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Foreign Hey welcome everyone today I have Another hot work from home jobly with a Company called ADT ADT a well-known home Security company is currently hiring People to work from home so I would like To share more details about the role and How you can apply online hey welcome my Name is Shea from dreamhomebasework.com Make sure you hit that subscribe button And also that notification Bell so you Don't miss out on any new content posted On this channel ADT is currently hiring A remote inbound monitoring Representative they are hiring Nationwide through many states in the United States now you will basically act As you know the first point of contact You will be the friendly voice of ADT Providing an excellent customer service Experience by troubleshooting their Problems and providing technical support The starting pay for this role is 15 per Hour and is based on experience and Qualifications Now they do offer different shifts that You can work you know the company is Open 24 7 so they need someone to handle Inbound calls related to recent alarm Events you will need to provide basic Technical support and troubleshooting Devices across the ADT systems you will Need to handle incoming alarm calls and Place outgoing calls to verify alarm

Activity to qualify for this work from Home role you know you only need a high School diploma and a minimum of one year Of customer service and that is it you Know it is an entry level position they Will provide paid training for you as Well as benefits feel free to go ahead And apply online today I'll provide a Direct link in my description box below This video good luck to everyone if You've been having a problem Landing a Work from home job then you should Definitely update and optimize your Resume my new resume template bundle Comes with templates that are all Already formatted and written out they Come with examples so you would just Simply swap out the information with Your own this bundle comes with two Resume templates cover letters reference Letter as well as a thank you letter I Made sure to tailor these templates for Beginners as well as those that have Experience now I'm sure many of you guys Are wondering why is my resume so Important it really does strengthen your Chances of Landing a remote job so it Was really important for me to make sure It was ready to be scanned through a Hiring software called the applicant Tracking system better known as the ATS Which is a system that a lot of these Companies are using to scan your resume And pick the next candidate for the job

So this bundle is only 19 make sure you Grab it today it will definitely help You stand out among everyone else and Landmark remote jobs [Music]

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