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Welcome back my friends and a happy Friday this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you today's job lead is going To be part-time in the evenings they are Offering multiple shifts so this one is Going to be perfect for those of you who Have a full-time job during the day and You're just looking to make a little bit Of extra side money in the evenings and Still get your full night's sleep of Course as always the links to everything I share are always in the YouTube Description box below this video today's Job lead is from the company drips they Have a 3.8 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor they are hiring a part-time Chat room operator now one thing to Quickly note about this job they are Paying a ten dollars an hour I know that Might be low to some of you but I Decided to share because I myself I have Worked side jobs in the evening for ten Dollars an hour before because some People are on unlike Social Security and They can only make a small amount of Money other people like me it might make The difference between being able to Feed your kids and not being able to Feed your kids you never know what Someone's situation is some money is Better than no money but I just wanted To put that up front but they are Looking for a chat room operator to

Basically have conversations with people It says an example is like a user can Say can't now work in and you would Categorize that and handle that by Clicking I am at work button this kind Of coincides with some AI interactions But they are looking for somebody to Quickly and accurately in less than 60 Seconds respond to those inbound Messages via their chat room to leads Regarding questions and concerns around Product or service utilization point and Click frequently asked questions and Canned responses you'll add relevancy to The canned responses like example if Someone was was a sick you might add Sorry to hear that should we try in a Week or two hope you feel better you'll Maintain a 95 or above accuracy in Responding and handling these responses Now that sounds easy enough but like I Said they're paying attend dollars an Hour they're looking for someone to work Up to 28 hours a week so that's an extra 280 a week now the only time you're half Gonna have to be on a phone is for the Training they're going to offer training Is conducted through zoom and you will Have to have your audio and video on They're looking for somebody to either Work the shifts 2 P.M to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time there's a 4 P.M to 10 p.m Eastern Standard Time and a 6 p.m to 12 A.m Eastern Standard Time make sure you

Convert your time zone to those times to See if that will work for you they're Currently taking anyone that is living In the United States and authorized to Work in the US they want some money who Has great attention to detail someone Who is comfortable on a computer with Great typing skills they want somebody Who knows how to use emojis good grammar And a spelling good communication skills And of course because this is all online You have to have reliable internet in Your own computer they don't provide That for you all right as always if this Job lead was not for you that's Absolutely okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for I do read those And keep that in mind thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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