NO Experience Needed $32 To $39 Hour HEALTHCARE Billing Work From Home Job | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you today's job lead is very Exciting for me to share because it Seems to require no experience Whatsoever no degree it's in the Healthcare billing field and that They're paying very very well the Company is Spring Health they have a 3.7 Out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor of Course both the Glassdoor page and the Application page if you're interested in Applying are always Linked In the YouTube description box below this video But Spring Health is hiring a billing Specialist for member support now this Is going to require some phone work but Spring Health is a comprehensive mental Health solution for employers and health Plans so you will be dealing in the Mental health space but they are looking For somebody to be responsible for Answering member billing inquiries and Creating clear actionable pause positive Experiences you'll be the point of Contact for the member billing inquiries Via both phone and email you'll help Problem solve a patient issues and Creatively come up with solutions that Meet the patient's needs as well as the Organization's needs your work Collaboratively collaboratively with Other billing specialist revenue cycle

And benefit teams to help provide an Excellent streamed line experience for The patient of course you'll be Contributing to team development through Participating in a team of Problem-solving process creation and Team meetings now best part about this The only thing they're requiring is Someone who has strong written and Verbal communication skills with a Patriot patient-centric tone someone who Can be very hyper organized and have Attentive to detail on all angles of a Given problem someone who can be Creative think analytically and maintain A positive and empathetic attitude but Still being professional with the member At all time so you have to have great Interpersonal and customer service Skills and that is it now as far as pay Goes it says the target range for this Position is anywhere from 32 dollars and Five cents an hour all the way up to 39.62 cents an hour of course that's Part of a competitive Total Rewards Package it includes stock options Benefits instead of pay for eligible Roles all of that now they are providing A quite a few other benefits such as a 500 per year Wellness reimbursement up To a thousand dollar professional Reimbursement per calendar year and 200 Per calendar year donation matching Support to your favorite causes all

Right if you've made it to the end of This video I want to say thank you so so Much for watching and supporting me I'm Trying to revamp my channel and be more Helpful to you so please leave down in The comments if you have any suggestions Of any anything that I could do Differently anything that I could Improve on change different types of job Leads that you're actually looking for That would be helpful to you or if You're getting burnt out on work from Home job leads let me know that also Down Below in the comments and I'll be Back really really soon with more work From home job leads just for you

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