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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back Bringing you guys another job today and This job is going to be coming from the Company next gen America definitely Check out some of their other openings So today I'm going to be talking about The social media producer job with you Guys and this shop right here is full Time it pays between 62k and 67k a year So let's go ahead and get straight into The details who are going to be serving As a copywriter and content creator for Next-gen America's national social media Program you're going to be Drafting and Curating content for social media Properties including but not limited to Instagram Facebook Twitter and Tick Tock You will take the lead on producing Content and building an audience for one Of next-gen social accounts and you will Create content in next-gen's distinctive Organizational voice and meeting content Production metrics appropriate to Specific accounts you're going to Maintain real-time knowledge of current Social trend political developments Organizing best practices and public Policy news to create opportunities for Social media engagement in line with Next gen America's messaging and you're Going to create content from conception To design execution and Analysis and

Assist with producing reports on social Media activity and metrics you will Track emerging Trends in social media And digital storytelling and utilize Them effectively so in terms of the Knowledge and Skills that's required They want you to have at least one year Of digital Communications Digital Content creation or social media work For a political campaign a non-profit Advocacy group or similar mission-driven Organization demonstrated ability to Grow online audiences through engaging Content exceptional writing copy editing And proofreading skills at least one Position will be video focused and Require experience ideating producing And editing fun engaging video content And the ability to produce on message Content that attracts and engages Next-gen's core audience you need to to Have the ability to work independently With excellent organizational skills and The ability to adapt rapidly to evolving Priorities strong work ethic also be Positive and a team player and again you Will be paid between 62k and 67k yearly So let's take a look at the application I have applied with this company before And if I recall they don't have long Applications so here's the application Right here of course if you're Interested in applying you can check out The links in the description bar you

Guys already know if you have any Questions or comments leave those below And I wish you the best of luck I'll see You in my next video and thank you so Much for watching

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