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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so on Today's video we're going to share Another work from home opportunity this Is amazing opportunity coming from a Well-known company and brand that I'm Sure many of you are familiar with okay This has come from T-Mobile and it is For national retail brand ambassador Walmart Okay so this opportunity I just Came across and I was like I have to Share this because jobs like these can Go super fast from such companies so I Didn't want any of you to miss out on Any of those types of opportunity any of These types of opportunities okay so Before I get started make sure you hit That subscribe Button as well as hit That notification Bell so that you can Get notified of new video uploads Especially when it comes to videos like These that that share remote-based job Leads because again they can go really Fast positions can fill quickly okay Okay also make sure you check out my Resume templates a super easy and simple To use templates you can email me at Melissia home gmail.com if you need Assistance thank you guys so much for All your support in regards to my Services I've been able to work with so Many of you in regards to your resumes

So if you feel comfortable you know with Using the templates go ahead and do so If you don't and you would like for me To work on your resumes I can do that For you so just email me at melissia Home gmail.com when you do email me I Tend to give discount on the rates if You go through my booking form below it Will be the regular price all right so I Just wanted to share that information With you because I'm sure many of you Are not aware of this aware of the Services so all that information is in The description section below this video Alright so let's jump into this amazing Work from home opportunity I'll try to Be posting my regular video of of no Interviewing opportunity cities later This evening so make sure you stay tuned For that so this is a remote-based Position I believe there's no State Restriction it is a full-time position Okay now T-Mobile again is a popular Brand I'm sure you are familiar with T-Mobile you may have T-Mobile or use T-Mobile Services they reinvented Customer service brought real 5G to the Nation and now they're shaping the Future of technology in Wireless and Beyond their work is as exciting as it Is rewarding so for this position you Will assist Walmart Wireless sales Partner Best Buy and apple Associates in Achievement of their sales goals

Responsible for establishing and Maintaining solid relationships with National retailer employees or wireless Service providers leverages customer Focused capabilities to develop Relationships understand customer needs And recommend complete Solutions so what Is the job responsibility abilities okay So so for this job it looks as though You'll support Walmart Wireless sales Partners as well as Best Buy and apple Associate in servicing customers and Completing operation duties which Includes maintaining clean and well Organized display of parents adhere to T-Mobile procedures and Merchandising Standards okay now this is a Remote-based opportunity I'm not sure How you'll be able to organize display Of parents maybe you'll basically give Them some ideas of how that can be done From home now the job responsibilities Include support National Retail or sales Goal okay through side-by-side selling And being present with Walmart Wireless Sales Partners Best Buy and apple Associates so let's look at the salutes Though this position is in the sales Area as well as in customer service Acclimates Walmart Wireless sales Partners Best Buy and apple again Proactively partner with Walmart Best Buy and apple associate to create an Energetic retail environments as well as

Help education around products and Services in partnership with Walmart Wireless sales Partners be available During schedule working hours to answer Walmart Wireless sales Partners Best Buy And app Associates questions now the Educational level for this position you Will need to have a high school diploma And that's it okay or GED The working experience less than okay Less than I've never seen a remote-based Position Indicate that you need less than a Certain amount of years of experience But you need less than two years six Months retail experience and high volume Environments that is preferred but it's Not required okay it's preferred that You have some experience but there may Be some training less than two years of Six months of customer service or sales Experience retail environment preferred Okay so that is preferred again this is Preferred but it's not a requirement so Basically you don't necessarily need to Have experience in order to do this but If you do that will be a plus all right Now in terms of knowledge and skills and Abilities you need customer service Strong customer service skills passion Integrity and energy necessary retail Sales retail experience high volume Environments training accliments Mathematics consistent accuracy with

Basic math and proficiency okay so those Are the Knowledge and Skills if you have These Knowledge and Skills and you Should be good to go for this position Again they don't require require that You have experience but if you do it is Preferred and it will definitely help Boost your chances in getting to the Interviewing process So for this position you don't need to Be certified you just need to have a High school diploma you must be at least 18 years of age legally authorized to Work in the U.S now if you live in California this position is available And it's 25 dollars per hour for Californians now they're not just hiring In California okay it's just to give you An idea of the pay rate for that Specific State the pay range above is General based pay range for a successful Candidate in that field the actual pay Will be based on various factors such as Your work location qualification Experience so the actual starting pay May be above or below this range so you Might get below 25 per hour let's say 20 Or you could get higher let's say up to 30 dollars per hour okay so you can read Further details about this position Um they also mentioned travels as travel May be required so yes you may be Required to travel to to your local T-Mobile sales local T-Mobile store okay

Maybe Walmart or apple so they have that In your area they may be some traveling Required from you okay which isn't too Too bad but for the majority of the Position or the work that you'll be Doing it looks as though you'll be Working directly from home okay so it States remote full time okay there's no Straight State restriction listed here So I believe that anyone in the US Should be able to apply for this Position if you are successful in Getting through the application process That means that you are good to go okay So just click course says apply and once You click on apply it States before Apply for this position we invite you to Join a T-Mobile Talent Community when You join T-Mobile they'll send you Message regarding open rules that they Think might be of interest to you so That is awesome you can always apply for Other positions if you sign up to T-Mobile okay So if you are someone who's interested In working for this position you could Go ahead and fill out the details listed Here we'll sign you up to continue Submitting your application if you don't Want to sign up to receive job alerts That's fine you could click where it Says no thank you continue to apply and Once you click on that it will take you To this page that is loading and yeah

You have to sign up to You'd have to sign up here to still Submit your application so this is how They have it set up all right so this is Coming from T-Mobile I think it's an Amazing opportunity Um it looks as though it's a full-time Position it doesn't require you to have Experience but if you do have some Experience that is preferred and it is a Plus and some skills and knowledge as Well so make sure you check out the link In description section to apply for this Position and make sure you keep your Notifications on for other video uploads

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