$45,000 To $53,000 Year Non-Phone Work From Home Job Reviewing & Editing Menus With No Degree | USA

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TGIF happy Friday my friends this is Lindsay and I am back with another daily Work from home job lead for you now this One seems easy enough and that they are Paying a fairly decent for what they are Asking you to do they don't require any Kind of college degree we're gonna dive All into it just know if you're Interested in applying the link to this Page is in the YouTube description box Below this video today's job lead is From the company easy cater now easy Cater is a trusted provider of corporate Food Solutions with purpose of built for Business so they work with different Restaurants in the corporate food world To make scalable Food Solutions that Allow different restaurants and Organizations to centralize and track Their food spend and fulfill everything From their daily employee meals to Client meetings to all the things that Restaurants have to handle they are Hiring a menu quality specialist now This is remote work from home within the United States only but a menu quality Specialist just reviews and edits the Easy cater menus for quality and Accuracy as they go live on their Platform so you want to make sure that The menu is correct that there's no Spelling errors all the things before Putting them live on the platform you'll Revise and maintain their catalog of

Existing menus as offerings a change Over time you may also provide written And verbal feedback to support both the New and Veteran and teammates as they Learn the best practices adjust to new Processes and make quality improvements So basically once you learn how to do The job and you become good at it you Might end up training new people you own Process enhancements to propel success For their catering of Partners so this Is mainly a non-phone job you'll be Reviewing and editing the menus and Putting them live on the online platform Now again they don't require any college Degree they're look looking for someone Who can have a dedication to the finer Details because you'll be reviewing and Correcting menus on multiple Platforms In a variety of formats someone who has A very high attention to those small Little details they are looking for Someone who's experienced with editing Content a passion for Learning and great Verbal and written communication skills And someone has a growth mindset and a Passion for Innovations and trying new Things now if that sounds like you they Are paying anywhere from forty five Thousand dollars a year all the way up To fifty three thousand dollars a year For this position and it also looks like They offer standard benefit packages With medical dental vision 401K all the

Things all right if this job lead was Not for you that's okay please feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for because I am always reading those and keeping That in mind thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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