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Hey there what's up welcome back to my Channel or if it's your first time here Hello and welcome my name is CeCe I post Daily work from home job lead videos and I'm here to help you make that switch From working in an office to being able To work remotely from home I also post Side hustles ways to make you money fast Anything to help you stack that coin That paper on your own terms so if That's something you're looking to do Click that red subscribe button below And let me help you get hired so I'm Going to be sharing with you guys today Through presbyterio Union a data entry Clerk job it is remote full-time just Posted at 22 to 27 per hour so if I skim Through it's because I want to keep the Video as brief as possible I don't want To waste your time just simply reading And monologuing so anything I miss That's of interest to you please go Ahead and read everything on your own Time so we are looking for a data entry Clerk to type information into our Database from paper products the ideal Candidate will be be computer savvy and A fast typist with a keen eye for detail You will report a report to a data Manager or another senior data team Member and interested candidates should Email their resume to this email the Reason why it's spaced out is because There are a lot of spammers out there

Who will take any email they see from a Posting and just flood it so I think That's why it's spaced out but of course You can still try and apply through this Site here or you can reach out to the Company directly and say is this the Correct email that I should be sending This to that way you avoid any spam or Scams yourself you always want to be Doubly diligent which I can never stress Enough the responsibilities are to Transfer the data from paper formats Into computer files like we said type in The data provided directly from Customers update the existing data Verify the data create spreadsheets with Large numbers of figures without Mistakes retrieve that data from the Database or electronic files as Requested perform regular backups to Make sure that it stays preserved and Sort and organize pay for work after Entering the data to ensure it's not Lost now what are the requirements Proven experience as a data entry clerk Fast typing skills excellent knowledge Of Microsoft Word Excel Etc working Knowledge of office equipment and Computer hardware the basic Understanding of databases good command Of English both oral and written and a High school degree or equivalent so if This job sounds like it's a good match For you you like the rate of pay

Definitely check it out you can find the Link to apply on my website work from Home with cc.com and that will be in the Description box below if this one is out For you on your screen are two other Videos I've also posted check those out You might find a better match for Yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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