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Today I found a new no interview no Phone job for you it is with the company Happy scribe and they offer Transcription jobs from home they give You the flexibility of working from home You can join a global community of Transcribers from the US and many more So what I did is I hit apply and that Took me to this screen right here to Apply as a freelancer I put in my name My email password I set up an account And when you select that apply for Button it's going to bring up this Screen and it shows you that you can Select any language under the Transcription and subtitling as well as Any subtitle translation so if you speak Multiple languages and you can translate Between say like from English to Spanish Or to French or another language then You can select this here and that gives You more options with them depending on The type of jobs that they need to hire People for and then you're going to hit By signing up you agree to their Policies and that you've read and Fulfill the requirements to collab and Then I hit sign up And then after that I got an email from Happy scribe and it says thank you for Showing interest in joining our Community in order to proceed the Application process please click the Button below so they're just verifying

That the email address that you give Them is a valid email address and then I Hit start my application and it took me To this page where it says welcome to The Scribe application process the first Step is to carefully read our Transcription and subtitling guidelines And make sure that you're integrated all Of the rules once completed you will Proceed to the subtitling test which Will serve to evaluate both your Transcription and subtitling skills to Be a collaborator at happy scribe you Need to be proficient in both Disciplines so the subtitles test is Going to take around one to two hours And then you're going to click here I Have read and understood the guidelines And I am ready to take the test and you Can see here on the left hand side it Says English subtitling test and then Under that it says questionnaire and Then result so you're going to go Through all of those steps once you're Done taking the test by the end of the Test it's probably going to tell you if You actually passed or not now I don't Know if you can retake this test I'm Sure you can alright so some reviews About happy scribe they have 31 reviews On Glassdoor and they have a 4.6 star Rating which is pretty amazing 100 Approve of the CEO 100 percent recommend It to a friend and lastly you want to

Know how much does this pay in the U.S It's about 110 to 560 dollars every two Weeks obviously the better you are at Transcription and subtitling the more Money you're going to make you're going To be closer to that higher end of the Scale so if you're interested in this Position guys I'm going to go ahead and Put that link Down Below in the Description for you alright guys enjoy Your day

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