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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video so in Today's video I'll be sharing multiple Companies some online opportunities for Those who are interested in getting Started and earning money online safely So these are legit websites that you Will be able to earn real money okay you Can always research these companies on Your own to verify so these are five Companies that I'll be sharing with you In this video and they do not require You to do any formal interviewing or Submitting you know resumes or the Standard application okay majority of These jobs you may be required to take Some assessment tasks to get up and Going and you can get started in working And earning money within 24 to 72 hours With most of these companies okay so I'm Gonna go ahead and jump right into it The first company that you're looking at On your screen is called replay media And they are a giant transcription Company online company they specialize In hiring transcriptionists for various Industries to work you're basically Listening to audio and typing what you Hear of course they do require that you Type accurately a majority of the Positions may require you to have good English grammar skills if you speak

Other languages then English would more Than likely have to be your first Language okay so they have positions That they always have available on their Website as you can see you can apply to Be English transcriptionist you can Apply to be a Spanish transcriptionist And they also have an opportunity here Called voice writer if you're not Familiar with what voice writer is then I definitely suggest that you click on a Link that will be posted in the Description section below this video Because I went into detail about this Particular opportunity in a separate Video I believe it pays thirty dollars An hour you do not need to have Experience you're basically repeating What you hear it's very very simple if You go to that video video that I posted You will see so many people in the Comments section that were able to get Started in working as a voice writer Within 24 hours of applying for this Particular position and it's super easy To apply I'll just give you guys a quick View of their application here so to get Started with the application you just Provide your full legal name and you Just fill out this information with your First and last name then you hit save And continue then you would have to Confirm your email confirm your location Information and then they may assess

Your skills and experience now for the Voice Rider position you do not need to Have much experience to do this but if You have some background in voice Writing or you're familiar with it then That would be a plus but you don't need To have experience again check out that Video it'll be posted in the description Section below this video it gives you Some more information about the Opportunity as well as the pay I believe The pay is around thirty dollars an hour For this particular position also keep In mind you can do multiple positions at At the same time with these companies That I'm going to share with you they Offer you so much flexibility that you Can work for three play media you could Be English transcriptionist or if you Speak Spanish you can apply for Spanish Transcriptionist or if you would like to Work as a voice writer as well as a Transcription English transcriptionist You can apply for you know both of those Into those because it offers you Flexibility there's no set schedule to These opportunities so that's the bonus About this so now to apply to transcribe In English they're looking for Transcriptionists or editors for Contract work to transcribe recorded Audio and edit imperfect transcription Using their internet-based software Application to be a good candidate you

Just need to be able to provide expert Transcribing Services independently and Be able to provide a quick turnaround on Efficient finished work products three Play media they're one of the top paying Companies when it comes to transcription Work they could pay between 15 to 30 Dollars an hour for some of their Transcription jobs okay so if you go Over to the required qualifications you Just need to have excellent written Communication skills excellent command Of English grammar and punctuation Proficiency with internet research and Reference resources ability to manage Projects work independently and closely Follow instructions and you must be at Least 18 years of age okay so that's Basically all you need you don't need to Have prior working experience to join Three play media they seem to always Have work because they're always hiring And looking for transcriptionists so if You're ready to get started just click Where it says apply to the English play English three play transcriptionist okay And then they have their Spanish section Which is similar to the English if You're Spanish then you can read through This information to see what is required Of you okay and if you scroll down Further they talk about their voice Writing position what is the requirement So you just need to have access to a

Headset a computer strong internet Connection excellent verbal Communication listening skills clear Consistent speaking voice because you Will be required to listen and repeat What you hear it's like Voice to Text Okay sitting or standing comfortably so Make sure you have a very comfortable Sitting seating in your home Multitasking between listening speaking And typing so you have to listen speak And type as well manage projects work Independently completing background Check before starting to work all right So again check out my video in regards To their voice writing position so let's Move on to the next company This is coming from up call I share this Company in the past video and it's very Super it's very easy and super it's very Easy to get started with up call they Basically will bring you on board to do Some lead generating okay so this is a Lead generating Um company and basically it's almost Similar to sales taking sales calls or Trying to sell things or or to get People to sign up to some subscriptions Etc etc so you'll be calling from home So if you're someone who's not Comfortable being on a phone this will Be the only one that requires you to be On the phone but it's super easy and Very quick to get started with up caller

