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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company is urgently high right now this Is a daily entry work from home job 2023 And this is a no talking work from home Job that you can do from the comfort of Your own home so again my name is Theresa sweat and today we're going to Be talking about no talk and work from Home jobs so let's go ahead and dive Right into the job okay now we're going To be talking about the company in a b They're currently seeking data entry Specialists to work from home this is a Full-time position now as you can see on The screen I don't see if there's any State high restriction listed so as long As you're in the 50 States you're Eligible to apply for the job so NBA Stands for North American band Court Holding LLC okay now when you scroll Down here the great thing about this job Is it only requires a high school Diploma or equivalent that's all you Have to have with this job and according To Glassdoor the pay is between 15 and 19 per hour now when we go and to Details about this job here it states as A member of Account Processing team the Primary focus will be accurate and Timely data entry a merchant application Into a database you're going to have all Internal and car brand policy this is a Great opportunity to start a career in

The merchant payment process World okay Now what are you going to be doing is You're going to receive and prepare new Merchant accounts application for Underwriting review you go to organize Submit paperwork for review as a Physical file and organize submit Paperwork for review and electronic file You're going to perform due diligently In accordance with card brand and the Standards pile match nofac and pull Personal credit when appropriate you're Going to also key application Information between software systems as Well as you can reform other job related Duties or special projects in support of The department as assigned again they Want you to have strong typing and data Entry skills now like I always talk About you need to go to official typing Test that's where I'm going to take you To this is a free place where you can Learn typing get your typing where it Needs to be as well as your data entry So if I click click on 10 key tests this Is what the 10 key test look like you Can do full 10 key tests which is Numbers and symbols our ZIP code test Numbers and only and you can practice Data entry it's basically inputting data Into a software or a system so it is a Really easy job these type of jobs do Not last alone so if this is something You want to do don't procrastinate go

Ahead and take action because these jobs Move just like this okay now we're going Back to the job and see what other Requirements that they have for this job Is attention to details and accuracy Good analytical and problem solving Skills strong email communication skills Experience working in a high pressure Environment working with deadlines and Using own Equipment ability to work work and Communicate as a team while as working Independently to accomplish individual Tasks and they want you to be able to Interact professionally with management Sales and Merchants and then you also Need to know Microsoft Office Suite now Again there are a free place that you Can go on and learn Microsoft Suite Again that is Microsoft 365. Um I have put that in my videos where You can learn word excel PowerPoint Assets all of that for free again that Information will be under the YouTube Description bar now if you're interested In applying for this job all you need to Do is Click right here where it says Apply now I want to tell you is when you Go into a Job and it's no longer available Don't Panic explore within the company you can Go and explore with the company this is The company here all you have to do is Click get hired

And then it depends on your speed you Can just type in on the search bar Remotes This is explored within the company and Hit search and then this is all other Jobs that you can see see here go the Daily entry job that we just discussed So there's other opportunities that you Can look at and see if you're a good fit For this position so don't panic you Know if this job goes really quickly all You have to do is do what I just showed You and see if there's any other jobs That you can do again if you're Interested in applying all you have to Do is Click right here now if this video Has been helpful make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button also don't forget to Turn on your Bell because why is that it Turns on all your notifications so when I upload new videos you'll be notified As well as when I go YouTube live you Will be notified again I want to build a Community where we can encourage and Uplift one another on our job search in Everyday life so make sure if you want To be a part of that go ahead and hit That subscribe button and don't forget To turn your notification I want to tell You is don't disqualify yourself before You apply for these jobs let the company Do it you got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself

Nobody else will Life is too short to be sitting here Stressing out and worrying about things That is not in your control all you need To do is continue to apply for jobs Every single day you cannot just apply For one job and call it a day if you Really really want to find a job you got To apply for multiple positions and Sometimes it may require for you to Apply for 100 jobs in one day or 200 Jobs in one day high note because I did It in the past I really wanted a job and I kept doing that but again you got to Make for sure your resume is straight And it's tailored to that job each job That you're applying for I know is a job Now in my YouTube live when I do work From home q a and it's going to be Another one in April and I'm gonna let You know and inform you I am going to Show you how to take the keywords from That job description and implement it Into your resume and I'm going to start Also planning on doing one resume review On every time I go uh live this is YouTube live work from home q a so if You would like for your res resume to be Reviewed lived online where people can See it not to criticize but to help you And give you suggestions on how to Improve your resume I want you to Comment below I would love to have my Resume review so I can go ahead and I'm

Have you just send me an email and send Me your resume and I'll start looking at It and when I go live next month the First week in April I will review your Resume live okay so again you got to Keep it pushing got to keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but you got to Believe everything starts in the mind Okay you got to think of it as a baby Everybody either have a child or they've Been around a child That when they first start walking they Get scared you know and they fall down But what did that baby do they that baby Is crawling to a table or anything That's going to help them get up and Once they start Feeling comfortable they start taking The first step and they may fall down But they get get back up and that's the Thing same thing about life is when you Fall down don't stay down get up with Class because you never know that next Job that you apply for could be the one For you okay so Speak Life over yourself Because the power of the time determines Life and death you got this surround Yourself around positive people that Have your best interests and that it's Going to Speak Life over you that's what You need you don't need to be around Negative people you know you cannot live A positive life and have a negative

