do Thank you Tyree Happy Sunday To everyone Hey Marissa ladies Yes hey Rachel she says Hi everyone Hey blessed hello beautiful ladies Hey Darcel she says hello everyone hey Octavia This is a little lady Hey Samantha just hello ladies happy Sunday hey Susan she says hey everyone Hazy and Naturals she says Hey two Chicks hey sunshine 51 she says hey Ladies hey Lou said she says happy Sunday Beautiful People hey sarnay she Says hey y'all Oh y'all popping in here like popcorn Yes Uh Robin says hello hey Miss B she says Hey two chicks and hey everybody Tiara says hey I came back I'm not

Missing this one Ian She says hey beautiful ladies thank you For your dedication And work you are appreciated thank you Thank you I'm just says I am spending my birthday With you ladies thank you oh happy Birthday happy birthday blessings to Many more Sandra says hello Ladies I finally got on with Chad dance Congratulations She says thank you beautiful ladies so Much congrats and thank you for sure Garcelle says I have liked and shared Thank you uh crash says how are you Ladies doing this evening Hi Tia she said good evening ladies hey Hanging with Trey My favorite name Hey Hey Tisha she says happy Sunday happy Sunday hello Hey you've been she says hello ladies Hey hey Kimberly says Hey from Georgia hiking Kimberly from Georgia Says we need all the Money yes Uh 5.99 what five eighty nine oh my gosh Eggs Tierra says I have good news I have an

Interview with Anthony Tuesday January the 13th congratulations You got it Hey Erica Erica is on Facebook Hello everyone Hey Kyrie she says YouTube is actually Doing alerts today yes oh that's good News thank you Hey Iris she says hello ladies Hey Malika Malika says like to share Thank you okay Raquel she says Hi everyone I liked and Shared to Facebook thank you thank you Tyrese congratula Uh hey Unique Smith she says I surely Need something work from home in Texas Got a lot of them here unique Smith Type of work from home job hey Taki she Says hello oh Sunshine 51 says I'm looking for another Job like tell us they ran out and put me On the reserve list Try to happen or we localize Um The era says I start work Wednesday with This company called rent to own service Congratulations again Sierra [Music] Tyree says congrats to everyone Tierra Says thank you Tyree Jennifer says Nubian goddess congratulations how long Did you wait hey Felicia she says hello My two favorite Thank you for everything love and

Continue blessing thank you You ready to start I'm ready Cause you didn't read the whole uh All right We will get started thank you guys so Much for joining us for those of you who Are new welcome welcome we appreciate You joining us for those of you who are Not new welcome back thank you for Joining us again and again y'all eggs Are five dollars or 89 I just wanted to Say that again oh my gosh anyway thank Y'all for joining us She is the goat and I am curl and y'all See her name she is And together we are two kicks with a Side hustle on this YouTube channel on This Facebook business page where we Post work at home job side Geeks and Side hustles we do these lives to help You get started on your work from home Journey if you are new to to working From home if you are not new to working From home we help you maximize your time And your money thank you so much for Joining us Caroline and I have been Doing work from home type things since About 2006 and we created our blog as Well as our social media platforms to Help people like yourself who want to Learn how to work from home but don't Have the resources so we created those Resources for you

Um we do these lives to answer questions To help you get started Um to give you some type of direction if You have any questions we answer them Um if if you have questions this is the Platform that you can answer ask and get Them answered on a lot of times we don't Have time to go through the emails or The inboxes to answer specific questions So if you have a specific question Please check us out on live put it in The chat and you will not only get our Answer but the help of the people in the Chat also so you may get different Strategies that may can help you along The way uh during these lives we answer Questions and Carol will read the chat Make sure you put your question in the Chat if you are new just type I'm new in The chat and we can help you and give You resources to get started otherwise We will be chit chatting and then we Will get into the positions you got any Thank you Happy Sunday y'all happy Sunday make Sure y'all like and share we are trying To get to 100 000 subscribers on YouTube and we are at 84 000. so thank you guys so much the ones That have been sharing us thank you Thank you thank you we greatly Appreciate each and every single one of You but it is not too late to get in on

This giveaway so we got a lot of Giveaways going on with our brand so we Also are going to give away two Additional laptops over on Facebook so If you are on YouTube you follow us over Here you are a dedicated subscriber be Dedicated on Facebook as well so this Way you guys increase your chances of Winning a laptop so we're going to give Away two laptops on Facebook once we hit 100K followers over there now on Instagram for those of you that follow Us on Instagram we are doing a pop-up Giveaway before the end end of the year So make sure you go over there to Instagram follow us it is two chicks With the side hustle same name So hey Lube now she says hello ladies How are you guys we are great how are You hey Cynthia she says hello everyone Julie says Hey from Kansas They live in Kansas so Kansas is in the House thank you Andrew says hi she is From Houston Texas got a lot of people Living in Houston hey lady girl she says Happy Sunday Um unique Smith says congrats Tiara Blessed saves congratulations everyone Says hello everyone Uh Sandra says like and share thank you So nice says liked and share thank you Sarnay she lays liked and shared on Facebook ladies thank you Sheila Uh Kyrie says sunshine51 look at we

Localize I made it to today's live good evening Everyone good evening Uh hey Nicole she says I need something Work from home that allows noise and That's no talking oh yeah No talking so she wants a non um I'll put a link to our blog it is Non-phonework at home.com We post a lot Of non-phone jobs everywhere so we have A Facebook group for those of you that Are on Facebook join the group KISS that Cubicle goodbye we also have a YouTube Channel two chicks with the side hustle If you have not already subscribed to The channel we posted a non-phone chat Job today so make sure you come over Here and check it out hey mix adore Beautiful Huh sorry she said one that allows noise What's that one um rent survey I can't Think of the name Um you already Matrix try yardi Matrix Bay allow uh background noise and I Think they are hiring now and I'll just Put their name and her in January in January but they are a great Um they run rental projects and they are Great uh extra income if you can't find A work at home job quickly that'll be Something you can do that will allow Background noise and was it Continuum or One of those companies they say wasn't Strict on the background noise what was

