4 HUGE Companies Hiring Work From Home Customer Service Right Now! No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job leads for you now I have Four huge companies right now that are Hiring a customer service a type reps so All of these are going to be phone based Work but if you don't mind customer Service then let me know down in the Comments below of course the links to Everything I share are always in the YouTube description box below this video Now real quickly before we dive in I Just want to say that some of these have Locations listed and it looks like it's Just their main location or Headquartered location I could not find Anything that said that they hire with All within the United States that they Don't have any state restrictions but it Doesn't say that they don't hire either So I am just sharing because I wanted to Bring something a little bit different To you I don't know how many times that You can watch videos on Telus International is hiring now my YouTube Studio does show me other channels and Videos that my viewers watch so I'm Always trying to mix it up and bring Something different so you're not seeing The same video day in day out weekend And week out so with that being said I Just thought I would share these hoping They would be helpful to someone but Diving right on in the company Corsair

Now they make all kind of computer Equipment if you have a gamer in your House who has built a computer you might Have heard of them before Best Buy sells Their products but they are hiring a Technical support now this is remote Work from home starting pay is anywhere From 14 to 16 dollars an hour and They're looking for someone to help Document diagnose troubleshoot and Resolve problems with their newest gear Components PCS software and accessories That are under warranty for for their Customers so you will gain knowledge of All of corsair's products uses and Third-party Integrations you'll help Provide that technical support through Direct contact with customers via phone Email or other channels and document Verify and analyze any reported problems Of course you'll provide efficient Communication to your management and Peers and escalate any issues as needed Now to troubleshoot and resolve issues You'll utilize any available tools Resources and documentation that they Give you now it says please note in your Cover letter whether you prefer Full-time or part-time work so it looks Like they may be hiring for both they Are not requiring any kind of college Degree from this position just somebody Who understands computer hardware like Windows Mac OS IOS and Android software

Applications and firmware someone who Can learn additional technical industry Concepts someone who is strong at Customer service skills and the ability To solve problems now they also want Someone who can work weekends and Holidays moving right along GameStop You've probably heard of them they have Stores in all kinds of malls they also Have Standalone stores and shopping Centers they're hiring a remote customer Service associate now this says that You'll be providing timely resolutions Via email phone chat Connections in an Inbound and outbound call environment They are really looking for someone to Serve as the go-to person for any store Inquiries and customer issues you'll Provide timely follow-up and Communication resolution appropriately You'll also facilitate timely Communications with stores and customers Regarding resolutions or pending actions Now you will have to meet cph Productivity and quality goals for this Position you'll take responsibility for Your team's success by serving as a Backup for the team members assigned Areas and responsibilities so you will Be cross-trained in other departments it Sounds like but the main purpose of the Job is to manage service interactions With a high quality level of customer Service making sure you retain that

Customer Loyalty now one thing to note About this position that they did not List the pay or really the requirements That they're looking for you'll have to Ask that at the time of the interview if You've ever heard of Harbor Freight they Sell tools they have the stores across The place they're hiring a contact Contact center associate to work remote Now this one does say they're targeting Specific locations but they're not Limited to that so this one I would Apply if you're anywhere in the United States but they are basically looking For somebody to provide a customer Experience and support through both Phone and email communication you'll Help the customers with things like Order information and product Information a troubleshooting issue Resolution and any general customer Support they are looking for someone who Can deliver friendly and helpful service Someone who can actively listen and Express empathy to the customers Someone who can identify solutions to Customer issues someone who can learn Quickly be adaptable to change and Really just be customer focused now they Would prefer somebody who already has Customer service in retail or some kind Of hospitality but that is not required Of course you need to know how to use a Microsoft Office Excel and Word and this

Position is a paying twenty dollars an Hour last but not least this one is a Little bit different from a regular Customer service job but the clothing Brand Carhartt is hiring an account Service representative now this is Remote but this one will require a Degree if you don't have a certain Experience but they are looking for Somebody to provide support for their Accounts and ordering activities you'll Service support and proactively manage The order operations of assigned Accounts with responsibility for Decision making related to your assigned Account you'll need to understand and Work with credits Logistics Transportation all other departments to Prevent or impact delivery to ensure That all parties are informed you'll Manage Monitor and maintain affirm Orders contracts and bulk orders as Necessary in the sap environment and You'll maintain customer portal sites Accurately And Timely to generate a Revenue so even though this is a Customer service type position you're Actually being the service rep for and Supporting bigger companies that are Ordering these products to sell in their Stores now this position does say an Associate's degree is required but it Goes on to say equivalent work Experience may be considered in lieu of

Degree they're looking for somebody Who's four to six years of customer Service or order management fulfillment Service someone who is a great written And communication skill someone who is Self-motivated of course you've got to Have those Microsoft Office skills Someone who is analytical and a problem Solver now again this one did not list Pay that will have to be discussed at The time of the interview all right Please help me out and leave a comments Down below let me know what you think About the jobs that I have been sharing Recently again I am trying to just share Something different so you're not seeing The same things over and over and giving You a little bit of a different option Please let me know if that's working for You or if you prefer to see things like Telus International and other things Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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