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Hello hello welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome My name is CeCe I post these videos Daily to help you make the quick and Easy switch from working in an office to Being able to work from home today I Have an aegon retirement consolidation Specialist while I can never speak in These videos it's full-time work remote In the sales and marketing department I'm gonna skim through so I don't waste Too much of your time anything I miss Please go back and read on your own so The responsibilities are to collaborate With the channel partners and act on Referrals for the customer care center Gather the info through best interest Interviews proactively reach out to new Participants to Transamerica employer Plans hold retirement planning phone Consultations with the clients partner At the Regional VP and client Executives To facilitate the movement of a Terminated plan work with relationship Managers and fulfillment analysts to Initiate product requests so for this One you either need to have a bachelor's Degree in a business field or equivalent Experience so no degree needed if you do Have that equivalent experience you need To have experience as a retirement plan Specialist or asset consolidation Specialist two years of relevant Financial Services experience now they

Want you to have the finra series six or Seven 63 65 or 66 if you can obtain Those within six months of higher you Don't need those right away customer Service and interpersonal skills problem Solving outstanding written and verbal Communications a knowledge of customer Relationship management also known as CRM and proficiency using Microsoft Office now they would like you preferred To have cr PC or cfp and life license However you don't need those and the Working conditions while this is remote There is an option to also work in Office and the schedule May Vary to Fulfill Services levels during hours of Operation the salary for this is between 40 to 45 000 per year so that is something to Keep in mind line and then you can earn Commissions an incentive plan and you Will at least make a base salary of a Thousand each month but you also get a Two thousand dollar sign on bonus for The one-time sign-on so if you are Looking to apply for the shop you want The link to it you can find that on my Website and that's in the description Box below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos I've Also posted check those out you might Find a better match for yourself there Click my face to subscribe so you never Miss an upload and I will talk to you in

My next video bye

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