That That lady came in Was it consuming Yeah I think I don't yes Someone told Don't quote me and I think it was Continuum a company called Continuum They weren't very strict on the Background noise but again those are Both phone positions and if you wanted Non-phone Carol gave you the nine phone But they are the yardi Matrix and the Continuum I don't know how to spell it I think that is it I put it in the chat I you can just Google it um it should Come up And see I thought we posted that the Other day but I'm not sure okay Hey Chella ga girl she says I hope these Part-time jobs have evening or Self-paced training that is the issue I Have been running into companies will Have part-time evening work hours with Daytime training hours I would say try Omni interactions they just posted a Self-paced training uh I think it was Two days ago and they are posted on our Two chicks blog it is two chicks with The side hustle.com Look under the spotlight job section and This one is a Skippy interview weekly Pay and you can pick and choose your own Hours

Um Hey natural Nivea she says hello ladies I didn't get my notification shaking my Head glad I made it we are glad that you Are here Darcel says yes the motivation for side Hustles and we do post a lot of them Here Darcel Um try Ellis Ellis is a good one One of our mods and she's not here She made 500 while on vacation so Ellis Is the apart shop that's where you have To go apartment and pretend but it is Very easy and very lucrative money Hey Indian d You say hey my word from home angels YouTube is on point today I love the Hair ladies y'all look cute like and Share oh thank you thank you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] 20 an hour thank you so much now we do Have one Brittany I don't know what time Put it on the blog or not it doesn't pay 20 but they are paid 15. the one you Just sent me today Like yeah I'll put the video up for it So just be on the lookout Brittany what Was it called okay I think and did you Send it to me this evening This afternoon Yesterday If you don't have it I'll resend it Amy

Says I'm new Sam really says I'm welcome Welcome unique Smith and I'm new hey She says happy Sunday ladies happy Sunday hey Cynthia says good evening two Chicks fam Susan says we only got eight Likes on YouTube y'all make sure y'all Like and share thank you Susan Um tan is going to get the beginner Friendly videos There are 20 companies posted on this Video Um in this video we talk about how to Get started Um My suggestion would be to apply to all 20. and this way you can maximize your Chances of getting maybe one or two work From home jobs Uh thank you lady girl She says I liked and shared the live Thank you okay you next meal thank you Thank you Cynthia Hey Laquita she says hello everyone You're welcome Amy Nobody yet blessed so we have given away So blessed question is who won the Laptops so we have already given away 12 Laptops blessed and we are giving away 12 more On YouTube we're getting to 100 000 subscribers once we get there we Will give away those 10 and on Facebook Once we get to 100K followers we will be Giving away two more and Susan she is in

The chat I don't know if you guys saw Her coming or not but she was one of our Laptop winners a while ago Hey Tasha thank you Amy say she's from Texas so Texas Out of Texas From Kansas so we got a lot of yeah Um Say she's from Spring Texas okay uh Julie says I love you guys you feel good For so many people ah thank you thank You we appreciate it Foreign Yes Okay I'm done Hello to everyone here on this Sunday Evening okay I normally be working at this time with My work at home job with uh American Express but need a contract 10.99 We'll talk about I think a couple Tonight with the part time Oh Cynthia you're in Houston that's Right you are in Houston she's Gonna get to Houston Blessed says need jobs that I can work Using my iPad and no ethernet connection Etc Yeah and I would say the only one that You probably can that it probably is That you can maybe turn into a job that You can do with your iPad is kangly Um and came is it still on our blog I Don't know I don't know let me check

Okay I don't think so I think I took it off Only changed last week a week probably Did not I was washing dishes and thank You It's still on there I thought I took it Off So Um bless try cambly so we put it in the Chat it is on our blog two chicks with The side hustle.com Look under the spotlight job section I'm new ready to learn notebook and Pen In Hand all right come on Um Bliss says oh I need a laptop so so So badly I can't get most of these jobs Without a laptop or desktop I just have My smartphone and my iPad I was very blessed we post a lot of jobs That provide equipment I would say go to Your local library or if you have a Friend or a family member with a laptop That'll let you use the laptop just to Apply for the job I would say try that Since you're on our Youtube channel Search companies that provide equipment And we post a lot of them like all last Week all week before Yeah hey Amy says hi ladies Uh I don't think so Tierra because we Talked to two Work for them Um Hey sunshine she says good evening

Ladies Uh hey J ma she says what was the name Of the part-time job that was hiring now Uh Omni interactions I'll put it back in here Two chicks with a sidehustle.com Thank you Lorena she says uh Dale to Defense and we have talked about them Before she says they are hiring for a Chat job thank you J mom says hello Ladies Buckeye asset claim says hello Hey hey Shayla Shayla says hi everyone [Music] Okay Tiara Yeah we might get it from um it's like a Couple of people reached out to us about It so yeah we'll see Thank you J Ma J mom says I liked and Shared as well thank you Uh hey miss boo she says hello are you Guys gonna keep the live up yes so you Can always come back yeah watch it yeah Lord let me be in the number for winning Cause you know my struggle well [Music] Laptop winner thank you Glam camera Y'all be sure to go over to her Channel And check her out go share like some Videos all of that good stuff yep uh hey Tina she says where we live we have Internet but most jobs require high Speed which we aren't offered right now Through our internet company do you know Of any jobs that don't require the high

