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[Music] Everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good I'm doing great Back with another job this job right Here is coming from calibri Labs they're Looking for a customer success Specialist to work remotely full-time The shop pays 24 an hour oh it does say Maryland there I did not see anything Saying that you had to be in Maryland to Work this job and I believe that this is An email support job I did not see Anything about phone but let's go ahead And get into the details so Colibri Labs Is a saas startup in the hospitality Industry they're looking for a customer Success specialist you're going to work With a variety of the teams at Colibri Labs including client engagement sales And marketing and fulfillment and you're Going to be responsible for assisting With support requests from customers and Developing and maintaining training Materials for wholesale clients you're Going to be responsible for client Support email and ticketing monitoring And response client onboarding and Training weekly and internal reporting And assisting the day-to-day account Management they would like for you to Have intermediate Proficiency in Microsoft Excel Advanced formulas Advanced graphing and pivot table Knowledge you will be required to take

An Excel assessment you do need to have Proficiency with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint a bachelor's degree is Preferred desired to work in a dynamic Environment for a growing hospitality Company excellent problem solving and Attention to detail excellent verbal and Written communication and you must be Flexible they would love if you had Business intelligence tools knowledge And that's going to be tab blue and Looker project management tools such as Jira and Salesforce and you will get Benefits and all new hires receive a 250 Stipend to help you set up your home Office and the application for this job Isn't long at all they're not asking for A whole lot they will ask you which city And state you live in okay so of course If you're interested in applying check Out that link in the description bar Make sure you leave any questions or Comments below I appreciate you so much For watching and I'll see you in my next Video

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