$45,000 to $50,000 Year NON-PHONE Email Customer Support Work From Home Job |No Degree |USA & CANADA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you this one is going To be non-phone it looked up very Interesting which is why I wanted to Share it we will just dive on in just Know the links if you're interested in Applying are always into the YouTube Description box below this video the Company jungle Scout they are in the Industry of helping e-commerce Businesses with different tools and Resources they are hiring an Enterprise Customer support representative now this Is a remote for anybody in the Pacific Standard Time and Eastern Standard Time Time zone so that does include the United States as well as Canada but Customer service does not always have to Be on the phone taking inbound phone Calls and this one is not it's a little Bit interesting it says they are looking For someone to communicate with their Customers be the front lines of the Customer experience answering customer Questions primarily through email and This is where the exciting part comes in Or recorded video clips your written Communication grammar and problem Solving skills that need to be strong so In the past we've seen work from home Jobs that are mainly through email but They do require you to make outbound Phone calls sometimes when the written

Word is not coming across or being Understood by the customer this job is Not actually going to be talking to People you will actually make recorded Videos almost like little Snapchat type Things to send to the customer when Needed you'll become the product expert And know your way around all of a jungle Scouts products so you can quickly show A customer how to use them how it's done You'll be helping the customers with Their accounts set up and maintenance And of course any support inbox the Ticket management if they are having any Tech issues you'll help with that as Well now they are not requiring any kind Of a college degree they do want Somebody who has experience in Customer Support especially in a technology realm Maybe a software as Solutions company Someone who has great communication Skills someone who is of course a tech Savvy who can be analytical with a great Attention to detail of course because This is work from home you need to be a Self-starter and be organized now if you Happen to be bilingual in either Spanish French German Italian or Chinese you get Bonus points for that and probably get To the top of the line for an interview Now while the job description did not Actually list the actual pay that will Have to be discussed at the time of the Interview I did a little research on

Their Glassdoor page in the course Customer service takes on many Realms But I was really just looking at Customer service or customer service of Representatives and those roles that Seem to pay anywhere between forty five Thousand dollars a year all the way up To fifty thousand dollars a year all Right if you've made it to the end of This video I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me as Always please feel free to leave Anything specific that you're looking For down in the comments I do read those And keep that in mind and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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