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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these Videos daily to help you make the quick And easy switch from working in an Office to being able to work from home If you're not already on my Facebook Page I post job links there as well so Go ahead and give that a like and a Follow that's in the description box Below but as I announced on there on my Website going forward I'm going to be Posting links to 5 to 10 remote jobs Daily Um on top of the videos that I'm already Posting here on my channel just to give You guys a lot of lead so make sure you Do check my website or from Onewithcc.com every single day for five To ten new direct links straight to the Application Pages for work from home Jobs and of course I will be posting as Well reminders on my Facebook page daily So make sure you go and like that and Bookmark my website this job right here Is an application support coordinator 26 To 32 dollars per hour full-time remote You will coordinate provide second level Customer support for the application Teams I'm going to skim through for the Sake of keeping it brief anything I Missed go back and read it on your own Times but the competencies they want you To have service oriented result oriented

You have proper communication great Self-management and development you know How to embrace change and you encourage Teamwork and of course we have the Business Acumen you understand and apply Appropriate business knowledge your Essential functions are to coordinate Business day on call ensure suntel Incidents and requests are resolved lead The support processes identify and Ensure creation of knowledge documents And maintain a relationship with the Third party it vendor and support teams You'll participate in situation meetings To provide application updates and Provide coordination of customer Communications they want you to also Attend coordinator meetings with help Desk CTS and isoc and perform other Duties as assigned like I said 26 to 32 Per hour medical dental vision health Savings 401K with a match is offered and Of course we went through all of this as Well the experience level one two three Years just having that basic knowledge Experience of application support no Degree needed if you would like the link For this job as well as all the other Jobs like I stated you can find that on My website that will be linked in the Description box below if this one was Not for you on your screen or two other Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match for yourself

There click my face to subscribe so you Never miss an upload and I will talk to You in my next video bye

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