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Foreign It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and I hope you guys Are having a fabulous Friday I want to Send you all on your way with two hot High pay work from home opportunities Now I have a lead from Zillow and then I Have a lead from Chase bank now the lead From Zillow is available us wide but the Lead from Chase Bank is limited and I Think y'all will like it if it does work For your location so we're gonna get Into it we can't delay we've got to go Ahead and get our weekend started and Before I get ahead of myself I hope Everybody has a blessed Resurrection Sunday and you know have a good time With the kids and everybody stay safe Out there and now let's go ahead and Jump in All right so I already know you guys Already have your notifications on and It's set to all notifications and you're Subscribed because you want to hear About these hot leads now the first hot Lead that I'm going to share with y'all Comes from Zillow you probably are Familiar with them like they are a major Real estate company and a lot of folks Download the app on their phone just to Look at houses I know I had the app on My phone since like 2015 and I would Just look at houses for fun so this is a Major company and this would be a major

Resume booster you see they have been Voted best place to work several times And this would be an awesome company to Add to your resume just to make you you Know look that much better as an Employee now Zillow has a customer Experience consultant position and if we Scroll down here they give us the range It says anywhere from 1850 to 29.50 hourly and when I went to glass Door or because you know I did I checked On the salary and it said based off of Five salaries that the customer service Role makes about 44 647 dollars per year which is about Twenty two dollars per hour so we see That the range can go up to 29.50 per Hour if you feel like you are qualified For this role and you have the Experience then absolutely you know Negotiate on the high end if not at that 29 and 50 cents per hour and you don't Have to have very much experience at all You only need one year of experience in Customer service or a Communications Role and this is why I wanted to share This lead with you guys so jumping on in Here it says about the team dot Loop is A collaboration platform that brings our Customers real estate agents Brokers and Third-party providers into one workspace With their customers to complete Transactions on mine seamlessly dot Loop Is part of Zillow group whose mission is

To give people the power to unlock Life's next chapter we are a new era of Convenience the time for a seamless and Convenient real estate experience is now About the role that Loop is changing the Way of real estate by eliminating Paperwork from negotiated transactions As a customer experience consultant you Will impact the lives of Agents Brokers Buyers Sellers and internal business Partners we believe in crafting a World-class contact center by operating With excellent and unmatched Customer Loyalty so just to put this in other Words you're going to be part of the Customer support team that supports dot Loop and you know I ran over there to See what it's about and Dot loop as they Were saying is a way for you to Electronically sign paperwork so this is Really looking familiar and I probably Use dot loot when we were in the home Buying process last year and it's just An easy convenient way for you to sign Important documentation without anybody Having to meet up face to face then you Know you can't really do that all the Time so back to the lead it says you Will get to deliver the best customer Service through efficiency and Delivering quality on time every time Provide guidance and best practices via Multi-channels phone email chat and Social media apply your interpersonal

Skills to achieve excellent customer Satisfaction results keeping our Customers front and center as our North Star assist customers with questions Relating to product usability this Includes proactively identifying Customer needs through problem Recognition de-escalation and providing First Contact resolution accurately Document customer interactions using our Customer relationship management Software be a specialist on dot Loop's Product features and functionality to Confidently promote the benefits of Being a DOT Loop user Champion the voice Of the customer by providing feedback to Our product team be a great teammate you Are excited to openly communicate with All customers internal and external and Be able to adapt quickly to changes so It says that this is a remote position And you may live in any of the 50 U.S States with limited exceptions so they Don't get into that and then they tell Us the pay range which we already went Over we know we want to get paid top Dollar and then they talk about who you Are so you need the one year of customer Service experience consistent track Record of working independently to Complete a high volume of customer cases Proficient use of web-based products Microsoft Office and Salesforce basic Real estate knowledge is preferred but

Not required if you're hard-working Motivated enthusiastic and honest work Effectively in a constantly evolving Fast-paced environment in a very Dynamic Company self-starter the site is full of Features both on the consumer facing Side and backend that require an Intimate knowledge of our systems we Will give you the knowledge you need to Be successful you should be ready to Learn a lot in a short amount of time Training lasts approximately three weeks Excellent communication skills in Excel And building positive relationships and It says flexibility to work a fixed Shift over a seven day time period so That is the lead they just get more into Who they are as a company which we know Zillow and they're an equal opportunity Employer which means they don't Discriminate for a number of Legally Protected or even so that's the lead and Then of course we're grown and we need Benefits so they talk about their perks And benefits which I think are really Great and you can see that they offer Paid parental leave and this is a Benefit that I just wish every company Offered like the max of because what are You gonna do when you know your family's Growing you know you have a baby or your Spouse has a baby you have to you know Secure your work situation and it's just One less stressful thing to know that