Speed Um Tina unfortunately the position jobs Will require high speed Um the side hustles like the Mystery Shop Um mturk a Um what is that Um Telephone mystery shopping huh uh Just tell us required Tell us app and it will be mainly side Gigs and side hustles Um mainly the jobs that are hiring will Require you to have some type of High-speed internet Um chat desk yeah a chat there's a Respondology Um The Scout B Scout a lot of the mystery Shops and things like that survey sites Um you can get a number of them and you Know do them and some people are making Full-time incomes just by doing these Side hustles so Um you know and when you are able to get The internet Um there are a lot of uh lucrative Positions that we'll hire Uh-huh we got a lot of Houston and Texas People in the building Texas Felicia Saying Texas She says I love crab cakes to town Oh yeah Let me go to Texas then

Unique says if you come to Texas let's Do a meet and greet that would be nice Yeah Only says Hi everyone Hi on WE AJ says Hello ladies hi I I Um Hey Jessica Hey She says man I can't wait to hit up the YouTube after this live Thank you Says okay great ideas thank you so much Queens you're welcome blessed and you Can always watch our channel for skip The interview or no interview because a Lot of those choir the high-speed Internet And a lot of y'all who are looking for Part-time positions you may um like we Tell everyone you can kind of make your Own part-time position Um with like a skip the interview type Position Um you can take one of those side games Inside hustles research other people's Strategies on those side gigs aside Hustles how they make money and Implement some of those strategies with Those side dudes and side hustles Meaning that if you are doing user Testing let's let's just use user Testing which is a side gig for a Testing websites and you want to make

Maybe fifty dollars a week you can go And Google how do you make fifty dollars A week on user testing it's going to be A process and you are going to have to Do some work but there are ways to make Money without having a part-time job Part-time money Um mystery shoppers Carol said before Ellis our mods on you she went out of Town and did apartment shops once you Get good at those apartment shops you Can do one of them in less than 30 Minutes and with one she made like a Hundred and fifty sixty dollars so that Is just for one year because they paid a Bonus so you do things like that and you Can create your own part-time job do Them on your own time instead of having Somebody to say hey show up and work for Me from five to nine so think about Those things you don't necessarily have To have a part-time job you can get some Of these side gigs or side hustles and Create your own part-time job so think About that when you're when you're Looking for a part-time jobs or you're Saying you want part-time but you can't Do the training well if you do the Mystery shopping there is no training And you can start today when you sign up Nine times out of ten and you know and And there are people doing mystery Shopping and things like that the side Hustles making the extra five six

Hundred dollars a month More than that probably but you know Yeah So just strategies and ideas for those Of you who are looking for part-time Jessica says liked and shared thank you Hey Nikki she says happy Sunday I'm Still trying I do appreciate you ladies Ah you're welcome Hey Michelle Michelle is on Facebook she Says hello from Fort Worth Texas She says I'm looking for a part-time Evening job that also trains in the Evening I have a day job so it's hard to Train in the day I also wanted to say Thank you for everything that you do we Appreciate you Try Omni Having already Michelle they have a Self-paced Client right now Yeah they are posted on our two chicks With the side Hustle Vlog look under the spotlight job Section yep hey Mom says thank you You're welcome Lisa says I liked and Shared thanks uh Hey Demetrius she says Hey Y'all hey hey hey Hello ladies and chat hey Kalisa Happy Sunday everyone thank you happy Sunday to you as well hey satana Ladies OMG did I catch a lot yeah Foreign But I'm here cooking spaghetti on that

Sounds good Hey you changed your picture cute little Doggy [Music] Um Hey Laurie Laurie says hello Cargill says uh Melissa I say Melissa She said she's from Texas On these days they're from Texas oh wow Face hey hey ladies Cali here okay on The Beatrice say she's from Texas all Right She says Tiara I'm on my way to complete My meal Trish says I recently started the Self-paced training with um Congratulations Let us know how that goes oh I'll be Interested in that Uh Tiara says I got to move to Texas Okay wait a minute because it jumped Okay Okay so Tierra says I got people in Texas I'm thinking about moving to Texas Thank you Marie she says liked and Shared ladies hey Ursula she said good Evening No we just getting started Thank you only says like and share thank You Unique Smith says oh that is great Advice on the side hustle research and Implementations of different strategies Yes

Hey Cindy Cindy has a success story she Says hi ladies I got hired with Sitel Congratulations [Music] [Music] Two chicks hairstyles thank you she says She is watching from Dallas all right Now Thank you Yes mystery shopping is a quick money Maker All right yeah Yeah hey if you're looking for quick Money and you're looking for something To do on your own time mystery shopping Been there done that we'll do it again All right so it says good evening tan Carl and everyone good evening thank you How are you Stephanie says hey beautiful ladies hey Stephanie she says I was in Houston for 11 years and she is back in St Louis All right she said let's go Houston Felicia says I am in [ __ ] time Hey liked and shared thank you okay Okay yeah I do Hey Tesla hey lady she's on Facebook Priscilla hey guys hey Priscilla she's On Facebook Hey JD JD says hey everyone Uh Michelle says you two are the best Thank you again thank you Michelle [Music] Um

Tesla says looking for an administrative Assistant job or data entry full time Um I know can do it was hiring for A full-time data entry um job Non-phone check on our non-phone Work at home Blog we post a lot of Um Edit entry positions non-found chat and Things like that Tesla now tonight I Think we got two like virtual assistant Jobs they are part-time one of the Companies they do offer part or full Time that we're going to talk about Tonight Um Buckeye asset claim how do we know They're hiring Is on their page that they're hiring I Can't say like if they're hiring like They're gonna hire you like ASAP or it's A quick hire or anything like that but We do research over here hey Remy Remy Says hey ladies hey Mrs Thompson she Says Hey Queens hey t-look she looks as Happy Sunday two chicks fam I liked and Shared thank you Mrs Thompson and our Sales says congratulations Um Tiara says congrats everyone on Getting hired Jennifer says liked and Shared a long time ago I forgot to say Okay Jennifer oh Cynthia says yes come on to Houston Texas the place where you can experience A full weather season in a week

