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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and of course I'm back with another job for you guys And this one right here is coming from The company clever and they're currently Looking for a home concierge specialist And this is full time and you must be in The US and it is going to be about 45k a Year so let's get into the details with This job right here you will be on the Phone with customers you're going to be Speaking with buyers and sellers who are Interested in clever you'll be Explaining them the benefits and Answering any questions or hesitations And setting them up for Success you're Gonna support many partners that send Them customers and you're going to work With their agent Network team to make Sure they're able to make great agent Matches if you're going to check in on Customers throughout their real estate Journey and provide support as needed You will be speaking with about 20 plus Unique customers a day and you will be Using a dollar system that will Automatically transfer calls to you so You do need to have a positive attitude Also a love for Learning and always Wanting to improve great communication Skills the ability to solve complex Problems strong time management skills

And interest or knowledge in real estate Is a bonus but it's not required again 45k base salary 100 remote work company Provides equipment PTO and 6 to 12 weeks Of pay for rental leave so their home Concierge team is available between 7 AM And 9 pm Central Standard Time seven Days a week each team member Works five Days a week with an eight and a half Hour shift that includes a 30-minute Lunch break and your schedule is going To be the same every week clever real Estate is headquartered in St Louis Missouri therefore you will be required To get your license in the state of Missouri so this may require Fingerprinting liver is willing to cover Any costs associated with you getting Your license okay make sure that Something that you're willing to do Before you apply for this job other the Neck the application looks pretty quick Of course if you're interested in Applying you can find the link in the Description bar you guys know I wish you The best of luck leave any questions or Comments below and as usual I thank you Guys so much for watching I'll see you In my next video and good luck to Everyone

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