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[Music] Foreign [Music] Basework.com make sure you hit that Subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel In today's video I will cover five Flexible and easy online jobs that you Can be able to do from home you will be Able to see their official website you Know learn a little bit about you know The positions that they hire for you Will be able to do these jobs completely From home set your own schedule some of Them offer competitive Pages depending On how many hours you work so we'll just Dive Right into which companies are Actively hiring this video is sponsored By Omni interactions they are an urgent Need for customer service reps to work From home on your own schedule you will Be able to become your own boss and have The flexibility to work day shifts night Shifts and even overnight shifts now you Will be able to earn up to twenty Dollars per hour so I urge you to go Ahead and apply today this is one of Those rare remote jobs that will allow You to work whenever you want so I'll Leave a direct link in the description Box below for you to apply over the Years flexible work at home options have

Become more and more popular according To flex jobs they took a little poll and More than 75 percent chose why they seek Flexible work options they want to be Able to balance their work life family And much more so this is a really Popular job topic that I want to cover Today and I'm going to share some Opportunities with you guys that you can Be able to look into and apply today The first company I would like to share With you is Smith AI they hire a virtual Receptionists to work from home now your Role with this company is to answer Calls and or web chats for a variety of Different businesses and professionals You will also take messages screen new Clients book appointments collect Payments and transfer calls now you will Need to be able to understand the Callers need and provide business Information for this role you will need To have strong typing and multitasking Skills have access to high-speed Internet and you must have the ability To work flexible hours in a quiet Setting they are looking for someone That is very professional and that is Great with communication has a really Good proficient and confident computer Skills and also can confidently speak in English Now before you apply you will need to Have an updated desktop or laptop with

Google Chrome browser you must have Reliable internet connection and on Their website they will have a speed Test to make sure you meet the Requirements as far as the speed level That your computer should be in also Strong typing skills at least 40 words Per minute and you must be able to have A headset with a microphone in order to Apply in regards to schedule this Company operates 24 7 365 days of the Year they offer both full-time and Part-time hours if you work part-time You must work a minimum of 25 hours per Week and the shifts are broken into two To five hour blocks so if you need to You know work two hours here work three Hours there they will be able to offer You that flexibility the pay for this Rate as far as entry level is 15 per Hour but if you are bilingual you can Earn earn around sixteen dollars per Hour now for agents that are based Outside of the US you will be able to Earn around 11 per hour so definitely Check out this company this is one of The trusted companies that you can look Into for a virtual receptionist position Is transcribe me now this company has Been around for many many years it Actually has been rated as one of the Top work at home companies by Flex jobs It made it on the flex jobs top 100 Companies that you can find Reliable

Work from home now this company hires What they call transcribers so this is Basically a typing job that requires you To maybe listen to audio files and type Out what you hear you will have the Flexibility to work on your own schedule You will earn anywhere from 15 to 22 Dollars per audio hour now that is not Per hour that is per audio hour so that Is the total hour that it took you to Transcribe an audio file now I do urge You to look into this company you will Be able to choose your own schedule if You do not have transcription experience I do urge you to check out this free Mini course that is offered at Transcribe anywhere this is a trusted Course that's been around for many years I do recommend that if you are Completely new to transcription that you Check out this free transcription course That a lady named Janet put together for Those that are really interested in Diving into the career and want to learn More about transcription so definitely Check out this course I'll leave a link In my description box the next company That you guys can check out is scripper This company offers proofreading and Editing jobs that you can be able to do From home now I am sitting on their Official site and I'm just going to read Through some of the incentives that you Get while working for this company of

Course you will get flexible working Hours you will get a minimum of 33 days Paid time off you will be able to swap Public holidays get a personal Development budget you will also get Weekly team Gatherings you know that Will allow you to be able to connect With other employees and employee Referral program discounts and extra Credits travel allowances I mean and the List goes on now this company hires in Many different countries If you scroll down to the bottom of Their website you will see the section That says do you want to become an Editor and you will see the the Different languages that they are Currently recruiting in Native Dutch Native German native English as well as Native French so if you are interested In this position I do urge you to apply Right away the next company is yup this Company hires tutors to work from home You will be able to work whenever you Want helping students from around the World whether it's homework or just Other educational subjects now to become A tutor you will have a process here you Will need to submit a written Application Also you must take a math proficiency Exam a teaching exam and you must be Able to demonstrate Um live sessions so you will be able to

Conduct tutoring sessions and that will Determine if they will hire you on so Definitely check out their official Website they hire from around the globe In regards to pay you can expect to make Around 14 dollars per hour working from Home liveops was voted as the number one Company by Flex jobs as a top remote Companies to work for you know live Ops Really offers lots of flexibility this Is one of the top companies that I Recommend because you are able to really Manage and balance between you know Other jobs as well as you know if you Are a stay-at-home mom I know this is One of the first jobs that I applied With when I started my work from home Career and they will allow you to Simply Work in 30 minute blocks you can log on And off when you feel you know the Application process is very flexible you Can you know complete it when you need To they have a little test that you need To take but you can do that on your own Terms so if you want to learn more about This company definitely Check out their official website I am Sitting here you will simply hit the Apply Now button they have plenty Information about how you can become an Independent contractor you will be able To see the requirements look at the Current openings they will conduct a Background check so definitely keep that

In mind before you apply for this Company when it comes to the Requirements you will need a landline Phone So no you know Wi-Fi calling or nothing Like that you will need a landline phone As well as a PC or laptop with the most Updated Windows you know seven or eight You will need to have Internet Explorer 11 or the

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