Uh Ursula said so ladies Oh yeah Exclusively okay because I heard that I Signed up this week and I'm okay okay Thank you Ursula let us know if you're Interested in that I would I would love To hear some feedback Remy says congrats to everyone who's Getting these side hustles numb on jobs Etc thanks to tan and curl what thank You Remy [Music] Jacqueline has a ton of side hustles she Gonna be another side hustle Queen to Like uh l dot She says hello ladies hope you are well Liked and shared thank you Jacqueline [Music] He's moving to Texas oh wow The Katy Texas next year in October my Birthday month all right Glam cam she Says I heard Katie's a nice place to Live I've heard that too about Katy Texas we had a couple of people Live in Katy or spring yeah someone just Said they lived in Springfield we had Like a couple of people Ursula said her Daughter is doing training for playo Congratulations to your daughter Hey hey Kelly she says hey y'all Um Remy says that Katie is a nice place To live she says my kids moved from Louisiana to Katy I've heard okay Uh-huh

[Music] Uh let me says welcome ladies Shawna Says congrats to all of the new hires Michelle Bell saves lots of jobs in Texas A few companies here where we live moved To uh Texas and transferred everybody There I know Hilton was one of them Yeah must have been a couple of I think The taxes are cheaper in Texas I I don't Know let me quit saying that but Um Rachel was asking Ursula what's the Pharmacy delivery info she says I would To try it Um How that turns out yeah I'm gonna see Delivery I bet it's a good side Hustle It just sounds like it will be easy Picking up dropping off And Pharmacy so it's not like food Right you know You got to wait on to get it done well You might have to wait on the medicine But I'm sure they probably have it Uh Mrs Thompson says I would love info On being a mystery shopper Hold on I'll get the we have a link Oh To Um Let me all our blog let me get it I can't say yeah no taxes in Texas shoot I need to move to Texas no taxes

Sierra says I heard Texas will help you Faster than than Georgia would have and It might be Buried man says y'all are the best thank You Birdman we appreciate it Jennifer says I'm definitely going to Hit up Texas she says y'all scoot on Over Laughs It's definitely coming down to Texas Next year And I will let y'all know because I'll Probably go live when I do Care please [Laughter] Hold on I did the wrong one You got both of them on here I see yeah And then I put the same link to the Telephone Oh Olivia says hey ladies come on over I'm In Texas oh my goodness it's too many Wow Hey tedra She says hello I'm new ladies and gents I love all remote info for work as I Want to move ASAP yes come on in And let me just say this Um Let me just say this for those of you Who are starting to look for work from Home positions who are starting to Um you know try to get into the world of Work from home make sure you don't

Discount a lot of these beginner Friendly positions they are not the Highest paid positions but what they Will offer you is experience because a Lot of these companies require some work At home experience for high-end paying Jobs so with that being said a lot of People they say oh well fifteen dollars Is not a lot 12 13 is not a lot you have to think About what you're giving up when you're Leaving a brick and mortar position Which we call which we mean outside of The home and coming inside of the home You're not paying for gas you don't have To buy clothes you don't eat out as much As you did when you worked out of the House Um the car uh the wear and tear on the Car Um just a lot of those things you Expenses you don't have so therefore you Can afford the site well I'm not saying You can afford to say you can you know Negotiate to say well I can take a 13 14 An hour job until I find something Better so I can get the work from home Experience so don't discount the Beginner friendly because they could be The stepping stone to something higher Paid because a lot of those higher Paying positions want you to have work From home experience and if you are not Getting any callbacks make sure you are

Using the keyword strategy on your Resume I will put that video in there Um make sure you are not sending the Same resume to each job that you apply For it is imperative because you will Every job every job description has Different keywords and I will put that Video that I explain the keyword Strategy for resumes In the chat go ahead Carol Kelly says no State income taxes in Texas the sales Tax is eight point two five percent oh Wow I'm in a small town in Texas and there Are not it's not much help here also the State Medical is trash know that off the Rip oh I can't say it's Florida no tax state Too oh Felicia says y'all come on down Spell says no state taxes in Texas but High property taxes that my sister says And she is in North Carolina oh Uh happy girl says happy holidays ladies I'm new I need y'all I'm looking real Hard so I'm listening okay Welcome I'll put the beginner friendly Back in the chat and then I'll put the Keywords sorry Yeah Um Tedra says everything is high he or she Is in California Sierra says I love working from home I

Get up and go to work in my PJs laugh Out loud Kyrie says yep I rolled out of bed five Minutes before I start in the early Morning shift Them now Deborah says preach girl preach Hey Canard Canard says hey ladies Happy girl is in Michigan so Michigan is In the house Kyra says I can say hello to the chat From my phone and I got five to ten Minutes to get my coffee Glam Camp uh Olivia says Katie is really Nice family oriented great schools for The kiddos oh okay Jennifer says I wonder would my job Allowed me to work in my pajamas hair All over my head The Good Life Yes because if nobody's looking at you And a lot of the companies you're not on Camera I would say if I just had to take A guess I would say probably five Percent of the work from home You have to be on camera but the other 95 does not unless it's like a team Meeting or a one-on-one with your Supervisor and sometimes They don't require you to be on camera For that either even when we was on Camera I would you throw a wig on put my Robe on put a little scarf on there so They think it's a shirt be sitting at Work

