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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With more data entry non-phone work from Home job leads I know most of you are Wanting non-phone non-customer service But if these job leads are not for you Please always feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you're Looking for even if I'm not always Responding I am always reading those and Keeping that in mind when I am searching For job leads to share in this video I Have a four different job lanes for you All data entry summer healthcare related Some are not some pay up to 18 an hour Most of these do not require any kind of College degree now real quickly before We get into all of the details and job Leads if you're new here hi or welcome This channel is all about searching the Internet and looking for the best work From home jobs available I share Multiple job leads daily on this channel Because we all want to live our happiest Healthiest life working from home and Having that work-life balance so if you Want to get a work from home job make Sure you're subscribed and have those Notifications turned on so you never Miss out on another job lead but with That being said the first job lead we Have is from the melvato group now if You go down to the bottom of this the Movado group is a parent company to

Multiple Brands some of those will be Well recognized such as coach Tommy Hilfiger Hugo Boss Lacosta they are hiring a data entry Clerk to work remote now all of these Are going to be for my United States Folks only this one is a temporary Position they need temporary help for Their payroll data conversion project so They're going to need somebody who knows How to use Excel because you're going to Be doing heavy data entry into Excel Spreadsheets so you need to have the Ability to produce accurate data entry And meet deadlines experience a Comfortable of course at using Excel Highly organized and detailed and a Payroll experience is a plus but not Required now unfortunately they did not List a pay for this position that will Have to be discussed at the time of the Interview next up we have the company Moda they are hiring a medical claims Entry operator now this is for select States those states include Arkansas Arizona Florida Indiana Oregon Texas and Washington so if you are in one of those States they are looking for someone to Enter the processing system all claims That are received by mail or route Claims as directed to the processing Specific data entry queues you'll Interrogate data on claims received Electronically where member or provider

Information does not match the Moda Records so you'll be checking that Information against what you have in the Records so you'll be doing data entry of Claims accurately using the Moda Computer system you'll reassign any Claims appropriate as outlined by their Medical claims reprocessing guidelines You'll resolve claims that pinned with Errors including those that do not match The records you'll research and problem Solve a basic claims data you'll Identify and communicate up to managers And supervisors any trends that you Notice now again no college degree is Needed a high school diploma or GED they Want somebody who is six months of data Entry experience someone who can key 135 Strokes per minute on a computer numeric Keypad typing of 35 words per minute Someone who knows how to use a Microsoft Office who has strong problem solving Skills the ability to adapt to frequent Changes and if you know medical Terminology that is helpful but not Required now they do offer a standard Benefit package including medical dental Vision a 401k a paid time off and this One pays anywhere from 17 an hour all The way up to 18.66 an hour now one thing to note About this position when the page loads It may look like the position is not Available because the screen loads where

It says search positions and log in you Just have to keep scrolling down the Actual job description is under all that And then you can again log in or create A profile to submit that application if You're interested next up we have Another Healthcare one The Summit Medical Group group is hiring a Electronic medical records a data entry Specialist that is a mouthful to say but They are looking for someone to assist With the accurate entry of a patient Demographics or other data into medical Records now this is a full-time Opportunity but it does say the Possibility for hybrid is there they are Specifically looking for people located Around the Knoxville Tennessee area or Within commuting distance to that this Is a remote position but there may be Times that you are required to travel to The office and they are not paying Travel expenses but they are looking for Someone to enter a patient demographic Information problem list Financial Guarantor Insurance payer information And all other data needed into the Medical records and database you'll meet Or decede the departmental accuracy for Productivity standards you'll report any Discrepancies as noted in the patient's Medical records you'll maintain ability To prioritize data and work by volume And you'll perform any other duties as

Assigned now this does require a high School diploma or GED and prior Experience in a patient registration now Last but not least we have icon is Hiring a clinical data entry person data Entry support for non-sip studies and Sites you'll make updates into the ctms I assume that's their system as provided And pre-validate the site list the Change forms and change requests Received by email you'll review a Reference data to see if required Account information contact information And address records already exist in the System you'll create new or update Existing references data as needed now There is also data entry support for Outsource studies which will create Countries and or sites enter milestones And enrollment information for those Outsourced bodies it goes through a list Of other different data entry things That you may do but it is all data entry Now it says data entry experience is Preferred but not required they do not Actually list anything that is required Including a degree and of course they Also don't list pay that will have to be Discussed at the time of the interview All right I just want to ask that you Help me out for a minute if you prefer This format where I have multiple Different job leads please leave that in The comments below and let me know if

You prefer the shorter format where I Give one job lead at a time or if you Prefer the longer format where I share Multiple job leads in one video also let Me know I've asked before but it's been About a year some people only like me Sharing job leads that are for all States of the United States and some Don't mind me sharing job leads that are Only for select States I always want to Be able to be helpful to those and if I Don't share are the ones that are for Select States people who live in those Areas may miss out but please again let Me know what you like best down in the Comments below I want to say thank you So so much for watching and supporting Me and of course I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you two videos will be Popping up on your screen one I picked For you and the other YouTube picked for You that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you Never miss another work from home or Money making video from me and thank you So so much for watching and I'll catch You in the next one

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