You're just jumping on the phone and Making some calls and earning some money So you can earn extra cash income by Calling from home you can join the World's fastest growing calling Community be the voice of great Companies and you can sign up absolutely Free so this is how it works if you want To become an up caller and earn extra Income from home it's very simple this Also pays around twelve dollars per hour So keep that in mind you'll create a Profile then start making calls and earn Money okay very simple so get started With them there's no interviewing There's no submitting resumes or Application so in regards to how their Platform Works they have an intuitive Dialer system for each call you you'll See a script it will pop up on your Screen and then you're just simply Reading a script okay so you'll read the Information about the contact and the Clients and so much more so very easy You don't have to worry about having to Figure out what to say a script will pop Up for every call that you have to make And you're just reading the script okay And most of the script may have Frequently asked questions so if the Caller has a question you will find it On the script and you can answer that Question so as you continue to do it and Make calls it'll become like a

No-brainer and you more than likely will Know the script by Hearts right and this Type of opportunity may also help you to Gain experience that you can add to your Resume so these are the types of jobs You want to get into if you're trying to Get your feet wet and gain some Experience if you don't have experience So that you can move to the next level Or apply for other positions that may Require the similar types of experience So they have their intuitive dialer that A script will pop up you just read in The script up call works with your Existing PC or laptop simply plug your Microphone in and you're good to go okay Real-time earnings reporting access Calls history duration reviews from Clients and statistics so you so you'll Be able to track your calls the Durations the reviews etc etc all of That will be on their platform so you Can you know track your progress and Work on maybe enhancing your skills and Seeing what you did wrong and what you Can improve upon etc etc they also have Weekly Facebook discussions so you can Join their community on Facebook to Discuss your experience with this Company so you can join absolutely free You could start now just click where it Says start now and it will take you to This particular page you're just going To fill out your full name your email

Address your phone number you're going To create a password and of course check Off their captcha to make sure that You're not a robot and then click where It says get started okay now they also Have a frequently asked questions so if You have questions about a call that you Have you can either post them in the Comment section below this video or just Go to their frequently asked questions Sections to see if your answer may be Posted and it was answered on their Website okay so definitely check out up Caller I believe they pay around twelve Dollars an hour to their callers if They're getting tons of Interest it may Take them some time to get back to you So just keep that in mind but once they Get back to you and they're ready to Bring you on board you could get started In working and earning money as soon as Possible okay the next company I want to Share with you is legal proof legal Proof tend to have transcription jobs That are that are focused in the legal Industry so they are catered to uh you Know lawyers or people who are working In illegal fields and they will hire Transcriptionists to work specifically For these individuals so this is another Great opportunity because again it will Help you to gain the skills in order to Bring to another position right so if You're someone who have the experience

As a legal transcriptionist then legal Proof will be a great opportunity for You if you have little to no experience Then you could still work with legal Proof now if you hit their apply now you May get a notice that they're currently Not that they're currently not accepting Any more applicants and it's just Temporary okay but I wanted to share This company in this video because they Can open up again at any time and be ex And start accepting applicants again so It's just a temporary thing they more Than likely get so many applications and So many people interested in getting Started for good reasons because a great Company they are legit and they pay Pretty well they pay around 19 to 20 per Hour for their transcription work okay So they do get a lot of applicants so From time to time they may shut down or Close down the application forms and you May not be able to apply but again I Wanted to share this company in this Video because at any time that they may Start accepting applications and you Want to be quick through it all right so Definitely save them in your favorites Also they have an email provided so you Can always reach out to HR departments To ask them about the position and when It will be available again and let them Know that you're highly interested and Maybe you know give them a small little