Don't do what I do It was cute though it was cute it was my Robe but then I had a little Scarf Girl I have it I ain't getting out my world To be teaching no class The property tax in Texas is higher Laugh out loud my sister has been living In Mansfield for nine years [Music] Um I hope I'm saying is it Tangy she says Hi ladies I'm trying so hard NYC she is from yolk Oh remember that lady toast I can't remember I don't I don't even Remember what live it was on we had Somebody at NYC and she did something She told us what she did and it was some Side hustles So I don't remember but yeah it's hard I would say Tangy come on our YouTube Channel we do Post can't live anywhere Jobs hard to find but we do find them And we do post them on YouTube so come Over here to the YouTube channel two Chicks with the side hustle and just Kind of scroll through the videos or you Can just do a search and type in Anywhere USA and the jobs will pop up Hey Miss County hola Says hello ladies hola happy girl says Thank you for the beginner friendly You're welcome Uh Hey Beatrice she says good evening

Guys girls we really appreciate y'all I Love the way y'all work together We appreciate that I mean my favorite Things about five minutes So that you still be late Right See the thing is with teaching the Schools if you are late to the classroom Can't come in they'll just block you out So you can't even come in you can't even Say oh I'm late you know they'll go Ahead and put another [Laughter] Hey Nicole she says good evening here From Virginia Building Um this cancer says is the tax guy Coming on next Sunday or is he coming on Wednesday he will be here on the 28th The 28th so that is a Wednesday so he Will not be doing a Sunday this year it Will be a Wednesday So um he'll be here on the 28th and for Those of you who are new we do have a Tax professional come in and answer Questions about 1099 and deductions and Things like that Um I think this is about his third year Coming on Carol Yes This is his third year coming on he is Uh he's been doing taxes for over 20 Years so Um and he's a great person to learn

About your own taxes he's not one that Wants to keep you bound and chained to Him to do your taxes although he would Appreciate it but he also teaches so Um he's a great guy And looking forward to having him on Uh thank you Karima hey Karima Karima is Another laptop one Um Thank you Karima Remy says Texas has a Lot of jobs I must say lamb Pam says at Olivia I heard it's a wonderful place I'm excited to make this big move Mrs Thompson says any advice on getting The higher paying work from home Positions I've been working from home The last few years but I'm having Trouble finding the 20 an hour jobs okay So this is what and Carol and I go back And forth with this all time What skills do you have because It depends jobs are based on skill set And just let's just be clear and like I Tell people all the time if you didn't Have 20 hour skills when you were in the Brick and mortar nine times out of ten You won't have the men work at home but If you do make sure you're looking for Those jobs for the skills that you have Myself I have database skills and things Of that nature so I know if I want a job That's paying twenty dollars or more I Know what skills I bring to the table For that twenty dollars so a lot of

People ask me all the time what type of Skills will give you twenty dollars more Excel skills if you are have a great Hold of excel if you understand the Basics of excels if you can write Formulas if you understand Excel and how To use it and how to perform some things That is a great skill to have and that Will warrant you money Excel if you know Any type of database things that is a Good skill to have and I'm just talking About basic skills because we can go Into different types of work areas and Things like that but basic skills if you Have Microsoft Office which includes Excel word PowerPoint another Money Maker if you know Microsoft Access that Is a good skill to have Um anything database anything that you Can Um find go into Um different programs and learn how to Use it well and find out how to create Reports if you're a report Creator if You know how to run reports and like a Salesforce database or something like That make sure you are highlighting all The software that you have worked with On your resume if you're trying to get a Customer service job that pays more than Twenty dollars an hour make sure you Highlight the different types of Customer service CRM systems that you have worked with

Make sure if you have any type of Technical skill you put that on there so It comes with the skill the money comes With the skill so you know you do have People that look up and get 20 30 hour Jobs just because of who they are but if You have the skills you can get the job So what I'll say if you're looking for 20 plus look for what skill set you need To have that 20 plus and then go after That Indeed amazed okay so Sierra says you're Only on camera for training that's it But broad path you have to be on camera After training Thank you Tiara Sunday says baby my hair Be all over my head and I have on a House dress Slam cam I moved here six months ago From New York okay so that was a big Change Unique say my brother went on a Blazer And his Jaws he cracked me up every time He said he'd be in you Kyrie says most people don't care what You look like sound like Eva Oh Santa now we used to work for Alorica But it used to be Kyle West at home and At night time we would get some of the Most hilarious phones Red toenails We would just come on the phone and talk Normal but people would be like oh your Voice is so sexy I'm like what

[Music] You need to get out kind of crazy cows Yeah Um good idea tan Jay miles says yes I Love the 1099 jobs as well sw2 Glam cam says I work from home and I go To work with my Bonnet on and a onesie Kyrie says I have on my fluffy robe and I [ __ ] about how cold it is Karima says hello everyone and I share Thank you thank you Darcel says one day I forgot to take my Rap cap off on camera because we jumped We just jumped on Olivia says Glam cam you will do just Fine here Oh that's sweet Olivia I am cam is asking how do you like it Tangie says yes it's Tangy laugh out Loud Following you both on all the platforms I have been sharing everything even Though it's hard for me someone else may Be able to use it and find something I Have to get a laptop or desktop and try Some of the other jobs And TNG if you're looking for something Make sure you check for the companies That Supply equipment if you don't Um have equipment make sure you check Out the companies that do Supply Equipment because there are a lot of Companies that will send you the Equipment to work