Thought that is a quote that I have Shared Um in this YouTube channel you have to Speak life over yourself you got this if Nobody else ever tell you I'm telling You you got this keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you okay but You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay you know That I always talk about Ways of increasing your salary And a lot of people have been talking About going back to school to better They self and a lot of times people Can't afford it because they have to Take out loans and they don't want to Take out loans course careers is the Best place to start your course it's Very affordable no experience no degree Course careers have partnered with Different forts or 500 companies that They drop their experience and degree Only for course careers graduates and The great thing about it is that they Have courses in text sales we know that Tech sales is high demand they have Digital marketing as well as Information Technology this is a great course to Take and very affordable now how it Works here is again Tech sales is Basically you're on the phone you're

Reaching out to potential buyers that Are looking to buy a product say for Example if you're working for Google There's more than 200 or there's more Than 300 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is 60 to 80k a year Digital marketing is more of Analytics content creators Um search engine optimization is more of That and that is a non-phone work from Home job and there are more than 200 000 Opening jobs averaging starting salary Is between 40 and 60k a year and then we Also have information technology which Is the same thing as it there's more Than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 40 and 60k a Year and you're not on the phone as well Okay so the first step that is I would Say you to do is to check out the Students see what the students have to Say about course careers and everyone is Saying that course careers have changed Their life and if it changed their life Guess what it will change your life but You got to take the first step is to Take action faith without works is dead Stop procrastinating people that are Going up the ladder there are Risk Takers and you got to be a Risk Takers All these people that have testimonies They took the rest they sign up with Course careers and now they're making Anywhere between 60 K to 120k a year and

Again it can happen to you when you go Down a little bit further How it works is that you sign up for the Free intro course in that intro course It is going to tell you exactly all you Need to know about text sales Information Technology as well as Digital marketing at that time you can Decide if it's a good fit if it's a good Fit then don't procrastinate take action Sign up and roll so you can start taking The course and increase your chances of Getting close to land any job there's People that have found a job before they Complete this course and you can do the Same thing okay so once you enroll in The course it is self-paced that means You work on your own time some people Finish within a week some people finish It within three months okay depending on How much time you commit to the course Okay and you'll learn everything that is Required to land your first job then After that you'll start applying the Skills you learned in the course To this new career they would teach you Exactly how to land an entry level Position as well as how to apply for Companies what they look for in resumes Applications and how to interview and so Much more they again they have partnered Directly with Fortune 500 companies that Want to hire their students into a Entry-level position dropping the degree

In experience only for course careers Graduates okay then when you scroll down When we go here I'm gonna go into the Job here so you can see I'm gonna choose Digital marketing here this is what it's Going to look like It tells you right here the best Companies that are hiring for digital Marketing as well as when you click on Text sales and information technology They're going to show the same thing About what companies are hiring for um That particular field and then when you Scroll down here it talks about the day In the life of a of a digital Um marketing here you're going to check Your emails and apply to critical Message review active campaign and AD Platforms and then when you scroll down A little bit further It talks about you know your Qualification you don't have to have any Qualification or background to do this All you got to do is have a will in mind A willing heart and a willing spirit This is what goes in what you'll go over In the class marketing fundamentals key Marketing channels digital marketing Framework skills and process career prep And then these are some more Um testimonies that you need to go check Out it's a full video where people are Testifying how course careers have Changed their life and this is the price

I know this is what you've been waiting For okay free introduction course There's no charge There's a one-time fee of 499 you know When you go to college you cannot take a Course and pay 499 you'll be out of 50k To 200k and it's people that I know that Been out of school for 20 years and Still making payments on their school And it should be course careers you're Coming out with the experience and the Certification it's a lot of people go in Get that Degree come out came and found A job can't get hired why because they Don't have the experience so what do They do they go back to school change Their major and get in another field and They still have the same thing you've Got to have the experience you can have The degree all you want to but you have To have the experience and with course Careers you're getting experience but Again there's a one-time payment of 499 Dollars but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of 50 you would get 50 Off of that or you can break it up to Four payment plans or payments of 150 Dollars every two weeks there is no Contract or heating fee along with a 40-day money-back guarantee so if this Is something you want to do or maybe you May not be interested in it you may have A high school student that's a junior or Senior or just graduating they don't

Know what they want to do with their Life you need to tell them about course Careers you need to share this Information with them or you may know Somebody else that would like to go back To school and do something different Share this information with them even Though you may not be able to use it Share it with somebody else okay sharing Is caring so if this is something you're Interested in make sure you sign up the Information will also be in my YouTube Subscription bar now Remember my channel is all about no talk And work from home job leads they go out Every single day at 7 A.M since your Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel Consider subscribing to that channel by Clicking this red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on all your Notifications so you'll be notified Every time when I upload new videos or If I go YouTube live make sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle if You would like to become a member of the YouTube channel or support the Channel

All you have to do is click the join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of my YouTube channel shout out to everyone That is supporting the channel and Already a member of the channel don't Forget to check the community tab that Is where I engage with you every single Day I put quotes in there I do posts I Do uh when I upload new videos I post in There as well okay so make sure you that You check those out remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you gotta Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs and share this information With everyone you know that can benefit From this remember I want to build a Community where we can uplift and Encourage one another on our job search And every day make sure you check out The video that is appearing on the Screen either at the top at the bottom Because there are more work from home Job leads non-firmware from home job Leads that these companies are still Hiring I want to do everything I can to Help you get a job but you got to do Your part Keep pushing keep applying you got this Thank you so much for watching and I

Will see you in the next video bye Foreign

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