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Foreign And happy Friday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast today we’ll be Talking about two data entry jobs that Are both non-phone and do not require a College degree or much experience let’s Jump into the first company which is Risby risby collaborates with leading Brands Executives thought leaders and Startups across the world and assist Them with their growth and promotion They do a lot of Recruitment and Candidate placement for large companies As well as online training and workshops Event initiatives and they also build Custom software products so they’re like A One-Stop shop for businesses looking To expand and they are looking to hire a Data entry operator who will be tasked With inputting paper base information Into their digital systems so if you’re Computer savvy and a fast typist with a Good eye for detail this could be a Perfect position for you let’s jump into Some of the day-to-day responsibilities For you you’ll be typing in data Provided directly from customers moving Data from paper formats into computer

Files preparing spreadsheets with large Numbers of figures without mistakes Performing verification of data by Comparing it to the source documents Reviewing and updating existing data and Collecting data from the database or Electronic files as requested you’ll Also need to organize system backups on A regular basis to ensure the data is Preserved and manage the paperwork after Entering data to ensure it’s not lost so For this position they are requiring That you have at least two years of Experience working in a data entry clerk Position if you have good practical Experience with word processing tools Like Microsoft Office Word Excel make Sure to highlight that on your resume They also want you to have a good Knowledge of office equipment and Computer hardware a basic knowledge of Touch typing systems and database Management tools and of course some fast Typing skills and a close attention to Detail you also need to have a good Command of the English language both Oral and written customer service skills And they’re only looking for you to have A high school degree or equivalent You’ll see that they do not list any Salary information on this job page However after my research the typical Pay for a data entry job with risby is Between Thirty one thousand and forty

Three thousand dollars a year and guys With this role I know for a fact that It’s been sitting for a little bit so if You are really interested and maybe you Don’t match the exact criteria they’re Looking for I would still submit an Application because obviously they’re Not getting the candidates they want Let’s jump into our next job which is For the company corval corvel is a National provider of risk management Solutions for the workers compensation Auto health and disability management Industries and they’re looking to hire a Data entry specialist where you’ll be Supporting a critical part of intake Operations for corvel the schedule for This role is from 9 to 6 PM Monday Through Friday with rotating weekends Every fourth weekend so go ahead and Make sure that’s something you’re Comfortable with before applying some of Your functions day to day will be Entering into the care MC application Any assign email or fax requests from Customers using all the resources to Correctly follow the client’s filing Requirements and fill in missing Information you need to have the ability To multitask between applications using Two monitors and consult with the Supervisor or any other departments to Clarify answers you’ll be maintaining Reports and spreadsheets and you need to

Hit daily performance goals and have Exceptional quality in your daily work Some of the knowledge they’re looking For you to have for the this position is Proficiency in entering workers comp Claims so if you have done anything like That before make sure to highlight that I don’t think that it’s something They’re requiring they want you to be Proficient in Microsoft Office tools Have solid communication skills both Written and verbal and attention to Detail time management skills customer Focus but also be able to work as a team Problem solving skills and some schedule Flexibility and for experience again if You have experience doing workers comp Claims that’s something they’re really Looking for and they’re only requiring You to have a high school diploma or Equivalent now again they don’t State The salary for this role but according To Glassdoor you can expect to earn Around 18 an hour for this position I Would definitely apply to this role very Fast like as soon as you’re done Watching this video I’m going to be Posting the link to both of these jobs Today in the description below and I Want to thank you guys so much much for Watching today’s video go ahead and make Sure you’re subscribed and have your Notifications turned on for tomorrow’s Job leads and as always I wish you so

Much luck in your hunt for the perfect Remote job be sure to check out my other Playlists for jobs that are always Hiring as well as non-phone jobs and Skip the interview jobs and I will see You next time

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