And check them out Tangy on our YouTube Channel because sometimes we do the Videos but we won't post them on Facebook sometimes we will sometimes we Won't but check them out over on our YouTube two chicks with a side Hustle Uniquesne she says I'm new to this page And it's crazy y'all popped up as live I Just pray for help this morning before I Went to sleep wow God is good answer to Your prayer Hey always learning she says hello hey Ashley she says Hey curl and tan how is Everyone we are great how are you Um Pamela says yes cyber security Unique say she may also need to revamp Her resume for the higher paying jobs Yes yes [Music] Tiara I used to work there hey Vicky she Says just getting here is there a list Of available jobs so we post them in Quite a few places Vicky we post them Here you're on our YouTube channel we Post them here every day on YouTube we Make the videos about different Companies that are hiring Um we also have blogs we also have a Facebook business page and we have an Instagram and also a Facebook group So you're more than welcome to you know Take a look at what I'll put the blog Okay And she was saying hello ladies my first

Time here welcome Mickey to our Channel Um Starting Tierra is asking Um Glam cam Olivia says that um I like it Still adjusting to the weather it is a Bit bipolar Somebody else just said that uh she says 80 degrees this week and then in the 60s Uh who knows what tomorrow will bring It's peaceful and common everyone is Super nice hey Mama bears Uh Hey Paris Paris says is there any Work from home job I can do with a Newborn at home I worked from okay I ain't gonna go on My long tirade but um I would say Make sure you get your baby on a sleep Schedule if it's a newborn get the baby On the sleep schedule because I'll tell You why you can find you some overnight Jobs or evening jobs or jobs where you Can work whenever you want like Omni Interactions a live Ops who else a next Rep jobs that you can work with every Month and you can get and pick and Choose your own hours and that way you Can work when your baby sleep I had two Babies back to back my kids are 15 Months apart and I work on a phone job Through it all So I'm not telling you something I heard I'm telling you what I know so get you

One of those positions grab you some of Those side gigs and side hustles that You can pick up whenever the um phone Jobs are down I would say grab two 1099 Phone jobs which is like an omni and a Next rep make sure you have those make Sure you keep those and then grab you a Couple of side hustles and that's for The days that you'll want to get out the House and do other things instead of Work on the phone job it's you know That's the way I did it I'm not saying That's the only way but also pick up Your couple of Design phone positions if You would rather work off the phone No alone See no I wasn't proud of you that is why I'm always doing things to be of my Skills take side jobs that will add to Them as well thank you Go ahead I wasn't gonna say okay I'm Just gonna say this and like there are Free ways you can get go on W3 schools If you're into it if you're you know Just redo your own research with the Skills that you would like if you want To go and market and find out what those Skills are required whatever you want to Go to in this Obama's internet is a Plethora of information that you can Build and have skills so don't just Settle for what you have you can build Your own skills you don't have to go to School for four years and do this to

Have skills you can find them on Obama's Internet okay [Music] Um Hey Maria she says good evening ladies Maria from Ohio joining your live while At my job And congrats to all of those that Recently got hired thank you Maria Uh Olivia says Glam cam New York is so Fast-paced here it is smooth sailing Hey just Mo Banks hey hey ladies I gotta Update So I'm still with activists during the Day it's going well I have put in a lot Of applications so I forgot about some Don't judge me that's okay Okay Um I started with Kelly connect on Monday for my second job however if I is Contacted me as they start in January For 19 an hour Um Mrs Thomas says thank you I have a Lot of experience in those areas Foreign That's good you should be able to get a High paying job not sure what type of Job you're looking for I know Um it's not hard to get on with PNC Bank Um Maryland says I'm working for Working Solutions and I'm in class now for MD Live to arise all right Congratulations I always wanted to do MD

Live remember Um me too Uh mix adorable says I'm always in my Robe it worked too I know this right I have on my Bonnet And some mornings I get dressed like I'm Going to an office but I love Pandora Okay Um t-look says hi can you post a 1099 Jobs please are you talking about the Beginner friendly tea looks Thank you Um So Nathan's child I be having to run a Twitter When the supervisor called for a team a Meeting on the teams oh wow Um mama bear says like and share thank You Jennifer says not a onesie Uh no Vicky you haven't missed them Um From Ursula says many of the mystery shops Don't require a computer you can earn The computer money in a week or two days That's true Ladies and gentlemen Ursula say s that The mystery shops do not require You to have a computer and you can earn The money and then buy a computer in a Week or two Oh All right get ready Yeah I'm ready

Okay guys You want to read some more you Good Oh I can't let me see I'm just trying to get the link so I'll Be ready because you know Um Happy girl says everyone please have a Happy holiday season and be safe thank You Um Hey Brittany Brittany says I catch a lot From time to time and I just located to North Carolina to Calif or from North Carolina to California looking for Housing and working on positions and I Pray for help in both areas happy that I Was able to catch this live No mama bear you didn't miss the job Leave we're getting ready to announce Them in just a few Uh Felicia says are there any videos or On the blog about resumes and resume Writing Um yeah I will put the keywords video Back in the chat um we use a strategy Called keywords Um where you um get the keywords Um on the from the job description and Implement those into your resume Um we explain it on the video and I will Post it here if you have any questions Um come back on the live and get your Questions answered but the video I think

Does a great job explaining the keywords And also Um I give some Um sources resources that you can use to Help you find the keywords Hey Hey She says happy Sunday thank you uh There are mothers with newborns who work For activists thank you Unique Smith says I was let go after two Days because my two-year-old woke up Sick with covet and they heard him oh no Yeah Yeah I've lost phone jobs because my Baby cried so I'm not saying it's Perfect Right Talia says Carol your hair is fire Thank you see she says looking good man You ladies are so beautiful inside and Out hashtag Thank you thank you hey Roxanne she says Hi curl and tan It says tan is dropping the knowledge Oh thank you Uh Gizmo Bank says that Harvard has a Free computer science class for those Who want to break into Tech if You wow thank you thank you and y'all Take advantage of those free things and I've been in tech for a long time and I Still look for new skills and new things To do All the time probably much more than I

