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What's up two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with a non-phone skip the Interview work when you want work from Home job but before I jump into the Video make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this channel we Give away laptops and we are giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers and They are absolutely free the only thing You guys have to do is take my video Post it on Facebook post it on Tick Tock Create a real put us in your stories Share this information with a friend Family member come back and leave us a Comment don't forget to go back I Dropped the video on the channel last Night eight positions hiring right now Immediately you guys could be working as Quickly as next week make sure you go Back and check out that video and share Also hop over to the two chicks blog Look on the home page and apply for tell Us tell us has a no interview non-phone Work from home opportunity and it is Posted on on the home page it is for Their Raider position make sure you guys Check it out let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you are looking for and be sure Guys to sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comments let's get into The video so the last time I posted this Company guys when they got enough Applications it closed so this is one of

The ones where you have to be super Duper fast and sign up and they do hire Fast so the company is called way with Words this is a beginner friendly Transcription slash typing job you can Work when and where you want and they Are now hiring again so it says that we Are looking for highly proficient English first language speakers from the Following countries and the regions South Africa the United Kingdom Countries in the European Union the United States Canada Australia New Zealand Malaysia Singapore and in Hong Kong so it says freelance or full time You can earn between 45 to a dollar and 73 cents per audio minute based on the Project turnaround time now this one Guys is a skifty interview and I read on Their website that they will pay you for Training so that is perfect so this is a Non-phone typing slash transcription Type of job you can work this whenever You want and you can live in other Countries and work for this company so Again the company is way with words and They are looking guys to feel their Transcription slash typing work from Home job there's no interview this is a Non-phone work from home position you Are not talking to anyone and the Training is paid now the drawback to This one they only pay once a month via Paypal but this is a good side hustle

Egg for you guys to get in your basket I Will be sure to leave a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out this company I'm Excited because this is a good one make Sure you guys go over to Google do some Research about the company guys we had a Lot of people that got hired the last Time this job went up and I'm pretty Sure it is not going to stay up long so Make sure you guys hurry up and apply Get this good egg in your basket to add Along with all of your other eggs Remember we are going to help you guys Feel those baskets up this year so make Sure you check this one out make sure You hurry up and apply make sure you Share the video somebody out there Somebody else out there guys besides you Are looking for legit work from home job Side gigs and hustles and you just might Be that person to share this video and You never know who you might be blessing With a work from home job side gig or a Hustle but be sure to come back and Leave us a comment Down Below in the Comment section and then you want to hop Over to Facebook you want to join kiss That cubicle goodbye because we are Doing another giveaway guys in the group Once we reach 250 000 and members also We do Post jobs in the group that may or May not have been posted on this YouTube Channel so you want to stay connected

Because you don't want to miss anything You never know we may have some easy Peasy job posted in the group and we may Or may not have ever even talked about The job on this YouTube channel because Each and every single day there are new Companies popping up with remote work From home jobs online jobs online Positions side gig side hustles and We've never heard of these companies but Hey you don't want to miss out join the Group make sure you follow us on the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page last but not least don't Forget about Twitter and don't forget About Instagram we are so close guys to 10 000 subscribers or followers on Instagram that I believe we're going to Make it there before the end of March Make sure you go over there make sure You follow us make sure you share a tag A friend tell a friend my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Fantastic people on the next video bye YouTube

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