You can be away with baby and your job Is still there you know and so they have A lot of information to share but I'll Leave it right there because remember I Have another hot lead to share with Y'all so if you like this lead the apply Now button is at the top now before we Get into the second lead I do want to Point out that right now I am offering a One dollar trial for my remote Resume Builder software with this software you Can easily create and customize Beautiful resumes and cover letters in a Cloud-based software that me and my team Developed and you know just sort of Scrolling through this little video to Show you how it works you know you put In the name you put in your information And then boom you get you a beautiful Resume and then you can do the same Thing for your cover letter so you can You know put in all that information and The sections are there in the order They're supposed to be and then boom you Got you a beautiful cover letter okay And you can easily go in and edit them So if you want to go in and make any Edits like you have a customer service Resume but then you need to customize it All you have to do is hit this little Edit button go in and edit it and you Can also duplicate your resumes it's Just a really easy way to help you with The resume and cover cover letter

Customization process and you can try it Now for one week for just one dollar so The link is in the description box but Now let's go on to the second lead now The second lead comes from Chase and I Told y'all this one is limited so the Zillow one is US wide but the lead from Chase is only available in California Washington Rhode Island Nevada New Jersey New York Connecticut and Colorado So those are some states that don't Always get to be in the number and you Know here you go okay so the range is Going to be anywhere from twenty dollars To thirty two dollars and 45 cents per Hour and just to hit the highlights of This and I mean it's a short and sweet Lead anyhow so this opportunity is for Chase's Private Client concierge role This is kind of like a travel scheduling Position because it says that you're Gonna develop plan and execute Custom-made travel experiences and it's Really something that requires you to be You know on top of things organized Because you're going to be doing this For their what looks like kind of High-end clients because you know Private Client concierge so that's what You'll be doing and this also requires You to be available outside of normal Work hours you'll need to know the Computer and be able to use Microsoft Office be an exceptional communicator

And have mathematical skills an ability To work well with the team to ensure Worldwide coverage for clients so that's The lead from Chase I just hit the Highlights that you guys know if you're Interested or not but I will also have The link in the description box below And I also want to point out that they Don't get into how many years of Experience you need for this role so as Long as you can check off these boxes Even if you may have never done Something like this before or if you've Worked in like a coordinator role or Something that really required you to be Like on top of things I would still get My application in since they don't Mention any like exclusions or years of Experience experience necessary so link Is in the description box below and then Lastly okay I know I'm giving y'all a Lot of information but I always have to Point you guys to my mega list of jobs There are 485 companies on this list That will hire you to work from home you Can go directly to their careers pages And get your application in this is how People are landing jobs left and right People tell me all the time I gotta Start sharing you guys the you know Feedback that folks give me about like Delilah got hired I got hired I gotta Start doing that okay so if you don't Want to take my word for it that's fine

But people are getting interviews and Getting hired from finding these jobs on The mega list and one of the reasons why Is because the job boards are crowded But not every job is listed on the job Boards so you can do a secret hack by Going to the company's website applying For the jobs that everybody else isn't Applying to this is how you can make it Quicker for you to get hired okay and Then last but certainly not least if you You need home office equipment I have an Amazon storefront with economical pieces Of equipment I'm always pointing you Guys to these computer packages but That's because if you need something to Start working from home and you don't Have you know all this money lying Around by a 500 plus computer you can Get you your work from home money Machine that's what I call it it's a Computer that is strictly for working From home we're not playing video games We're not watching YouTube or surfing The internet we turn it on to work and We turn it off when we clock out okay That's what these computers are for you Won't find these prices anywhere else And these are all sold through Amazon so If it doesn't work for you you can just Send it back to Amazon they just make it Convenient for me to show you guys what I would pick if I you know were to Choose something that's what this is all

About so the link from my Amazon Storefront the mega list of jobs the one Dollar resume and cover letter trial Along with both the links to this lead From Chase and from Zillow are in the Description box below so thank you so Much for watching I truly hope this has Been helpful and I hope you guys have a Blessed weekend and I will talk to you Soon bye Foreign

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