Should because I'm always picking up Some trying to figure out something I Care I'll be getting mad at me anyway She says I want to know do you have to Be on camera on all of their projects Anybody here works for Affinity can help Tiara out Um Kara says anything you want to learn Can be found online yes it's a good will And I forgot about them she says Offers different free classes online That you can do at your own computer Also wow okay thank you I I Think Okay well thank you what do you say Someone says Huh oh thank you Mo Banks he said he has A whole stretch and you have to have a Strategy when you looking for a job I Think that's what a lot of our downfall Is we don't read our job descriptions oh They just hiring for customer service I'm gonna send my resume Step back step back Take two seconds and read that job Description is making sure there's Something you want to do Because there's nothing I want to do I'm Gonna move on but make sure you look at That job description and make sure You're trying to identify the key words Because that is how a lot of these Companies and I'll say 99 of these

Companies are choosing applicants is by The keywords that are put in those job Descriptions and if you have them on Your resume Your resume will go through and you'll Be car frame of you if you don't You'll be in limbo Okay you ready I'm ready All right All right guys so we have 20 Carol will Post it um Companies that we have 20 part-time Positions that are hiring now I'm not Going to read all of them I'm not going To go through all of them because they Are listed on the blog but I will go Through a number of them that I think Will be good for people who are new and Who you know are beginner friendly and I Think I'll do that so the first one I'm Gonna do is very fast and if you are new Very fast is a great Um phone position they are 10.99 they Are contract position and they are great For beginner friendly people so if you Are new if you are new and you have Never worked from home before very fast Is a great one they do hire part-time if You're looking for part-time work they Are good for that too just mention our Name and nine times out of ten you will Be hired Um another one I think is good for Beginner friendly

Um for yeah [Music] I think Live Nation is good for beginner Friendly Um They Live Nation is a company that Does like Ticketmaster and things like That they are looking for someone to do A part-time 20 hours a week they're Looking for a basic customer service Skills if you have problem resolution Skills that is great Um it looks like it's beginner friendly And it is part time so you'll just be Basically helping people access their Tickets or anything Um they else they have bought online From Live Nation they do Ticketmaster House of Blues and things like that Um the next one would be Moritz Carol can you I forgot where my Reds Does I don't know if they do the same thing Or not Okay hold on I used to do the um Political I want to say yeah Is it the same thing yeah I think so Um what they're doing is you they pay 14 15 you do inbound and outbound calls Chats Um client-based participants enrolled in A loyalty program so you'll be taking Calls for Um a company's loyalty program they do Pay 14.50 an hour and the hours are

Eight to four Thirty but if they want Somebody to work 32 hours a week Part-time that's an easy company Yeah so Basically you'll be doing something with Loyalty Um exact online They are looking for a part-time student Engagement associate Um you'll provide high quality Roblox Customer service to Um worldwide participants in their um This company's executive development Program so what it is this company has a Develop executive development program And you'll be talking to people who are In that program to help them with any Um course completion needs contribute to The development of the system Um you'll do reporting documenting any Technical or general General participant Experience this is a basic customer Service position helping people who are Students in an executive program So that one's pretty straightforward Um drips They're looking for a chat room operator And this is part time Um it is it's non-phone 28 hours a week You must be able to it works six Straight hours Um three to five days a week and the Shifts are two to eight four to ten Um and six to twelve and that is Eastern Standard Time

Um this is a chat room operator so Um they're not requiring that much Experience Um basically you'll be um answering Chats And you must be proficient in emojis So that one seems simple and the last One I think is this Um thumb Tech and we've talked about Them before they do the Um Home Maintenance Is that yeah the Home Maintenance you Can their website where you can um find People to do work around your home and They are looking for a part-time Outbound Home Maintenance specialist so Basically Um You will be calling Um you well you'll test and deploy Various customer Outreach messaging to Existing customers in order to encourage Them to send more requests for more Contacts you'll use relevant resources And knowledge centers in addressing the Customer's concerns you'll demonstrate Accountability by meeting and exceeding Productivity Um you must have a customer-centric Mindset you're able to adapt and props Problem solve as you go Um and this position is I think 20 hours

A week And the rest of them are on the blog Carol should have put the link in the Chat Yep it's in now Hey my little West Virginia line she Says I'm a little late I have a sick Kiddo oh I hope they feel better Sorry to hear that Uh Ashley says I have a question so my Last job provided equipment from home my Last day was 11 22 of this year they Were supposed to send out a return Label Box I called every day no one has even Looked at the I'm guessing the email Um actually I would say see if they have A Facebook business page And try to contact them from there if You don't get an answer I wouldn't worry about it My little West Virginia like says hi Ladies and hello to the chat Um Um I know I skipped some people hey for You please she says hey my beautiful Employment please just made it in time I Shared and liked thank you Thank you so much Uh sarnay say that she found out about a Month ago that the resumes are going Through a machine looking for keywords Yep I've been they've been using that that Thing for about what about 10 years now

Carol over 10 years And so they have been doing it for a Long time Um when we first started talking about It on YouTube like maybe three years ago Um a lot of people said they hadn't Heard it Um now everybody heard about it so Yeah Um Vicky was asking what is the name of That website that you gave out for the Resume help I'll kick resume I'll put it in the chat Okay Vicky So Tan is going to put a link To Kik resume is it kickresume.com It's a good website for resume help And I'm froze so There you go Okay thank you Stephanie Stephanie says Liked and shared on Twitter Happy girl says I told my husband I Wanted to work from home and leave my Current job he got me a new computer the Next day so I'm ready Um somebody had a question about live Ops let me see let me go back Monique She says has anyone worked for live Ops Is it better than Omni interactions I Used to work for live Ops Monique but I've not worked for Omni so I don't know I don't know Um Let me let me read because somebody I Think did answer you uh jismo Bank says I work for Omni applied to live Ops I