Paragraph or summary of your prior Experience if you have experience in Transcription so that they have you in Mind or your email so when they open Back up again they may reach back out to You okay so legal proof is a company That you definitely want to keep in your Favorites and you just submit your Application which includes taking a Quick assessment and completing a Questionnaire get new transcription jobs Complete daily so they will have daily Transcription work for you to do get Paid receive a weekly pay via PayPal so They pay via PayPal on a weekly notice Okay when all work is completed and you Don't need to have experience as the State's here minimal experience is Needed they're always looking to fill or Open freelance transcription jobs so They can grow their team and keep Pace With client orders so when they are Available if you don't have experience You can apply for their position as a Transcriptionist okay and again just Keep tabs on this company because when They do open up you definitely want to Hop on their transcription job another Company I want to share with you is Cambly they are tutoring service and Online tutoring service and you do not Need to be certified or have tutoring Experience in order to work as a tutor For cambly okay so you can get paid to

Chat with people from all around the World all right they pay on a weekly Basis you can earn every minute you Spend chatting so they pay per minute Events every time that you're chatting Every minute that you're chatting you Will get paid so you can expect to get Paid around ten to twelve dollars an Hour this is great for extra income it's A lot it's very flexible you can work Anywhere you want with your students That are spread across the globe so you Can start tutoring at any time of the Day based on your schedule work as Little or as much as you want there's no Minimum hours ever so again perfect for Those who are looking to earn additional Income online a little side hustle okay If you drive Uber Eats or you do other Things outside of the home you can add This to that and earn additional income And that's always desirable it's always Good to have extra cash especially with Today's economy it is projected that the Economy might have another Financial hit Okay so we definitely want to be Prepared and it's always good to have These things in your pocket that you can Turn to to earn additional income okay So this is cambly you can get started With them super easy to get started you Don't need to have experience in Tutoring or certification and usually They will get back to you within 72

Hours if they're interested in bringing You on board all right so just click Where it says get started and it will Take you to this page where you just Sign up and create an account with them And then it will take you through the Steps to become a tutor and earning some Extra cash All right last but not least is Babble Type this is another transcription Company I know I share so many Transcription jobs in this video but That is the most ideal type of Opportunity that allows you flexibility You don't have to be on the phone and It's super easy to do and you can earn Extra cash okay and majority of these Companies as you've seen do not require You to have experience in order to get Started now with Babel they do prefer That you have some previous Transcription you know background They're always looking for new Transcriptionists and translators so if You're into translating then they're Always looking for translators to add to Their team but they are very selective Okay the transcription the transcripts That they produce are mission critical Parts of market research projects and Completeness accuracy and reliability Are absolute requirements so you have to Make sure you complete all tasks Accurately and that you are reliable so

These our absolute requirements that They need you to have their work Requires a very high degree of skill in Language listening ability and ability To deal with more sophisticated Transcript formats because of this they Do prefer to work regularly with a Limited and select team who meet the Requirements they need a Bible only Accept applicants who are current or Past long-term residents of the US Canada the UK Ireland Australia or New Zealand Bible type does not currently Accept independent contractors from California sorry Californians but they Don't accept applications from California it could be due to tax laws Or you know how the tax is set up in California so if you'd like to learn More about Babel they have a video on Their page that you can listen to you Can play it and listen to the videos to Learn more about how to get started as Their transcriptionist or translator Depending on if you're applying for a Translator or transcriptionist will Affect your salary but on average Babel Salary range from 20 to 24 dollars per Hour for transcriptionists so these out Of five companies that I want to share With you in this video if you're Interested I will post all the links in The description section below this video So you can get started in earning money

Right away no interviewing no submitting Resumes no stress and for some of these Companies you can get up and going Within 24 hours and start working and Earning additional income so I hope this Was helpful for you if so make sure you Share it with someone you know who you Know that this will also benefit okay so Thank you so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video talk to you Soon happy work from home bye

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