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Hello welcome back to my channel and if It's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post daily job lead Videos to help you make a quick and easy Switch from working in an office to Being able to work from home now if you Haven't already come join the Facebook Page it'll be linked in the description Box below I not only post job leads here On my channel but I share links to my Website daily with multiple job links Aside from these to help you get out of That office job it's also lit over there We post memes we chat we talk it's Definitely where I'm the most active Currently just because I'm so obsessed With connecting with you guys on there So go give it a like and a follow that's In the description box below now this is A call center rep remote job through Forest Solutions 18 to 21 per hour let's Dive in if I skim through I want to hit You just with the key points and keep All the fluff for another time because Honey we don't need to be sitting on Here forever so up front I just want to Hit you with if you don't need a Bachelor's degree it's just preferred it Is full-time remote eight hour shift Monday through Friday with weekend Availability they just want you to have One year any call center experienced Role however I would say as long as you Have customer support or customer

Service experience you can really tailor That over to this just to give you guys Full transparency so what you will be Doing is answering phones from customers Professionally and responding to their Inquiries and complaints communicating Verbally in writing on a clear Professional or in a clear and Professional manner escalate issues Based on the prescribed procedures Review their accounts convey status Updates provide them with the Organization's service and product Information Rerouting calls processing forms orders And applications recording the details Of the calls Etc your basic call center Remote role so nothing too crazy out of The ordinary here they are in an ongoing Need to fill this role multiple people Being hired and they are urgently hiring As well so I love this because they're Looking for multiple people all across The globe and uh not the globe I'm sorry That is my bad all across the nation the US to fulfill the duties of this role so If you would like the link to apply for This job you can find it on my website And that's in the description box below If this one was not for you on your Screen are two other videos I've posted Check those out you might find a better Match trade yourself there click my face On the screen to subscribe so you never

Miss an upload and I will talk to you in My next video bye

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