Will say the process is easier with Omni In my opinion Ursula says I work for Both and I like both I love a job that Pays weekly so that is why Omni is my Preference Thank you Ursula thank you just Mo Banks Um Um Tierra is asking what is Pandora Um Monique is asking is it true that Live Ops they only pay for the time that You're on the phone yes That is true And just Mo Banks is saying that Omni Pays hourly Thank you Pamela she was saying that Live Ops they do pay for the hours Worked on the phone Um Monique says that she really liked Omni Unfortunately she can't go back there You can always email them Monique Um Pretty sure you can probably go back I'll put the email here I think it's a question they got a Couple emails I'll put both of them here Um hey India she says hello everyone I'm Happy I caught you live I'm looking for Some work from home jobs I'm in California two chicks with a heart so India I did state in the comments I Don't know if you saw it or not that we Do post on YouTube can live anywhere Jobs so if you can search our Channel or

Just kind of scroll through the latest Post like last week I think I posted Some the week before last and it's hard To find jobs for California and Sometimes New York New Jersey Illinois Sometimes Connecticut is on that list as Well and Ohio but we do try to find the Ones where you can live anywhere in the USA Um Ursula says Monique that happened to My daughter and she can't go back it's Okay because tan and curl they keep Their channels full of options thank you Thank you we appreciate that we try it's Hard but we do try Because I know I skipped Uh unique Smith says I'm speaking Success Financial abundance wealth and Great health over all of us made money Chase us and flow effortlessly in our Lives with harm To None it will create Generational wealth and financial Stability for us all amen thank you I Got I got one I just read your uh theme Justin Banks and I'm not okay so you the Course careers I'm gonna say I think you can do it Without the text sales because what tech Sales really is is you're going to have To know that product to be able to sell It so let's just say Salesforce and you Are in Tech sales for Salesforce you are Going to be required to go out find People or companies that want to use

Salesforce so I don't think it's Necessarily anything that you have to Pay for it's nothing that you couldn't Find online to break into Um uh Tech courses yourself Um they have a lot of free things to do Uh a lot of times I don't like those Um things where they offer you a course They offer you a free course to kind of Bait you in then they'll say oh now it's 4.99 5.99 for us to show you how to be a Tech sales when you really don't need it You can save your money and Google All Tech sales is is that you're selling a Product and the product is usually what They call saas which is called software As a service which is nothing more than Like you're selling YouTube If we were Selling YouTube to sell to companies to Use this platform in their company I Would tell them all about this YouTube Platform how they can use it in the Company how it would enhance their Company how will we make a return on Investment so don't get hyped up in a Lot of these classes that cost money Because anything that is Tech related And I've been in the field 20 years plus You can find it on the internet for free And I'm just telling you as a seasoned Tech professional I can't hear you Thank you froze froze froze Can you hear me

I can't hear you You want me to read Because I can't well I already let's say Thank you unique Smith Um Carol probably just gonna go out and Come back on And Carol did post the uh California Um Live anywhere positions the chat Operator position was for drips Um Oh thank you you Nicholas unique Smith We appreciate it Thank you so much Here Comes Carol back because I don't Know where she was at y'all So I have no idea Can you talk now Like She froze again Well guys it is getting late and y'all Know I have to work tomorrow so thank You so much hold on Yes uh we have heard of arise uh Patrice Um and they are a good company you just Have to find the right rbo So IBO I'm sorry I'm sorry well guys thank you so much For joining us we really appreciate it I Thank Carol Um Is her internet is acting crazy don't Forget to check out Omni interactions if You are

Um if you are excuse me beginner and you Are looking for someone something Quickly and you have your own equipment Check out Omni interactions they are a Weekly pay you are on mute Um you owe me Um they are weekly pay you schedule when You want and also there is no interview You make sure you check them out there On our two chicks with the side Hustle.com blog under the spotlight jobs Hey Sonya Um don't forget to check them out also Y'all go check out the essence of Sonia She does Mook bongs Um she has a great Channel over there if You're looking for some laughs y'all Make sure y'all check out the essence of Sonia also her best friend Miss Louisiana housewife her and her babies Are in the Mewtwo streets so y'all make Sure y'all go check them out so you can Drop your link if you want to Um Hold on I saw a question I can't remember okay well guys I happen To have to keep going Um also don't forget to check out Telus Interact uh tell us International they Are hiring for the U.S Raider position That position pays 14 an hour it is a Part-time flexible position work when You want so make sure you go check that Out also don't forget to check out

Branded surveys we have people making Between 15 and 50 a day on branded so Make sure you go over there and check Them out Carol can you hear me She probably can't hear you so uh Anything else You could type it in the chat Oh natural Nivea try um and I don't know If they're hiring right now Um oh God I'm gonna put the link because I don't I can't remember the name of it Um try that that chat job can be done From your phone and also try this one This is a moderator type position Respondology they are State specific so Make sure they hiring in your state Um anything else Carol can you hear So careless travels well guys we will See you guys huh See you guys on Wednesday I don't know If Carol is talking we'll see you guys On Wednesday also thank you Sonya don't Forget to check out work from home Hacker he will teach you how to work 15-11 and work from home jobs at one Time to maximize your income so y'all Make sure y'all go check him out Yes y'all make sure we will see you guys On Wednesday you guys have a great Evening Oh Carol Sam bye YouTube y'all have a Good one bye bye

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